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Conine-ical Midseason Replacement
2007-08-20 21:44
by Mike Carminati

Jeff Conine again switches teams at midseason. This time he is headed for the first-place Mets from the playoff challenged Reds. Last year he went from the rebuilding O's to the playoff hungry Phils (and they are still hungry). An original Marlin in 1993, Conine was reaquired in 2003 by the Marlins from the O's and they went on to win the Series.

He's the ultimate rent-a-bat.

It made me wonder who was the player who switched teams midseason more than anyone else. Is it Conine?

The short answer is no. Bobo Newsom leads the pack switching teams midyear a hefty eight times:

Bobo Newsom8193519521
Terry Mulholland6198920021
Willie Montanez6197519820
Bob Kennedy5194819571
Bob Kuzava5195019571
Dan Schatzeder5198219901
Dave Philley5195119600
Dave Weathers5199620041
Don McMahon5196219691
Harold Baines5198920004
Hoyt Wilhelm5195719710
Jim Dwyer5197519890
Jim Poole5199120001
Lenny Harris5198920033
Luis Polonia5198920003
Ruben Sierra5199220033
Shad Barry5190119080
Tom Zachary5192719361

Of course, his new teams made the playoffs just once. I was envisioning more of a Conine/Rickey Henderson type, a guy who is rented for the last couple of months of a season to help a team get to the postseason.

The players who switched teams midseason and then subsequently made it to the postseason the most times are as follows:

Harold Baines5198920004
Ruben Sierra5199220033
Bill Madlock3197919873
Luis Polonia5198920003
Lenny Harris5198920033
Rickey Henderson4198920003

Conine won't even make this list when the Mets inevitably win the division. Baines did it four times: 1990 A's, '97 O's, '99 Indians, and 2000 White Sox (his second postseason with them, but the first in 17 years).

2007-08-20 22:34:27
1.   El Lay Dave
In your first table, the rows for Dick Schofield, Sandy Alomar and Mike Marshall each represent the combined numbers for two players.

I note that the most playoffs list is all position players, not a middle reliever in the bunch.

2007-08-21 00:46:14
2.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Have a bit more faith in ur team Mike ;) .... though i guess hard to do after th 93 playoffs and 2 strait year of down the stretch choke arragh (i was in PHilly in 93 too... doh)
2007-08-21 05:53:53
3.   dlewanda
Just a quick correction, but Conine was with the Orioles last season. The only reason I know this is because I was in Baltimore for the game against the Devil Rays where he was traded during the 7th inning, and since we live in Cherry Hill, NJ, we wanted to offer him a ride up to Philly :-).
2007-08-21 08:03:55
4.   dianagramr
A subset list I'd like to see:
Players traded after Sep. 1 (and thus ineligible for post-season roster) most times.

I remember the Mets picking up Candelaria for like the last week of the season. And didn't the Sox do that with a reliever recently?

2007-08-21 09:28:51
5.   Mike Carminati
Oops, that's what I get for SQLing after midnight. Issues fixed.

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