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Sorry J-RollóItís Official, The Seasonís Over!
2008-04-02 22:27
by Mike Carminati

Though their MVP-winning shortstop has predicted 100 wins this season, sadly the Phils' season is over. And not because they wasted a great effort by their actual number one pitcher Cole Hamels and lost 1-0 tonight. It was over after the opener really.

The Phils lost 11-6 thanks to a ninth-inning meltdown by putative closer Tom Gordon. While Gordon was inexplicable left in to receive his drubbing, the Phils crossed a line that history indicates is hard to overcome.

Only a handful of teams have given up at least eleven runs in their season opener and then gone on to make the playoffs, the last being the '06 A's. Only six teams allowed 11 at home in their opener—as the Phils did—and made the playoffs. And only one (the 1969 Miracle Mets) won one hundred games. So much for preseason predictions.

Here are the only teams to make the postseason after allowing 11 in their first game:

YrTeamWLPCTWon Div?Won WC?Won Lg?Won WS?RRAH/A
2006Oakland Athletics9369.574YNNN215H
1890Brooklyn Bridegrooms8643.667 YN915A
1908Detroit Tigers9063.588 YN815A
2005San Diego Padres8280.506YNNN1012A
1871Philadelphia Athletics217.750 Y 811A
1999Texas Rangers9567.586YNNN511H
1998Chicago Cubs9073.552NYNN611A
1890Louisville Colonels8844.667 YN811H
1891Boston Reds9342.689 Y 711A
1969New York Mets10062.617Y YY1011H
1926New York Yankees9163.591 YN1211A
1979Cincinnati Reds9071.559Y NN511H
2006Los Angeles Dodgers8874.543NYNN1011H
2000Chicago White Sox9567.586YNNN410A
2003Atlanta Braves10161.623YNNN210H
1882Cincinnati Red Stockings5525.688 Y 910H
2002New York Yankees10358.640YNNN310A
1950New York Yankees9856.636 YY1510A

The average winning percentage of a team that allowed more runs in their season opener is .466, which translates into a 75-97 record.

This is a team that historically likes to dig as deep a hole as possible at the beginning of the season. With Flash's help they may have dug themselves a tunnel on opening day.

By the way, if anyone is trying to plumb the depths of the hypocrisy and self-serving that the steroids issues has been to politicians, forget the highly partisan Roger Clemens circus and look no further than this little item. God bless Mr. Roorda. I'm sure the Cards appreciate his patronage:


March 31, 2008

Missouri lawmaker takes on Major League Baseball

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – As Major League Baseball and its Player's Association discuss a new drug testing policy, Missouri State Representative Jeff Roorda has filed legislation to let the MLB know what he thinks the new standards should be.

He filed legislation today that would prohibit state tax credits from going to professional sports teams in a league that does not place at least a one-year ban on athletes who test positive for anabolic steroids.

MLB's current policy calls for such a ban only after the fourth failed test. Roorda's legislation would call on professional sports league to place such a ban on a player after the first violation.

"Since when in baseball is it four strikes and you're out?" Roorda, D-Barnhart, said. "What major league baseball and all professional sports leagues need are for their executives to step forward and take a strong stand to end the scandal of the steroid era. What we need is a modern-day Kenesaw Mountain Landis," Roorda added, referring to the legendary baseball commissioner who exiled the Chicago Black Sox in 1920 and sent a powerful message to all of Major League Baseball that gambling would not be tolerated.

Roorda, a rabid Cardinal fan, says he has been discouraged by some of the bruises recent scandals have left on the game. "Baseball is the most purely American game in all of sports. This is the game that, as a child, I would listen to on the radio and read about in books and play with friends on the corner lot. It is a sport that has produced countless heroes but today produces one scandal after another. Don't our kids deserve heroes too?"

Roorda says the time for action is now. "As a lawmaker, one of our most effective tools for righting wrongs is the use of economic incentives and disincentives," Roorda said. "As a state lawmaker, this sort of legislation is the only way I can send a message to the national sports leagues that have allowed steroids to become such a problem."

The bill, HB2502, was filed the same day as the St. Louis Cardinals' season opener, which Roorda will be attending this afternoon.
2008-04-03 01:40:58
1.   Yu-Hsing Chen
thats nothing compare to today.... where the Phils got 1 hit by ... Tim Reddings? o_O

as Bob Uecker said....

"1 hit? 1 damnnnnn hit?"

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