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Phils-Rockies: Game 3 Open Chat
2007-10-06 18:27
by Mike Carminati

I finally get to wear my Phillies 2007 NL East Champs shirt, and it is on the night that they most probably will be eliminated.

As you have heard, one team in 21 tries has won a best-of-five after falling behind 0-2 at home. That was the 2001 Yankees. The Phils have better worse odds just to win the division, but how many times can they come back.

Two-thirds of those 21 teams who fell behind 0-2 at home have been swept out of the series in the third game. With the Cubs at the brink of elimination as I type, and the Phils, Yanks, and Angels down 0-2, this has been rather a lackluster division series round so far.

the only interesting thing about the lopsided series is that it might be the first time ever that all four series ended in sweeps. The Phils are the only one of the four potential sweepees who lost at home, so the odds for the other three are slightly better, but not much. 62% of the teams down 0-2 on the road went on to lose game three at home.

The most sweeps in the LDS round is two, done seven times including the last two seasons. Should all four LDS series end in sweeps it would mark the first time that a postseason witnessed four sweeps. The most is three, done three times (1995, 1998, 2005, and 2006).

So it might be that the most exciting thing that will happen is what won't happen: the trailing teams won't win and baseball will witness a new "record".

How's that for a Phils fan's pessimism?

Comments (237)
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2007-10-06 18:38:19
1.   Mike Carminati
Nunez is in the lineup. Manuel must be expecting a pitcher duel.
2007-10-06 18:39:17
2.   trainwreck
It is pretty much a guarantee I will see more scoring in this game than Notre Dame vs UCLA.
2007-10-06 18:39:24
3.   Mike Carminati
Ubaldo must have been picked on a bit as a kid.
2007-10-06 18:40:23
4.   Mike Carminati
Nice 2-0 pitch.
2007-10-06 18:41:17
5.   Mike Carminati
The plate ump is giving the pitcher the oustide corner. Rollins went on ball four. Bad sign.
2007-10-06 18:43:47
6.   Shaun P
1 I've been rooting for the Rockies this series (no real reason), but good luck to the Phils, Mike.

If Philly can stave off a sweep, maybe the Yanks will be able to as well. Of course, that karmic luck didn't exactly help the Cubs, but they are the Cubs after all. (No offense, Cubs fans.)

2007-10-06 18:44:42
7.   Mike Carminati
6 Thanks, they need all the luck they can get.
2007-10-06 18:45:17
8.   Ken Arneson
3 I have heard such stories about Jimmy Rollins.
2007-10-06 18:45:57
9.   Mike Carminati
That's the Pat Burrell Philly loves. Staring at strike 3.
2007-10-06 18:46:44
10.   Mike Carminati
8 How's that? Howard hits a fungo to right.
2007-10-06 18:48:44
11.   Mike Carminati
What the fuck was Rowand swinging out? That was a pitchout in the dirt!
2007-10-06 18:51:40
12.   Ken Arneson
8 From what I've heard from fellow Alamedans, unlike Dontrelle Willis, Jimmy Rollins was not a particularly popular kid growing up.
2007-10-06 18:52:55
13.   Mike Carminati
I don't care how many ground balls Nunez scoops up when Moyer pitches. This team needs offense and Nunez does not supply it.
2007-10-06 18:55:12
14.   Mike Carminati
12 They love the guy in Philly. He has a likeable player rep. You need that in Philly if you are a black player. Guys like Iverson, McNabb, Richie/Dick Allen tick to many of the locals off.
2007-10-06 18:56:35
15.   Mike Carminati
The NLCS starts Thursday even if the Cubs and Phils are both swept out tonight?
2007-10-06 18:57:16
16.   Mike Carminati
The Rox forgot to pay teh electric bill.
2007-10-06 18:58:32
17.   Sam DC
Oh dear.
2007-10-06 19:00:53
18.   Mike Carminati
Dane Cook followed by John Bon Jovi--that's American mediocrity at it's best.
2007-10-06 19:01:58
19.   Mike Carminati
Bugs in Cleveland. Darkness in Colorado. If they muraine in Anaheim, I'm putting some ram's blood on my door.
2007-10-06 19:03:41
20.   Mike Carminati
I am starting a Frank TV blog right after the World Series. Seriously, my kids don't even think his schtick is funny.
2007-10-06 19:04:43
21.   Mike Carminati
I keep thinking he's going to TV's Frank from MST3K every time and then this doof comes out.
2007-10-06 19:06:31
22.   Mike Carminati
Looks like I'm doing a monologue here so I'm saying every stupid thing that comes into my mind. Speaking of which, back to the illustrious TBS studios.
2007-10-06 19:09:10
23.   Mike Carminati
Eric Byrnes? Hey, where's the dog he tried to drown at the ASG?
2007-10-06 19:10:09
24.   Mike Carminati
Eric Byrnes is challenging Steve Zahn in That Thing You Do
2007-10-06 19:12:08
25.   Mike Carminati
Why is Ruiz showing bunt not once but twice?
2007-10-06 19:12:16
26.   Mike Carminati
Why is Ruiz showing bunt not once but twice?
2007-10-06 19:12:54
27.   Mike Carminati
If I'm Manuel, Ruiz sits and I go with Coste's bat. But I'm not.
2007-10-06 19:13:32
28.   Mike Carminati
Nunez took a strike! Alert the media!
2007-10-06 19:14:27
29.   Mike Carminati
I wonder how annoyed I will be of these cute kid Chevy commercials by the end of the World Series.
2007-10-06 19:17:30
30.   Mike Carminati
The Rockies wear those ridiculous jerseys at home as well? they just change their pants. I miss the purple pinstripes.
2007-10-06 19:17:35
31.   Bluebleeder87
You'd think Moyer would get torched in Colorado but I hear he's a very smart pitcher.
2007-10-06 19:18:29
32.   Mike Carminati
Ruiz was moving around quite a bit on that last pitch to Helton.
2007-10-06 19:19:39
33.   Mike Carminati
31 He's such a smart pitcher that he is more of a pitching coach than Dubee (who should be called Dubious).
2007-10-06 19:20:12
34.   Mike Carminati
He grooved that one to Atkins. Lucky that it didn't go out. Thank you oh, mighty wind.
2007-10-06 19:20:51
35.   Mike Carminati
Nice 1-0 backdoor.
2007-10-06 19:21:26
36.   das411
Hi Mike!

I wonder who that weird on-field delay will hurt more, the young flamethrowing righty or the crafty veteran experience...guy.

2007-10-06 19:21:57
37.   Mike Carminati
Nice way to jinx Moyer, Joe Simpson. By the way, is that the guy who used to be a backup OF in Baltimore?
2007-10-06 19:23:31
38.   dzzrtRatt
Hey, LA fans...

With 1:39 left, Stanford has first and goal at USC's 9. USC leading, but only by 23-17.

2007-10-06 19:23:35
39.   Mike Carminati
36 Well, it seems to be Moyer right now. Moyer keeps blowing on his hand and it's 70 degrees. His rheumatism might be acting up,
2007-10-06 19:25:30
40.   Mike Carminati
38 ...And Leon is getting laaaaarger!
2007-10-06 19:26:08
41.   Bluebleeder87
loaded for the Rox, let's see what Moyer does in this situation, he's got the pitcher coming up so...
2007-10-06 19:26:25
42.   Mike Carminati
Ok, that's why Nunez is in there. I'll shut the fuck now.
2007-10-06 19:26:57
43.   Mike Carminati
42 up, that is.
2007-10-06 19:28:25
44.   Mike Carminati
I am officially sick of every commercial now: the pizza delivery/designated driver one, the cabbagepatch kid/Geico one, the Frank TV ones. Like Robin Williams himself is not annoying enough?!?
2007-10-06 19:29:03
45.   Mike Carminati
I prefer John Stewart's Bush impersonation.
2007-10-06 19:29:19
46.   dzzrtRatt
On fourth down...TD Stanford.
2007-10-06 19:29:45
47.   Bluebleeder87
how long did the Phills sign Jaime Moyer for, I think this is his last year right?
2007-10-06 19:30:15
48.   Mike Carminati
Moyer stop running back to the dugout. Save it for the mound.
2007-10-06 19:30:49
49.   Mike Carminati
47 One more. Then he becomes pitching coach.
2007-10-06 19:31:16
50.   das411
Robin Williams?

Ubaldo has such a sweet curveball...if Hamels had that kind of action he'd never lose a game!

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-10-06 19:31:31
51.   Mike Carminati
46 Do they still play football?
2007-10-06 19:32:15
52.   Mike Carminati
50 Frank TV reference. He does Robin Williams.
2007-10-06 19:33:30
53.   dzzrtRatt
51 For one day, they did.

Ironically, this Stanford win, if it holds up, helps Cal most of all.

2007-10-06 19:34:58
54.   Mike Carminati
These Holiday Inn commercials are not funny in the slightest but they really do give the appearance of being funny. It's something that Madison Ave has mastered.
2007-10-06 19:36:16
55.   Mike Carminati
53 Football, how quaint!
2007-10-06 19:36:51
56.   dzzrtRatt
They picked the wrong week to put USC on the Versus Network and UCLA on ABC. Wow.

Okay, back to baseball. I just needed a vacation from "Frank TV."

2007-10-06 19:37:14
57.   Mike Carminati
The Rockies love mediocre leadoff hitters.
2007-10-06 19:38:25
58.   Mike Carminati
Rollins has to learn to put some of those in his back pocket.
2007-10-06 19:38:42
59.   Bluebleeder87
I hope the Dodgers sign Jaime Moyer as our pitching coach...
2007-10-06 19:39:06
60.   Mike Carminati
56 How's the Ivy League look this year?
2007-10-06 19:39:35
61.   dzzrtRatt
Oh, forgot to add...the Stanford QB, Tavita Pritchard? This was the first game he ever started. And he won it on a fourth down pass.

Ah, still scoreless in Colorado. Lights been off all this time?

2007-10-06 19:39:45
62.   Mike Carminati
Hey, you took Rany Wolf already to be on the DL.
2007-10-06 19:40:15
63.   Mike Carminati
622 was meant for 59
2007-10-06 19:40:26
64.   Bluebleeder87
I don't think Jaime Moyer has ever had shoulder or elbow surgery so I'm sure he knows something.
2007-10-06 19:41:18
65.   Bluebleeder87

You guys took Jason Werth, it's only fair bro.

2007-10-06 19:41:46
66.   Mike Carminati
The crowd is trying to get on Moyer for throwing to first. They must think they are in Philly or something.
2007-10-06 19:42:29
67.   Bluebleeder87
I wouldn't wanna argue with your manager though, that guy looks like he can break a person in two.
2007-10-06 19:42:34
68.   Mike Carminati
65 Hey, you guys had a bit of history with Werth after all.
2007-10-06 19:44:17
69.   Mike Carminati
67 Chahlie? You should have seen his wet T-shirt contest when the players doused him with champagne after clinching. Yikes!
2007-10-06 19:45:42
70.   Mike Carminati
Give Holliday's RBI title an asterisk! He had an extra game!
2007-10-06 19:45:55
71.   Bluebleeder87
Ryan Howard is strong in a (espn) worlds strongest man kind of way...
2007-10-06 19:46:56
72.   Mike Carminati
Holliday keeps fouling those low ones straight back. He's just missing.
2007-10-06 19:47:46
73.   Mike Carminati
71 How's that? He pulls trains with his teeth?
2007-10-06 19:48:35
74.   Mike Carminati
Ruiz is in motion on every pitch.
2007-10-06 19:48:40
75.   das411
I can just hear Harry the K saying "right down the middle for a ball" on that 1-2 pitch to Holliday...Mike, are you listening to Harry, Larry, and Gary?
2007-10-06 19:48:54
76.   Bluebleeder87
Jaime Moyer wears 80's style stockings.
2007-10-06 19:50:14
77.   Mike Carminati
Strike 'em out, throw 'em out. Love it! Shuts up those Rockies fans' MVP chants.
2007-10-06 19:51:25
78.   Bluebleeder87

he has a chubby midsection I think that alone qualifies him for that competition.

2007-10-06 19:51:38
79.   Mike Carminati
75 No, I thought about it, but... If you are and hear anything interesting, please share.
2007-10-06 19:52:37
80.   Mike Carminati
73 Chubby is euphomism for rotund I take it.
76 Do you mean like Broadway Joe did?
2007-10-06 19:53:29
81.   Mike Carminati
Burrell bails on a ball that's called an inside strike. Hey at keast he didn;t strike out.
2007-10-06 19:54:17
82.   Mike Carminati
Little trivia, Hurdle is the first manager named Clint in baseball history.
2007-10-06 19:55:35
83.   Mike Carminati
Thos kid's going to float that curve up across the plate to Howard at some point tonight.
2007-10-06 19:56:04
84.   Bluebleeder87
hey Mike do you live in Philly is that why your loyalties are Phillie related?
2007-10-06 19:56:54
85.   Mike Carminati
They really seem confused by this pitch. Did anyone in the Phils organization scout this kid. Oh wait, it's the Phils.
2007-10-06 19:58:25
86.   Mike Carminati
84 I was born in Philly, grew up thinking that the Schmidt-Carlton Phils were the norm. Boy, was I wrong.

By the way, Rowand struck out on the same pitch as the first time. Really ugly.

2007-10-06 20:00:19
87.   Bluebleeder87
waiting for the Barrera versus Paquiao fight watching the under cards box right now, one of the boxers (Luevano) is from my neck of the the woods that's pretty cool, De La Hoya also, it's pretty crazy when you think about it.
2007-10-06 20:01:36
88.   das411
Nah, sorry Mike but I am watching it on tv now, after I heard Wheels mention about ten times that "these lights are just like the ones at the Vet that used to go out and it'd take like ten minutes to fire 'em back up"...and how about all this fancy glovework by Howard!!
2007-10-06 20:01:41
89.   Mike Carminati
Sorry, stepped out to grab a brewsky (a Samuel Smith Nut Brown Ale) and all of a sudden Ryan Howard turns into Keith Hernandez.
2007-10-06 20:02:09
90.   Bluebleeder87
I wasn't a big baseball fan in the early 80's but I thought the Dodgers making it to the playoffs was the norm also Mike, so your not the only that thought that way.
2007-10-06 20:04:22
91.   Bluebleeder87
my drinking days are over or else I'd drink one with ya Mike C. But enjoy...
2007-10-06 20:05:11
92.   Mike Carminati
87 What, the greatest game ever invented isn't good enough for you?

88 I can't take fucking Wheels right now. If it was Harry or maybe Harry and Larry Andersen, OK. I can't take Wheels and his Timmy Mac Lite schtick or Sarge's inaudibility right now. I'm annoyed enough at these TBS guys repeatedly telling us that the Rox have the best D ever because they set a ludicrously meaningless fielding percentage record.

2007-10-06 20:05:49
93.   Mike Carminati
91 I can only drink the good stuff.
2007-10-06 20:05:58
94.   das411
Now Mike, do you warm up Condrey or Mesa or Alf now and pull Moyer at the first sign of trouble? Or do you try to get one more out of him?
2007-10-06 20:06:24
95.   Bluebleeder87
You peepz have a good pitcher in Hamels hopefully he recovers 100% from the elbow thing come ST '08.
2007-10-06 20:06:53
96.   Mike Carminati
David Aldridge is right on top if three year old stories.
2007-10-06 20:07:53
97.   Bluebleeder87

hell yeah, but boxing is another sport I enjoy, baseball is by far my favorite sport (I play it pretty well also) I'm just saying....

2007-10-06 20:08:44
98.   Mike Carminati
95 thing is that he's never had a complete season as a professional.

94 Where the fuck is Madson? I guess they go to Condrey. Or is Lohse the long relief guy this postseason or is he in Chahlie's doghouse after the HR?

2007-10-06 20:10:30
99.   Mike Carminati
Joe Simpson is right on top of the K's causing the Phils not to put the ball in play enough.

F'ing Nunez grounds into a DP. Forget what I said about his D.

2007-10-06 20:11:23
100.   Mike Carminati
I have to say I like this Miller guy though I can;t say why. He seems enthused.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-10-06 20:11:37
101.   Bluebleeder87
Moyer is pitching a pretty darn good game though Mike you gotta hand it to the old dude.
2007-10-06 20:12:40
102.   Mike Carminati
The guy from Do The Right Thing has to play "Risk" in a stupid insurance commercial? Oh, he was also in 8 Men Out.
2007-10-06 20:13:20
103.   Mike Carminati
101 I love to see players who are older than me succeed.
2007-10-06 20:14:00
104.   das411
98 - Madson the fuck is ineligible for this round, and may be able to pitch in the LCS if, yknow, the team gets that far without him.

I suppose Lohse could come in for a few now since isn't Cole going in game 4 come hell or high water? It may be fun to see Charlie flip all his starters into the bullpen for 3 games just like Francona did in '04...

2007-10-06 20:14:13
105.   Mike Carminati
Ruiz is really dancing back there.
2007-10-06 20:15:02
106.   Mike Carminati
104 I know, I was joking about Madson.
2007-10-06 20:15:07
107.   Mike Carminati
104 I know, I was joking about Madson.
2007-10-06 20:15:19
108.   Bluebleeder87
Woah, good play by your 3rd baseman.
2007-10-06 20:15:31
109.   Mike Carminati
I love Nunez again.
2007-10-06 20:16:40
110.   Mike Carminati
"Another Quaalude, [he] gonna love me again"--Tony Montana
2007-10-06 20:16:49
111.   Bluebleeder87
how important was that DP, Torrealba hits a solid single after it.
2007-10-06 20:19:25
112.   Mike Carminati
2007-10-06 20:19:32
113.   das411
2007-10-06 20:19:40
114.   Bluebleeder87
The Rox strike 1st says the TBS broadcaster.
2007-10-06 20:20:15
115.   Mike Carminati
111 Burrell is so bad in LF> Where's Luzinski when you need him?
2007-10-06 20:20:48
116.   Mike Carminati
111 That play was just one out. The bunt was the second.
2007-10-06 20:21:07
117.   Bluebleeder87
Clint Hurdle is gonna probably get a hefty extension after this incredible run the Rox are in, wow.
2007-10-06 20:21:45
118.   Mike Carminati
114 He also says that the bunt set up the run though a triple would have scored him from first. Again he is emphasizing the meaningless bunt.
2007-10-06 20:22:38
119.   Mike Carminati
117 Hey, leave Hurde's hefty extsenion out of this. It's a family program.
2007-10-06 20:23:21
120.   Mike Carminati
This Bud opera commercial was funny the first thousand times I saw it.
2007-10-06 20:25:16
121.   KG16
118 - I'm trying to figure out this fascination that this announcer has with these bunts being "important" will followed by an extra base hit. I get saying it's important if Mastui hits a single and the runner scores, but to say it's important when he hits a triple, that's just the sort of thing that kills the brain cells of viewers.

Like these Frank TV and Dane Cook commercials

2007-10-06 20:25:19
122.   Mike Carminati
The problem with that Burrell play wasn't path so much as his lack of speed and anticipation in the OF.
2007-10-06 20:27:03
123.   Mike Carminati
121 It was important in that the pitcher didn't hit into a DP.

I'm sorry, I pull Moyer here. He looked hittable, the Phils are now behind, and they have had no offense.

2007-10-06 20:27:09
124.   joejoejoe
As if Met fans haven't been tortured enough now they have to hear 'Kaz Matsui has done it again!' and have it refer to clutch playoff performance, not booting a groundball at Shea.
2007-10-06 20:28:25
125.   Mike Carminati
124 I hear you brother. Burrell made him look like friggin' Cobb.
2007-10-06 20:29:06
126.   Mike Carminati
How is taking a walk being more agressive? Will Joe Simpson shut the frig up?
2007-10-06 20:32:43
127.   Mike Carminati
Bob Apodaca, 124 , does that cheer you up?
2007-10-06 20:33:43
128.   das411
Alright Pat, do something here so we don't have to run you out of town....bah!
2007-10-06 20:33:44
129.   Mike Carminati
Fucking Burrell?!?!??!?!?!!??!?!?!?
2007-10-06 20:34:47
130.   Mike Carminati
The Phils are falling back on their old ways. It's the Burrell of the first half. Why is he swinging at a ball on pitch one when the pitcher just walked two guys?
2007-10-06 20:35:44
131.   Mike Carminati
If I'm Hurdle, I big in my lefty and go after Howard to break the Phils backs right here.
2007-10-06 20:35:45
132.   Bluebleeder87
o.k. I gotta concentrate on the fight & I also have an early game tomorrow, good luck with the Phills Mike & das411, late.
2007-10-06 20:37:05
133.   Mike Carminati
That was like the one that he struck out on in the 9th in game 1. Bad call, but Merriweather is among the worst umps in baseball, and I studied umps. He's awful.
2007-10-06 20:38:06
134.   Mike Carminati
132 Later.
2007-10-06 20:38:50
135.   das411
Thanks b87, kick some ass at the game tomorrow!
2007-10-06 20:39:54
136.   Mike Carminati
Biy, these Rox fans cheer every fly ball.
2007-10-06 20:40:30
137.   Mike Carminati
135 Game tomorrow?
2007-10-06 20:41:21
138.   Mike Carminati
Manuel doesn't press the panic button? He doesn't jnow how to spell panic.
2007-10-06 20:41:55
139.   joejoejoe
127 I'm a Yankee fan.

I was just sympathizing with the Mets. I grew up in CT thinking Met fans were weird, the spumoni to the Yankees and Red Sox chocolate and vanilla. I learned later that Met fans are mostly excellent, knowledgeable fans and I've never had a bad time at a ballgame at Shea. To get back on topic...Go Colorado! Do it for Todd Zeile, former Met, Rockie, and Yankee. How many players can say that?

2007-10-06 20:42:00
140.   Mike Carminati
And of course I misspell "Know"
2007-10-06 20:42:15
141.   Mike Carminati
2007-10-06 20:43:42
142.   Mike Carminati
127 They're troglodytes. I'll tell you stories some time.
2007-10-06 20:44:33
143.   KG16
140 - better than misspelling panic
2007-10-06 20:46:34
144.   Mike Carminati
By the way, to answer your question, four players played for all three teams. Can you name teh other three?
2007-10-06 20:46:58
145.   joejoejoe
142 Doris from Rego Park was a Met fan and a beautiful human being.
2007-10-06 20:47:11
146.   Mike Carminati
143 I was a bit panicked about that.
2007-10-06 20:47:22
147.   Bluebleeder87

I play in a sunday baseball league Mike. I haven't turned of my computer yet, cause I'm clinking to SOME hope that Barrera can pull a MAJOR upset over Paquiao. Kind of what your doing right Mike & das411. :o)

2007-10-06 20:47:52
148.   Mike Carminati
145 Well, of course I was being hyperbolic.
2007-10-06 20:49:27
149.   Mike Carminati
147 What are we supposed to do? We are Phils fans.
2007-10-06 20:49:29
150.   trainwreck
I am going to have to wait for the replay to see that fight.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-10-06 20:50:20
151.   das411
137 , see 132 . And I would just put Condrey in if Moyer's spot comes up in this inning, see how long he will go...
2007-10-06 20:50:49
152.   trainwreck
UCLA football disease has spread to UCLA alum, Chase Utley.

I must apologize.

2007-10-06 20:51:21
153.   trainwreck
And the Flyin' Hawaiian ties it up.
2007-10-06 20:52:48
155.   das411

144 - Met + Rockie + Yankee =, Steve Reed?

THERE is Dobbs!

2007-10-06 20:52:54
156.   Mike Carminati
At least he pulls Nunez here.
2007-10-06 20:53:47
157.   Saburo
Imua, Shane!
2007-10-06 20:54:07
158.   Mike Carminati
Nope. You want initials?
2007-10-06 20:54:09
159.   joejoejoe
It's a good Rockies crowd. Nice ovation for a pitcher who just gave up a game tying dinger.
2007-10-06 20:54:57
160.   joejoejoe
158 I've spent 5 minutes cheating with Baseball-Reference and still can't figure it out.
2007-10-06 20:55:02
161.   Mike Carminati
Ruiz gets his biweekly single, and you know that the pitcher is running out of steam.
2007-10-06 20:56:41
162.   Mike Carminati
160 Baseball-Reference aint got. Macy's aint got any.

Initials: JA and 2 DBs.

2007-10-06 20:57:34
163.   Mike Carminati
Wait Matt Herges? These Rockies are confident.
2007-10-06 20:58:07
164.   trainwreck
Keep pretending you are going to hit, Moyer.
2007-10-06 20:58:48
165.   Mike Carminati
I thought Manuel would let Moyer hit for himself here. Iguchi's up.
2007-10-06 20:59:22
166.   Mike Carminati
That's the Herges I love.
2007-10-06 21:00:14
167.   Mike Carminati
He missed a mistake pitch there.
2007-10-06 21:00:25
168.   Mike Carminati
He missed a mistake pitch there.
2007-10-06 21:00:31
169.   Mike Carminati
He missed a mistake pitch there.
2007-10-06 21:01:08
170.   Mike Carminati
I thought Merriweather would call that a K.
2007-10-06 21:02:03
171.   Mike Carminati
Iguchi fooled on that one, had to go after the low change.
2007-10-06 21:02:42
172.   das411
Darryl Boston? Dusty Baker? um....Dan Baker (Phillies PA announcer)?
2007-10-06 21:04:57
173.   Mike Carminati
Boston is one. Want the rest.
2007-10-06 21:05:10
174.   joejoejoe
162 Not to brag but I figured it out (with your clues). I won't put the answers in the comments in case you want to use it as a trivia question or something.
2007-10-06 21:05:43
175.   Mike Carminati
Gordon?!? I'm dying again!
2007-10-06 21:06:36
176.   Mike Carminati
174 No, hit me. I'm bursting with trivia,
2007-10-06 21:07:56
177.   Mike Carminati
Gordon's pitching like he thinks he's setting up Mo Rivera.
2007-10-06 21:08:27
178.   Mike Carminati
Check that.
2007-10-06 21:09:58
179.   Mike Carminati
David, shut up about Peytin Manning. That's game 1 crap. Where'e LeBron?
2007-10-06 21:10:28
180.   joejoejoe
Darren Bragg and Juan Acevedo. I remember Bragg and Boston passing through the NYY but Acevedo left no impression.
2007-10-06 21:10:33
181.   Mike Carminati
Nice 2-0 pitch.
2007-10-06 21:11:11
182.   Mike Carminati
180 Yep, but can you name the other five major-leaguers named Seth?
2007-10-06 21:12:07
183.   Mike Carminati
I rewatched that 2-1 pitch. I looked outside to me.
2007-10-06 21:12:17
184.   Mike Carminati
I rewatched that 2-1 pitch. I looked outside to me.
2007-10-06 21:13:10
185.   joejoejoe
182 I can name the Star Wars movies with Sith but not MLBers named Seth.
2007-10-06 21:13:22
186.   Mike Carminati
The Rockies don;t play great defense. the rookie SS should win a Gold Glove and Helton is good for a first baseman. That's it.
2007-10-06 21:14:05
187.   Mike Carminati
185 I have blotted those three movies from my memory.
2007-10-06 21:14:55
188.   Bluebleeder87
Man, Paquiao is a little string of dynamite, but Barrera looks plenty better than he did in the 1st match, Paquiao is stilling winning the fight though, 6th round.
2007-10-06 21:15:00
189.   Mike Carminati
When did Kaz Matsui become David Ortiz?
2007-10-06 21:16:02
190.   Mike Carminati
188 Those comments are more pertinent to the game than Joe Simpson's.
2007-10-06 21:16:39
191.   Mike Carminati
Horrible Al Pacino impersonation.
2007-10-06 21:17:56
192.   Mike Carminati
I'm model maker so of course I can advise you re. your prostate.
2007-10-06 21:19:09
193.   joejoejoe
G'night all. I just misread 'Man, Paquiao' as 'Mike Pagliarulo' so it's time for bed.
2007-10-06 21:19:24
194.   Mike Carminati
Why is that "inside the park HR" George Bush impersination supposed to even be funny? I get it, he's dumb, but you;ve got to give me more here.
2007-10-06 21:20:29
195.   Mike Carminati
193 Later

That was the Jimmy Rollins of 2005. Swinging at pitches that he couldn't reach with Ron Reed's arms.

2007-10-06 21:20:43
196.   Bluebleeder87
It looks more & more like Barrera is gonna lose the match but he can still pull a miracle, I see from the comments that Victorino tied it up.
2007-10-06 21:21:55
197.   Mike Carminati
Utley looks awful this series.
2007-10-06 21:23:09
198.   Mike Carminati
Wow, that was close.
2007-10-06 21:24:51
199.   Bluebleeder87

partially the reason the Phills have performed poorly in the series right.

2007-10-06 21:25:14
200.   Mike Carminati
simpson calls for the change and they go with the high heat. He missed the point with the previous pitch. It wasn;t the speed it was the location.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-10-06 21:25:45
201.   Mike Carminati
199 It's a big reason.
2007-10-06 21:26:25
202.   Parashar Bhise
You should really try watching the game on mute and listening to music instead. Much more enjoyable.
2007-10-06 21:27:03
203.   Mike Carminati
I've got a bad feeling with Gordon staying out there. He has Holliday 1-2 looking, however.
2007-10-06 21:27:19
204.   underdog
But... but TBS is "Very funny" - they tell you that themselves! So it must be funny. {cough}
2007-10-06 21:31:03
205.   Mike Carminati
202 Let me try, Joe Simpson is still an idiot. I don't even have to hear him. Oh well.

Hey, Charlie Manuel finally mastered the double-switch, and kills two duds with one stone. Burrell and Gordon are both gone.

2007-10-06 21:32:26
206.   Mike Carminati
204 Hey, I'd rather watch an hour of those Very Funny commercials than Frank TV.

Where was that pitch?

2007-10-06 21:33:33
207.   Mike Carminati
Werth didn;t get that but Burrell would have fallen down.
2007-10-06 21:34:12
208.   Mike Carminati
I wonder what's going on in the boxing match.
2007-10-06 21:35:04
209.   Mike Carminati
The one knock on Romero is he can be wild.
2007-10-06 21:36:36
210.   Mike Carminati
Do they have to boo every throw to 1st. What have they gleaned that from their vast baseball experience in Colorado?

Fuck! Nice try by Utley.

2007-10-06 21:37:34
211.   Mike Carminati
Manuel can;t bring in Myers since it's not a "save situation".
2007-10-06 21:38:10
212.   Daniel Zappala
Relief pitching will drive you crazy. The Angels brought in Romero last year and he couldn't do anything. He suddenly becomes good again in Philly, after washing out of Boston too?
2007-10-06 21:38:20
213.   Parashar Bhise
Yeah, it's only a "win situation." No reason to worry about that...
2007-10-06 21:38:32
214.   das411
Bah! Let the scapegoating of Chutley begin...
2007-10-06 21:38:36
215.   Mike Carminati
You have to pull Romero here. This is th series.
2007-10-06 21:39:32
216.   Mike Carminati
212 Switching leagues will do that.
2007-10-06 21:41:16
217.   Mike Carminati
214 Scmidt had a similar reputation until th '80 WS.
2007-10-06 21:44:00
218.   Mike Carminati
By the way Jeff Baker translates into Francisco Cabrera in Spanish.
2007-10-06 21:45:35
219.   Mike Carminati
217 That's Schmidt.

OK, Howard, Rowand, and Victorino. Rowand looks bad again, and it'll make it easier for the Phils to walk away this offseason.

2007-10-06 21:47:12
220.   Mike Carminati
Dane Cook discussing Red Sox Nation and the Rally Monkey is apropos.
2007-10-06 21:47:45
221.   Mike Carminati
If I am Manuel, I ask to check his jersey.
2007-10-06 21:48:08
222.   Mike Carminati
Corpas that is.
2007-10-06 21:48:35
223.   das411
The Phils, and Howard in particular, have really gotten dicked over by huge huge strike zones this series, haven't they?
2007-10-06 21:49:37
224.   Mike Carminati
That looked low, but I think Howard has to swing there.
2007-10-06 21:49:39
225.   das411
THERE is another one!! Argh!
2007-10-06 21:50:16
226.   Mike Carminati
223 Yep, especially Howard, but they aren't helping themselves either.
2007-10-06 21:51:00
227.   Mike Carminati
Bye Bye Rowand. Take your career year and get four years $40M elsewhere.
2007-10-06 21:51:03
228.   das411
and it all comes down to the Flyin' Hawaiian...
2007-10-06 21:52:46
229.   Mike Carminati
I am surprised that merriweather didn;t call that one.

That;s the ballgame.,

2007-10-06 21:53:26
230.   das411
Congrats to the juggernaut that is the 2007 Colorado Rockies. The best team clearly won...this time...
2007-10-06 21:53:30
231.   Parashar Bhise
Sorry guys. I think my Angels will be joining you tomorrow.
2007-10-06 21:56:07
232.   Mike Carminati
That's an opportunity wasted. The Phils aren't going to have another opportunity like this for a while. The Mets will be back in a big way next year. The Phils need a new 3B, a new bullpen, a new CF (Victorino?), and probably two spots in the rotation. With Gillick just about retired Amaro will start taking more control and he;ll be Ed Wade Jr.
2007-10-06 21:56:51
233.   Mike Carminati
231 I hope not. I hate the fucking Red Sox.
2007-10-06 22:00:03
234.   Mike Carminati
230 Actually, when I've studied the postseason the only thing close to a trend is that teams with good offense and pitching/defense win more often than teams that excel in one while not being so good at the other. The Rockies were more balanced than the Phils and it came out in the series. The Phils never fixed their bullpen problems (though Romero helped). They have never been disciplined though they scored runs in spite of it during the season. they did hit bad streaks though and here was one.
2007-10-06 22:07:09
235.   Mike Carminati
I can't really blame Manuel for keeping Romero in vs. Baker. He's been extremely effective. Even if Myers came in and K'ed him, the Phils would still have to score sometime today to get the W.
2007-10-06 22:08:58
236.   Mike Carminati
Watching that Matsui "triple", the ball was just about straightaway leftfield. By angle on teh ball, bad jump, bad play as only Burrell can do it.
2007-10-06 22:18:08
237.   Mike Carminati
Better luck next decade. I wonder if any of these guys will still be around the next time the make the playoffs, maybe on an old timers team.
2007-10-06 22:47:25
238.   dzzrtRatt
237 I dunno...the Phils have a pretty meaty core. You're right, they have a few things to fix, but they'll have Utley, Howard, Hamels, Rollins and Burrell. I think it's the Mets who blew their opportunity. That's a team getting old fast, and where is their pitching going to come from? The Phils could be back next year.

Will the Rockies' fairy dust last all the way til Thursday?

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