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Fearless Predictions That Are Invariably Wrong (2008 Ed.)
2008-03-30 22:32
by Mike Carminati

Well, the season is upon us. After a false start in Japan last week, the season began in earnest in Washington tonight with the Nationals winning the opener at their new park, the eponymously Nationals Park. So the team with the best record in the majors as of today is Washington!?!

And I'll tell, George Bush might very well be our worst president—sorry, Millard Filmore—, but he looks great on a ball field. Witness this:

Thank god this will be the last home opener for which we will have to suffer his presence.

Enough of my proselytizing, here come the predictions (never mind the bullocks):

NL East
1) Mets—Too much talent to lose it two straight years, Santana or no
2) Phils—Still dealing with last year's mistakes, too much talent to fade but not enough pitching to be taken that seriously. And there front office is DOA—witness Myers #1, Hamels #2, and Kendrick #4 meanwhile Tom Gordon is the closer.
3) Braves—Mediocrity is setting in
4) Nationals—At least they will be interesting
5) Marlins—A franchise steeped in Triple-A-ness

NL Central
1) Cubs—Why not?
2) Brewers—Too much talent in a poor division
3) Reds—Good young pitching
4) Cards—They're Yadier!
5) Astros—Michael Bourne leading off?
6) Pirates—Not even a fish can save them, though they will continue to produce #3 pitchers for other organizations.

NL West
1) Rockies—How can you not like this team? Then again Clint Hurdle may be the dumbest man I have ever seen.
2) D-Backs—Could these two young teams become the class of the NL over the next few years?
3) Dodgers—Torre will make it interesting, but they are not there yet, too much of a mixed bag
4) Padres—Remember when they were a young up-and-coming team? Yeah, me neither.
5) Giants—This is a team that eliminated any trace of Barry Bonds for this season. Hopefully, will be the worst team in baseball.

AL East
1) Yankees—Young pitching and aging though still potent lineup
2) Red Sox—Too many players coming off career years and too many aging too quickly
3) Blue Jays—If this team were in the West
4) Rays (You doesn't have to call me Ray)—Hey, they'll be interesting and would probably be .500 in the NL Central
5) Orioles—Biggest question will be whether they lose 100 games

AL Central
1) Tigers—Hard not to like them even in a tough division
2) Indians—Should be close
3) White Sox—Joe Crede at third, really?
4) Royals/Twins—Who really cares any more?

AL West
1) Angels—Too much talent not to win this weak division'
2) Mariners—When will this team come together? Could surprise
3) A's—Oh, Billy Billy Billy Billy
4) Rangers—Ran out of Phillies castoffs for the pitching staff

AL—Red Sox


D-Backs over Mets
Rockies over Cubs
Yankees over Angels
Tigers over Red Sox


D-Backs over Rockies
Tigers over Yanks


Tigers over D-Backs

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