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Tim McCarver Makes TBS Look Good and Other Thoughts
2007-10-12 19:39
by Mike Carminati

As Fox returned to the postseason broadcasting schedule tonight, I finally appreciated the hacks at TBS. McCarver and Buck stopped watching the actually game even before it got out of hand in the fifth. The Fox crew was more interested in who would be starting game four for the rest of the game than they were in the rest of the game. Buck makes Chip Caray's nepotism seem much more palatable.

No one on Fox questioned leaving Sabathia in to soak up eight runs in under five innings except insofar as it would affect game four. While they were recounting the connections that Indians manager Eric Wedge has with the Red Sox, they missed the fact that Wedge was prepared to hand the game over to the Red Sox without so much as a "By your leave" with none out in the fifth. Why question sticking with an ineffective ace considering it's not the playoffs or anything?

Meanwhile, some random stats as the Rockies and D-Backs get underway:

The Rockies are just the 11th team in baseball history to finish the season at 13-1 or better in their last 14. Just three others have done it since 1891, and of those just one won the World Series, the '65 Dodgers. The 1960 Yankees are the only team to finish the season with fourteen straight wins, but they had a very interesting swan song in the Series. Here are all of them:

YrTmWLLast 14 WLast 14 LPOSWon Div?Won Lg?Won WS?PO WPO L
1960New York Yankees97571401 YN34
1974Baltimore Orioles91711311YNN13
1965Los Angeles Dodgers97651311 YY43
1891Boston Beaneaters87511311 Y
1887Philadelphia Quakers75481302 NN
1883Boston Beaneaters63351311 Y
1882Chicago White Stockings55291311 Y
1877Boston Red Caps42181311 Y
1875Boston Red Stockings7181311 Y

Colorado is also just the 53rd team to go 18-1 at any point in the season. None of the teams above can claim that. Here are all the teams to do it in the last 100 seasons:

YrTmWLPosWon Div?Won Lg?Won WS?
2006Minnesota Twins96661YNN
2002Oakland Athletics103591YNN
1991Minnesota Twins95671YYY
1988Boston Red Sox89731YNN
1988Oakland Athletics104581YYN
1986New York Mets108541YYY
1977Kansas City Royals102601YNN
1977Philadelphia Phillies101611YNN
1963St. Louis Cardinals93692 NN
1961Chicago White Sox86764 NN
1953New York Yankees99521 YY
1947New York Yankees97571 YY
1941New York Yankees101531 YY
1939New York Yankees106451 YY
1936New York Giants92621 YN
1935Chicago Cubs100541 YN
1935St. Louis Cardinals96582 NN
1931Philadelphia Athletics107451 YN
1930Washington Senators94602 NN
1917Chicago White Sox100541 YY
1916New York Giants86664 NN
1913New York Giants101511 YN
1913Philadelphia Athletics96571 YY
1911Pittsburgh Pirates85693 NN
1909Pittsburgh Pirates110421 YY
1908New York Giants98563 NN
2007-10-13 21:04:36
1.   moghopper
If there was any justice, Tim McCarver would have a fatal head-on crash with Dane Cook.
2007-10-14 21:51:40
2.   Mike Carminati
Well, that's a bit much. I would prefer that America woke up and S-canned the both of them.

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