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Look on the Bright SideóRockies Still Winners in 21 of Their Last 23
2007-10-25 09:48
by Mike Carminati
We've been kickin' ass for 200 years. We're 10 and 1!
—The great John Winger, Stripes

Blame rust from an eight-day layoff, the bad weather, a muddy field, or relative incompetence. Whatever the reason, the Red Sox scored the biggest game one victory ever in a World Series and one of the most lopsided playoff wins ever, 13-1, over the once-red hot Rockies.

Here are the most lopsided World Series game ones of all time by margin of victory (MoV):

MoVGame WinnerR WinnerGame LoserR LoserYrDateWon Series?Series WinnerWSeries LoserL
12Boston Red Sox13Colorado Rockies1200720071024?????
11Atlanta Braves12New York Yankees1199619961020NNYA4ATL2
11Chicago White Sox11Los Angeles Dodgers0195919591001NLAN4CHA2
10Milwaukee Brewers10St. Louis Cardinals0198219821012NSLN4MIL3
9Chicago Cubs9Detroit Tigers0194519451003NDET4CHN3
9Minnesota Twins10St. Louis Cardinals1198719871017YMIN4SLN3
8Arizona Diamondbacks9New York Yankees1200120011027YARI4NYA3
8Cincinnati Reds9Chicago White Sox1191919191001YCIN5CHA3
7Cincinnati Reds7Oakland Athletics0199019901016YCIN4OAK0
7New York Yankees8New York Giants1193719371006YNYA4NYG1

Note that any team that won by ten or more in game one ended up losing their Series.

Yesterday's game was no, however, the most lopsided game one in any playoff series. The Cubs beat the Padres, 13-0, in game one of the 1984 NLCS. The Cubs, of course, ended up losing that series as well:

MoVGame WinnerR WinnerGame LoserR LoserYrDateWon Series?Series WinnerWSeries LoserLRound
13Chicago Cubs13San Diego Padres0198419841002NSDN3CHN2NLCS
12Boston Red Sox13Colorado Rockies1200720071024?????WS
12Chicago White Sox14Boston Red Sox2200520051004YCHA3BOS0ALDS
11Atlanta Braves12New York Yankees1199619961020NNYA4ATL2WS
11Chicago White Sox11Los Angeles Dodgers0195919591001NLAN4CHA2WS
10Milwaukee Brewers10St. Louis Cardinals0198219821012NSLN4MIL3WS
10St. Louis Cardinals12Arizona Diamondbacks2200220021001YSLN3ARI0NLDS
9Chicago Cubs9Detroit Tigers0194519451003NDET4CHN3WS
9Minnesota Twins10St. Louis Cardinals1198719871017YMIN4SLN3WS

It was also not the most lopsided World Series game of all time. That honor goes to the '36 Yanks, who beat the Giants 18-4 in game four of the World Series. Those Yankees, arguably one of the best teams in baseball history, won the Series four games to two, so forget about the lopsided victory jinx:

MoVGame WinnerR WinnerGame LoserR LoserYrDateWon Series?Series WinnerWSeries LoserLG#
14New York Yankees18New York Giants4193619361002YNYA4NYG22
13Arizona Diamondbacks15New York Yankees2200120011103YARI4NYA36
13New York Yankees16Pittsburgh Pirates3196019601006NPIT4NYA32
12Boston Red Sox13Colorado Rockies1200720071024?????1
12Detroit Tigers13St. Louis Cardinals1196819681009YDET4SLN36
12New York Yankees12Pittsburgh Pirates0196019601012NPIT4NYA36
12New York Yankees13New York Giants1195119511009YNYA4NY125
12San Francisco Giants16Anaheim Angels4200220021024NANA4SFN35
12St. Louis Cardinals13Milwaukee Brewers1198219821019YSLN4MIL36
11Atlanta Braves12New York Yankees1199619961020NNYA4ATL21
11Chicago White Sox11Los Angeles Dodgers0195919591001NLAN4CHA21
11Kansas City Royals11St. Louis Cardinals0198519851027YKCA4SLN37
11Philadelphia Athletics13New York Giants2191119111026YPHA4NY126
11St. Louis Cardinals11Detroit Tigers0193419341009YSLN4DET37
10Milwaukee Brewers10St. Louis Cardinals0198219821012NSLN4MIL31
10New York Yankees10Pittsburgh Pirates0196019601008NPIT4NYA33
10New York Yankees12Los Angeles Dodgers2197819781015YNYA4LAN25

The most lopsided playoff game of all time is even more ridiculous. The Red Sox beat the Indians, 23-7, in game four of their 1999 division series. Yesterday's mismatch comes in tied at number nine:

MoVGame WinnerR WinnerGame LoserR LoserYrDateWon Series?Series WinnerWSeries LoserLG#Round
16Boston Red Sox23Cleveland Indians7199919991010YBOS3CLE24ALDS
15Atlanta Braves15St. Louis Cardinals0199619961017YATL4SLN37NLCS
15Cleveland Indians17Seattle Mariners2200120011013NSEA3CLE23ALDS
14Atlanta Braves14St. Louis Cardinals0199619961014YATL4SLN35NLCS
14New York Yankees18New York Giants4193619361002YNYA4NY122WS
13Arizona Diamondbacks15New York Yankees2200120011103YARI4NYA36WS
13Chicago Cubs13San Diego Padres0198419841002NSDN3CHN21NLCS
13New York Yankees16Pittsburgh Pirates3196019601006NPIT4NYA32WS
12Boston Red Sox13New York Yankees1199919991016NNYA4BOS13ALCS
12Chicago White Sox14Boston Red Sox2200520051004YCHA3BOS01ALDS
12Detroit Tigers13St. Louis Cardinals1196819681009YDET4SLN36WS
12New York Yankees12Pittsburgh Pirates0196019601012NPIT4NYA36WS
12New York Yankees13New York Giants1195119511009YNYA4NY125WS
12San Francisco Giants16Anaheim Angels4200220021024NANA4SFN35WS
12St. Louis Cardinals13Milwaukee Brewers1198219821019YSLN4ML436WS
12Boston Red Sox13Colorado Rockies1200720071024?????1WS

Let's say the Sox sweep the Rox. Could it be the most lopsided World Series of all time? They would have to outscore Colorado by almost four runs a game for the rest of the series to do so. The record falls to, oddly, a team that ended up losing the Series in historic fashion, the 1960 Yankees. Most of the series at the top of the list went more than four games. The most lopsided sweep was the Called Shot Yankees over the Cubs in 1932. They outscored Chicago by 18 runs:

YrTeamRoundOpponent#GWLRRAMoVAvg MoV
1960New York YankeesWSPittsburgh Pirates7345527284.00
1996Atlanta BravesNLCSSt. Louis Cardinals7434418263.71
2001Arizona DiamondbacksWSNew York Yankees7433714233.29
1910Philadelphia AthleticsWSChicago Cubs5413515204.00
1936New York YankeesWSNew York Giants6424323203.33
1932New York YankeesWSChicago Cubs4403719184.50
1989Oakland AthleticsWSSan Francisco Giants4403214184.50
1928New York YankeesWSSt. Louis Cardinals4402710174.25
1970Baltimore OriolesALCSMinnesota Twins3302710175.67
2002Anaheim AngelsALCSMinnesota Twins5412912173.40
2007-10-25 10:35:54
1.   standuptriple
I'm still trying to figure out why they didn't try and get Tavares to bunt in the first AB of the game. Wet field. Dominant starter. Huge layoff. Get a guy on and loosen the team up a bit.

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