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Like School on Saturday, Part III
2004-01-06 01:05
by Mike Carminati

So when we left off in our Hall of Fame study, we had found that the voting for the baseball writers had been more and more concentrated in first-ballot candidates and that the veterans had become gluttons on players who retired in the Thirties and had been progressively ignoring each decade thereafter. Now, I would like to study a few aspects of the Hall voting.

Specifically, I wonder if the 75% threshold that is used to determine whether or not candidates on the baseball writers’ ballots are enshrined is actually significant. Has there ever been a mature candidate (i.e., not first eligible in just the last few years) who received, say, 50% of the vote and yet failed to get in in subsequent elections? How about 25%? What is the highest percentage that a candidate received and yet still failed to garner enough votes down the road? Is there a lowest percentile threshold, like 50% or 25%, that can be used to determine which candidates today will eventually get in? Do these percentiles differ between the players elected by the baseball writers and those elected by the veterans (I would suspect so)? Have they changed over time? Have players been elected by the veterans who would have been dropped by the current 5% rule in the baseball writers’ vote?

Also, I would like to use a tool to evaluate players as a means to grade the elections of the past. That tool will be Win Shares, which I am aware has certain eccentricities but I feel is the best tool to evaluate all players from all positions across all eras. Do the voters actually pick the best players aside from an odd Tommy McCarthy or a Ross Youngs? Who does better, the writers or the vets? Have they changed over time? Have the best players from the past been elected, thereby justifying the writers’ focusing almost solely on the new candidates every election? And if so, should the veterans’ committee be retired? What is the cutoff, in Win Shares, for what constitutes a Hall of Famer? How have the voters adhered to that cutoff over time?

First, let’s look at the 75% rule: Here are the only players to have received 50% of the vote and not yet gained be-plaque-ment:

1983Gil Hodges63.37%
2003Gil Hodges61.73%
1981Gil Hodges60.10%
1976Gil Hodges60.05%
1980Gil Hodges59.74%
1978Gil Hodges59.63%
2003Tony Oliva59.26%
1977Gil Hodges58.49%
2001Jim Rice57.86%
1973Gil Hodges57.37%
2003Ron Santo56.79%
1979Gil Hodges56.02%
2002Jim Rice55.08%
1974Gil Hodges54.25%
2003Bruce Sutter53.63%
2003Jim Rice52.22%
1975Gil Hodges51.93%
2000Jim Rice51.50%
2002Bruce Sutter50.42%
1971Gil Hodges50.00%
2003Andre Dawson50.00%

So, basically there are a handful of candidates still on the writers’ ballot today and a few from last year’s veterans’ ballot. The only one who received 50% from the writers and is no longer on their ballot is Gil Hodges. Just because you’re paranoid, Gil, doesn’t mean that people aren’t against you. Hodges seems the most likely veterans’ choice, once they straighten themselves out. So don’t let’s cry for him yet, Argentina.

Let’s now focus on those players who have gotten into Cooperstown after getting at least 50% but not 75% of the vote in a prior election. How many years did they have to wait?:

YrName50% ballotPCTElectedElected ballotWait
1936Nap LajoieBBWAA64.60%1937BBWAA1
1936Tris SpeakerBBWAA58.85%1937BBWAA1
1937Pete AlexanderBBWAA62.19%1938BBWAA1
1937Eddie CollinsBBWAA57.21%1939BBWAA2
1937Willie KeelerBBWAA57.21%1939BBWAA2
1937George SislerBBWAA52.74%1939BBWAA2
1938Frank ChanceBBWAA50.76%1946Old Timers8
1938Eddie CollinsBBWAA66.79%1939BBWAA1
1938Ed DelahantyBBWAA50.38%1945Old Timers7
1938Willie KeelerBBWAA67.56%1939BBWAA1
1938George SislerBBWAA68.32%1939BBWAA1
1938Rube WaddellBBWAA56.49%1946Old Timers8
1939Frank ChanceBBWAA57.66%1946Old Timers7
1939Ed DelahantyBBWAA52.92%1945Old Timers6
1939Rogers HornsbyBBWAA64.23%1942BBWAA3
1939Rube WaddellBBWAA65.33%1946Old Timers7
1942Frank ChanceBBWAA58.37%1946Old Timers4
1942Rube WaddellBBWAA54.08%1946Old Timers4
1945Roger BresnahanBBWAA53.85%1945Old Timers0
1945Frank ChanceBBWAA72.47%1946Old Timers1
1945Mickey CochraneBBWAA50.61%1947BBWAA2
1945Johnny EversBBWAA54.25%1946Old Timers1
1945Miller HugginsBBWAA53.85%1964Veterans19
1945Rube WaddellBBWAA62.35%1946Old Timers1
1945Ed WalshBBWAA55.47%1946Old Timers1
1946Frank ChanceNominating54.75%1946Old Timers0
1946Frank ChanceBBWAA74.26%1946Old Timers0
1946Johnny EversNominating54.46%1946Old Timers0
1946Miller HugginsNominating52.48%1964Veterans18
1946Ed WalshNominating52.48%1946Old Timers0
1947Dizzy DeanBBWAA54.66%1953BBWAA6
1947Charlie GehringerBBWAA65.22%1949Run Off2
1947Rabbit MaranvilleBBWAA56.52%1954BBWAA7
1947Herb PennockBBWAA53.42%1948BBWAA1
1947Pie TraynorBBWAA73.91%1948BBWAA1
1949Dizzy DeanBBWAA57.52%1953BBWAA4
1949Jimmie FoxxBBWAA55.56%1951BBWAA2
1949Charlie GehringerBBWAA66.67%1949Run Off0
1949Mel OttBBWAA61.44%1951BBWAA2
1949Mel OttBBWAA68.45%1951BBWAA2
1949Al SimmonsBBWAA58.17%1953BBWAA4
1949Bill TerryRun Off52.94%1954BBWAA5
1950Dizzy DeanBBWAA50.60%1953BBWAA3
1950Jimmie FoxxBBWAA61.31%1951BBWAA1
1950Harry HeilmannBBWAA51.79%1952BBWAA2
1950Mel OttBBWAA68.45%1951BBWAA1
1950Al SimmonsBBWAA53.57%1953BBWAA3
1950Bill TerryBBWAA62.50%1954BBWAA4
1950Paul WanerBBWAA56.55%1952BBWAA2
1951Dizzy DeanBBWAA64.16%1953BBWAA2
1951Bill DickeyBBWAA52.21%1954BBWAA3
1951Harry HeilmannBBWAA67.70%1952BBWAA1
1951Al SimmonsBBWAA51.33%1953BBWAA2
1951Bill TerryBBWAA65.49%1954BBWAA3
1951Paul WanerBBWAA71.68%1952BBWAA1
1952Dizzy DeanBBWAA64.96%1953BBWAA1
1952Bill DickeyBBWAA59.40%1954BBWAA2
1952Rabbit MaranvilleBBWAA56.84%1954BBWAA2
1952Al SimmonsBBWAA60.26%1953BBWAA1
1952Bill TerryBBWAA66.24%1954BBWAA2
1953Bill DickeyBBWAA67.80%1954BBWAA1
1953Ted LyonsBBWAA52.65%1955BBWAA2
1953Rabbit MaranvilleBBWAA62.12%1954BBWAA1
1953Bill TerryBBWAA72.35%1954BBWAA1
1953Dazzy VanceBBWAA56.82%1955BBWAA2
1954Joe DiMaggioBBWAA69.44%1955BBWAA1
1954Gabby HartnettBBWAA59.92%1955BBWAA1
1954Ted LyonsBBWAA67.46%1955BBWAA1
1954Dazzy VanceBBWAA62.70%1955BBWAA1
1955Joe CroninBBWAA53.78%1956BBWAA1
1955Hank GreenbergBBWAA62.55%1956BBWAA1
1958Max CareyBBWAA51.13%1961Veterans3
1960Sam RiceBBWAA53.16%1963Veterans3
1960Eppa RixeyBBWAA52.79%1963Veterans3
1960Edd RoushBBWAA54.28%1962Veterans2
1962Sam RiceBBWAA50.63%1963Veterans1
1964Luke ApplingBBWAA70.65%1964Run Off0
1964Roy CampanellaRun Off61.33%1969BBWAA5
1964Roy CampanellaBBWAA68.66%1969BBWAA5
1964Joe MedwickBBWAA53.73%1968BBWAA4
1964Joe MedwickRun Off57.78%1968BBWAA4
1964Red RuffingBBWAA70.15%1967Run Off3
1964Red RuffingRun Off81.78%1967Run Off3
1966Roy CampanellaBBWAA65.23%1969BBWAA3
1966Joe MedwickBBWAA61.92%1968BBWAA2
1967Roy CampanellaBBWAA55.56%1969BBWAA2
1967Roy CampanellaRun Off69.86%1969BBWAA2
1967Joe MedwickBBWAA72.60%1968BBWAA1
1967Joe MedwickRun Off81.05%1968BBWAA1
1967Red RuffingBBWAA72.60%1967Run Off0
1968Lou BoudreauBBWAA51.59%1970BBWAA2
1968Roy CampanellaBBWAA72.44%1969BBWAA1
1969Lou BoudreauBBWAA64.12%1970BBWAA1
1970Ralph KinerBBWAA55.67%1975BBWAA5
1971Yogi BerraBBWAA67.22%1972BBWAA1
1971Ralph KinerBBWAA58.89%1975BBWAA4
1971Early WynnBBWAA66.67%1972BBWAA1
1972Ralph KinerBBWAA59.34%1975BBWAA3
1973Whitey FordBBWAA67.11%1974BBWAA1
1973Ralph KinerBBWAA61.84%1975BBWAA2
1973Robin RobertsBBWAA56.05%1976BBWAA3
1974Ralph KinerBBWAA58.90%1975BBWAA1
1974Bob LemonBBWAA52.05%1976BBWAA2
1974Robin RobertsBBWAA61.37%1976BBWAA2
1975Bob LemonBBWAA64.36%1976BBWAA1
1975Robin RobertsBBWAA72.65%1976BBWAA1
1976Enos SlaughterBBWAA50.77%1985Veterans9
1977Don DrysdaleBBWAA51.44%1984BBWAA7
1977Eddie MathewsBBWAA62.40%1978BBWAA1
1977Enos SlaughterBBWAA57.96%1985Veterans8
1977Duke SniderBBWAA55.35%1980BBWAA3
1978Don DrysdaleBBWAA57.78%1984BBWAA6
1978Enos SlaughterBBWAA68.87%1985Veterans7
1978Duke SniderBBWAA67.02%1980BBWAA2
1979Don DrysdaleBBWAA53.94%1984BBWAA5
1979Enos SlaughterBBWAA68.75%1985Veterans6
1979Duke SniderBBWAA71.30%1980BBWAA1
1980Don DrysdaleBBWAA61.82%1984BBWAA4
1980Hoyt WilhelmBBWAA54.29%1985BBWAA5
1981Don DrysdaleBBWAA60.60%1984BBWAA3
1981Harmon KillebrewBBWAA59.60%1984BBWAA3
1981Juan MarichalBBWAA58.10%1983BBWAA2
1981Hoyt WilhelmBBWAA59.35%1985BBWAA4
1982Don DrysdaleBBWAA56.14%1984BBWAA2
1982Harmon KillebrewBBWAA59.28%1984BBWAA2
1982Juan MarichalBBWAA73.49%1983BBWAA1
1982Hoyt WilhelmBBWAA56.87%1985BBWAA3
1983Luis AparicioBBWAA67.38%1984BBWAA1
1983Don DrysdaleBBWAA64.71%1984BBWAA1
1983Harmon KillebrewBBWAA71.93%1984BBWAA1
1983Hoyt WilhelmBBWAA64.97%1985BBWAA2
1984Nellie FoxBBWAA61.04%1997Veterans13
1984Hoyt WilhelmBBWAA71.96%1985BBWAA1
1984Billy WilliamsBBWAA50.12%1987BBWAA3
1985Jim BunningBBWAA54.18%1996Veterans11
1985Nellie FoxBBWAA74.68%1997Veterans12
1985Catfish HunterBBWAA53.67%1987BBWAA2
1985Billy WilliamsBBWAA63.80%1987BBWAA2
1986Jim BunningBBWAA65.65%1996Veterans10
1986Catfish HunterBBWAA68.00%1987BBWAA1
1986Billy WilliamsBBWAA74.12%1987BBWAA1
1987Jim BunningBBWAA69.98%1996Veterans9
1988Jim BunningBBWAA74.24%1996Veterans8
1989Jim BunningBBWAA63.31%1996Veterans7
1989Fergie JenkinsBBWAA52.35%1991BBWAA2
1989Gaylord PerryBBWAA68.01%1991BBWAA2
1990Jim BunningBBWAA57.88%1996Veterans6
1990Fergie JenkinsBBWAA66.67%1991BBWAA1
1990Gaylord PerryBBWAA72.07%1991BBWAA1
1991Jim BunningBBWAA63.66%1996Veterans5
1991Rollie FingersBBWAA65.69%1992BBWAA1
1992Orlando CepedaBBWAA57.21%1999Veterans7
1992Tony PerezBBWAA50.00%2000BBWAA8
1993Orlando CepedaBBWAA59.57%1999Veterans6
1993Phil NiekroBBWAA65.72%1997BBWAA4
1993Tony PerezBBWAA55.08%2000BBWAA7
1994Orlando CepedaBBWAA73.63%1999Veterans5
1994Phil NiekroBBWAA60.00%1997BBWAA3
1994Tony PerezBBWAA57.80%2000BBWAA6
1994Don SuttonBBWAA56.92%1998BBWAA4
1995Phil NiekroBBWAA62.17%1997BBWAA2
1995Tony PerezBBWAA56.30%2000BBWAA5
1995Don SuttonBBWAA57.39%1998BBWAA3
1996Phil NiekroBBWAA68.30%1997BBWAA1
1996Tony PerezBBWAA65.74%2000BBWAA4
1996Don SuttonBBWAA63.83%1998BBWAA2
1997Tony PerezBBWAA65.96%2000BBWAA3
1997Don SuttonBBWAA73.15%1998BBWAA1
1998Tony PerezBBWAA67.86%2000BBWAA2
1999Carlton FiskBBWAA66.40%2000BBWAA1
1999Tony PerezBBWAA60.76%2000BBWAA1
2001Gary CarterBBWAA64.85%2003BBWAA2
2002Gary CarterBBWAA72.67%2003BBWAA1
No one’s ever had to wait as long as Hodges (Huggins waited 19 years but got in as a manager). I have a feeling that Hodges is stuck between a rock and a hard place as both the writers and the veterans became more stingy with their love for, shall we say, more mature candidates. Anyway, it does appear that if 50% of the writers vote for a candidate, he has an excellent chance of one day getting chosen, or at least that was the case in the past. We’ll have to see about Rice, Sutter, and Dawson, who do have OK support on the writers’ ballot. Let’s also check out 25% while we here. To quote John Winger as he told Dexey Oxburger when he refused to continue a mud-wrestling match, “You’re already dirty.” Here are the players who received 25% but not 50% of the vote and yet failed to get elected. It’s not nearly as promising as the 50% list:
1982Gil Hodges49.40%
2003Ryne Sandberg49.19%
1970Gil Hodges48.33%
2001Bruce Sutter47.57%
1988Tony Oliva47.31%
2002Andre Dawson45.34%
2001Rich Gossage44.27%
1998Ron Santo43.13%
1988Roger Maris43.09%
2002Rich Gossage43.01%
1998Jim Rice42.92%
1987Roger Maris42.62%
1995Steve Garvey42.61%
2003Lee Smith42.34%
2003Rich Gossage42.14%
1986Roger Maris41.65%
1993Steve Garvey41.61%
1998Steve Garvey41.23%
1992Tony Oliva40.70%
1972Gil Hodges40.66%
1981Maury Wills40.65%
1970Marty Marion40.00%
1988Harvey Kuenn39.34%
1997Ron Santo39.32%
1987Tony Oliva38.74%
2000Bruce Sutter38.48%
1979Maury Wills38.43%
1980Maury Wills37.92%
1997Jim Rice37.63%
1996Steve Garvey37.23%
1993Tony Oliva37.12%
1996Ron Santo37.02%
1993Ron Santo36.64%
1994Steve Garvey36.48%
1986Tony Oliva36.24%
1996Tony Oliva36.17%
1991Tony Oliva36.12%
1955Hank Gowdy35.86%
2003Joe Torre35.80%
1975Phil Cavarretta35.64%
1996Jim Rice35.32%
1997Steve Garvey35.31%
1987Harvey Kuenn34.87%
1994Tony Oliva34.73%
2001Steve Garvey34.17%
1971Marty Marion34.17%
1975Johnny Sain33.98%
1986Harvey Kuenn33.88%
1968Allie Reynolds33.57%
1973Marty Marion33.42%
2000Rich Gossage33.27%
1994Ron Santo32.97%
1969Marty Marion32.94%
1985Roger Maris32.41%
1995Tony Oliva32.39%
2000Steve Garvey32.06%
1990Tony Oliva31.98%
1985Harvey Kuenn31.65%
1992Ron Santo31.63%
1968Marty Marion31.45%
1998Bruce Sutter31.08%
1988Luis Tiant30.91%
1967Marty Marion30.82%
1984Tony Oliva30.77%
1971Allie Reynolds30.56%
1978Maury Wills30.34%
1972Marty Marion30.30%
1995Ron Santo30.22%
1989Tony Oliva30.20%
1999Steve Garvey30.18%
1967Johnny Vander Meer29.79%
1995Jim Rice29.78%
1995Bruce Sutter29.78%
1988Maury Wills29.74%
1970Allie Reynolds29.67%
2003Maury Wills29.63%
1993Jim Kaat29.55%
1979Roger Maris29.40%
1999Jim Rice29.38%
1970Johnny Vander Meer29.33%
2003Bert Blyleven29.23%
1986Maury Wills29.18%
1996Bruce Sutter29.15%
1985Tony Oliva28.86%
1980Roger Maris28.83%
1969Allie Reynolds28.82%
1969Joe Gordon28.53%
1966Marty Marion28.48%
2002Steve Garvey28.39%
2001Tommy John28.35%
2001Don Mattingly28.16%
1969Johnny Vander Meer27.94%
1968Johnny Vander Meer27.92%
2003Steve Garvey27.82%
1974Allie Reynolds27.67%
1997Bruce Sutter27.48%
1987Maury Wills27.36%
1971Johnny Vander Meer27.22%
1968Joe Gordon27.21%
2000Tommy John27.05%
2001Jim Kaat26.99%
2002Tommy John26.91%
1984Roger Maris26.55%
1972Allie Reynolds26.52%
1992Jim Kaat26.51%
1967Allie Reynolds26.37%
1970Joe Gordon26.33%
1984Harvey Kuenn26.30%
2002Bert Blyleven26.27%
2003Jim Kaat26.21%
1991Ron Santo26.19%
2003Vada Pinson25.93%
1984Maury Wills25.81%
1989Harvey Kuenn25.73%
1992Maury Wills25.58%
1988Ken Boyer25.53%
1988Mickey Lolich25.53%
1956Hank Gowdy25.39%
1964Mel Harder25.37%
1964Johnny Vander Meer25.37%
1988Ron Santo25.29%
2000Jim Kaat25.05%

OK, so do the veterans look for the strongest candidates among the writers’ votes, those that got strong support but somehow fell through the cracks? Let’s look at the writers’ voting percentage, high and low, for the veterans’ selections:

Inductedvoted byNameLowHigh
1978VeteransAddie Joss0.37%14.16%
1977VeteransAmos Rusie0.40%3.05%
1985VeteransArky Vaughan0.38%28.98%
2000VeteransBid McPhee0.00%0.00%
2001VeteransBill Mazeroski6.07%42.33%
1961VeteransBilly Hamilton0.43%0.43%
1975VeteransBilly Herman0.83%20.21%
1986VeteransBobby Doerr0.76%25.00%
1953VeteransBobby Wallace0.50%2.67%
1939Old TimersBuck Ewing0.73%0.73%
1964VeteransBurleigh Grimes0.36%34.20%
1939Old TimersCap Anson0.00%0.00%
1939Old TimersCharley Radbourn0.00%0.00%
1971VeteransChick Hafey0.43%10.78%
1953VeteransChief Bender0.88%44.72%
1980VeteransChuck Klein2.48%27.86%
1945Old TimersDan Brouthers0.00%0.00%
1971VeteransDave Bancroft0.36%16.17%
1975VeteransEarl Averill0.65%5.26%
1970VeteransEarle Combs0.40%15.99%
1945Old TimersEd Delahanty7.52%52.92%
1946Old TimersEd Walsh8.85%55.47%
1962VeteransEdd Roush0.43%54.28%
1946Old TimersEddie Plank10.22%27.04%
1963VeteransElmer Flick0.38%0.38%
1985VeteransEnos Slaughter15.69%68.87%
1963VeteransEppa Rixey0.40%52.79%
1986VeteransErnie Lombardi1.33%16.42%
1955VeteransFrank Baker0.44%30.43%
1946Old TimersFrank Chance2.21%74.26%
1945Old TimersFred Clarke0.44%24.89%
1976VeteransFreddie Lindstrom0.65%4.38%
1998VeteransGeorge Davis0.00%0.00%
1983VeteransGeorge Kell3.56%36.81%
1973VeteransGeorge Kelly0.62%1.86%
1968VeteransGoose Goslin0.40%13.47%
1979VeteransHack Wilson0.36%38.34%
1992VeteransHal Newhouser1.33%42.82%
1971VeteransHarry Hooper1.19%2.99%
1964VeteransHeinie Manush0.65%9.38%
1945Old TimersHugh Duffy3.48%33.05%
1945Old TimersHughie Jennings1.99%37.25%
1946Old TimersJack Chesbro0.38%2.19%
1971VeteransJake Beckley0.43%0.43%
1946Old TimersJesse Burkett0.50%1.72%
1970VeteransJesse Haines0.36%8.27%
1974VeteransJim Bottomley2.65%33.09%
1996VeteransJim Bunning33.25%74.24%
1945Old TimersJim O'Rourke0.00%0.00%
1945Old TimersJimmy Collins25.66%48.99%
1971VeteransJoe Kelley0.36%0.43%
1946Old TimersJoe McGinnity5.97%25.32%
1977VeteransJoe Sewell0.38%8.55%
1946Old TimersJoe Tinker4.38%22.28%
1963VeteransJohn Clarkson0.38%0.38%
1964VeteransJohn Ward0.00%0.00%
1946Old TimersJohnny Evers2.65%54.46%
1981VeteransJohnny Mize4.58%43.61%
1949Old TimersKid Nichols0.38%2.55%
1968VeteransKiki Cuyler2.48%33.83%
1945Old TimersKing Kelly0.00%0.00%
1998VeteransLarry Doby0.33%3.42%
1972VeteransLefty Gomez0.62%46.11%
1967VeteransLloyd Waner0.44%23.38%
1939Special ElLou Gehrig22.57%22.57%
1961VeteransMax Carey0.40%51.13%
1973VeteransMickey Welch0.00%0.00%
1949Old TimersMordecai Brown2.65%27.04%
1997VeteransNellie Fox10.83%74.68%
1999VeteransOrlando Cepeda10.12%73.63%
1984VeteransPee Wee Reese5.23%47.94%
1994VeteransPhil Rizzuto0.52%38.40%
1965VeteransPud Galvin0.00%0.00%
1955VeteransRay Schalk1.77%45.02%
1964VeteransRed Faber0.38%30.86%
1989VeteransRed Schoendienst19.12%42.60%
1995VeteransRichie Ashburn2.12%41.69%
1984VeteransRick Ferrell0.37%0.52%
1945Old TimersRoger Bresnahan20.80%53.85%
1976VeteransRoger Connor0.00%0.00%
1972VeteransRoss Youngs4.42%22.36%
1971VeteransRube Marquard0.44%13.94%
1946Old TimersRube Waddell14.60%65.33%
1957VeteransSam Crawford0.44%4.20%
1963VeteransSam Rice0.38%53.16%
1974VeteransSam Thompson0.00%0.00%
1969VeteransStan Coveleski0.38%12.78%
1964VeteransTim Keefe0.00%0.00%
1946Old TimersTommy McCarthy0.00%0.00%
1991VeteransTony Lazzeri0.40%33.16%
1982VeteransTravis Jackson0.40%7.25%
1995VeteransVic Willis0.00%0.00%
1969VeteransWaite Hoyt0.36%19.17%
1959VeteransZack Wheat0.81%22.98%
Avg (>0)3.59%27.95%

Well, it doesn’t seem as if the vets are swayed much by the writers. However, perhaps that has changed over time. Let’s take a look at the totals by decades based on retirement year:


It seems that the veterans are starting to listen to the writers more, but then again they are getting pickier as well. It did take them some time after the Thirties glut to get more in tune with the writers, too.

Let’s also look at the progression of the veterans’ choices when they were still in the hands of the writers:

Eligibility#Avg PCT
1st yr7914.04%
2nd yr579.97%
3rd yr5712.81%
4th yr4017.01%
5th yr2213.91%
6th yr3114.68%
7th yr3722.45%
8th yr2717.04%
9th yr3917.17%
10th yr4623.50%
11th yr4825.39%
12th yr4318.90%
13th yr3819.59%
14th yr3819.38%
15th yr3816.00%
16th yr2410.82%
17th yr2311.67%
18th yr2113.69%
19th yr1715.86%
20th yr1819.04%
21st yr528.40%
22nd yr1019.83%
23rd yr247.63%
24th yr1019.38%
25th yr252.45%
26th yr520.88%

To be continued…

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