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Can't Tell a Player Without
2002-07-30 16:36
by Mike Carminati

Can't Tell a Player Without a Program

The White Sox have lost their starting catcher, center fielder, and second baseman in the last week. They were traded for a total of four minor league pitchers. This will pay dividends over the next few years. Unfortunately, they have to finish the schedule this year. Currently, their roster lists the following position 11 players: one catcher, five total infielders, 4 total outfielders, and Frank Thomas, who can kind of play first. This is including Willie Harris, who was promoted to replace Durham. They only list 23 pitchers meaning that they are 2 players short. Don't they think about this when they make a trade? Or is a 23-man roster a new cost-cutting approach? I hope they all stay healthy. I don't want to see Frank Thomas play catcher.

. . .

Rolen to Cardinals

So Scott Rolen is off to a pennant contender, and the Phils get two marginal players and a pitching prospect who the Cardinals have already given up on in return. I have already voiced my opinion of the whole affair (scroll down). I wish Scott Rolen the best and fully expect a huge last third of the season from him.

Meanwhile I will be looking forward to a Phillies line-up with Doug Glanville leading off, Travis Lee batting third, and Placido Polanco batting fifth. Maybe then Larry Bowa will finally explode (Hundreds of people explode every year. They just don't talk about it.) Then John Vukovich will get a chance to run the team with at least a modicum of composure.

. . .

Rangers Release a Big Burba. Excuse Me-yette.

The Rangers released Dave Burba today after he lost his spot in the rotation and then in his last appearance, in relief, gave up 7 earned runs in a third of an inning in the Rangers 12-2 loss to Oakland Monday. Burba has a 5.42 ERA, but that is slightly above the team average. He has not pitched well since 2000 and has a large contract (which they are eating anyway), but he has had a decent career and was very good for Cleveland from 1998-2000 (His park-adjusted ERA as a percentage of the league ERA was 17%, 18%, and 12% better than the league average and he won at least 15 games a year).

The Rangers are going nowhere, he's "only" 35, and he could turn it around. Meanwhile Narron's excuse that Burba has been released to give some younger guys some innings, doesn't hold water, not when you have Chan Ho Park, Aaron Myette, and Rob Bell eating a hole in your roster and Kenny Rogers on the trading block. Why not let him work out his mechanical problems and see if he can get ready for next year? Even if he is a free agent and does not figure into next year necessarily, he's got to be better the rest of the way than Myette and his 9.39 ERA. Methinks this is some Tom Hicks "Let's get tough and send a message" behavior. Austerity is now his buzz word. What a rational team.

. . .

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