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Further Yankee Doodles
2007-07-24 09:50
by Mike Carminati

The Yankees continued their offensive ways with a 9-2 win in Kansas City. They have scored 47 runs in the last three games. Just eleven teams since 1900 have scored more runs over three games.

Tonight they can add to that streak when they face Scott Elarton in Kansas City. Elarton owns a 9.17 ERA this season and his ERA is even worse at Kauffman Stadium (11.34 in four starts). Nine runs would give the Yankees 56 in four games; 11 runs, 58 overall.

Where would that put them on the all-time list? Well, 224 nineteenth-century teams amassed more than 58 runs in four games. The old, old, old Philly A's—that is three iterations back—scored 100 runs in four games in 1872. They beat Baltimore 34-19, Boston 10-7 (before a reported crowd of 5,000), Troy 25-5, and Cleveland 31-7 between May 1 and May 18. Overall, they outscored their opponents 100 to 38 or 25 to 9.5 per game.

However, since 1900 only six teams, and none since 1950, have scored more than 58 runs in a game. The most was by the 1950 Red Sox, who shut out the White Sox 12-0, lost to Chicago 4-8, and then beat the Browns 20-4 and 29-4, all at Fenway Park. That team also scored at least eleven runs in the three games before this streak and allowed thirty in total in the two games after it. The '50 Sox finished in third with a 94-60 record, four games behind (who else?) the Yankees. They had a 4.88 team ERA and outscored opponents 8.12 to 5.55 at home and 5.22 to 4.90 on the road.

The Yankees need to score 18 runs tonight to match the '50 Red Sox four-game offensive output. The most that the Royals have allowed this season was 17 runs to the A's May 10 at home. They have, however, scored 17 three times this season.

For the record, here are the teams that have scored the most runs in the consecutive games all time:

TeamYrDate 1ROppRADate 2ROppRADate 3ROppRA3-G R
Philadelphia Athletics18711871062110WS321871062620BS181871062849TRO3379
Troy Haymakers18711871062833PH1491871070337NY216187107139NY2779
Boston Red Stockings18731873101332BL1131873101724BR241873102118BL11374
Philadelphia Athletics18711871062620BS181871062849TRO33187106295NY2474
Philadelphia Athletics18711871062849TRO33187106295NY241871070120FW1374
Troy Haymakers1871187106193FW161871062833PH1491871070337NY21673
Chicago White Stockings18761876072018LS101876072230LS171876072523CN1371
Chicago White Stockings18761876072230LS171876072523CN131876072717CN1370
Boston Red Stockings18731873101113BL161873101332BL1131873101724BR2469
Philadelphia Athletics18721872050134BL1191872050410BS171872051325TRO569

And since 1900:

TeamYrDate 1ROppRADate 2ROppRADate 3ROppRA3-G R
Boston Red Sox19501950060720SLA41950060829SLA4195006097SLA1256
Pittsburgh Pirates1925192506199BRO61925062021BRO51925062224SLN654
Boston Red Sox1950195006064CHA81950060720SLA41950060829SLA453
New York Yankees19361936052312PHA61936052315PHA11936052425PHA252
Cleveland Indians19231923070727BOS3192307078BOS51923070815BOS1050
Cincinnati Reds19111911060315BSN41911060426BSN3191106059BSN250
Brooklyn Superbas19011901092325CIN61901092416CIN2190109259CIN250
Chicago Cubs19301930060116PIT41930060315BSN21930060418BSN1049
Boston Red Sox19401940092724WS141940092816PHA4194009288PHA148
New York Yankees19391939081218PHA4193908139PHA121939081321PHA048
Pittsburgh Pirates19251925062021BRO51925062224SLN6192506243SLN1148
Seattle Mariners20002000041411TOR92000041517TOR62000041619TOR747
Seattle Mariners20002000041517TOR62000041619TOR72000041811CHA1847
Detroit Tigers19931993081015BAL11993081115BAL51993081217BAL1147
Brooklyn Dodgers19501950062315PIT31950062421PIT121950062511PIT1647
New York Yankees19361936052315PHA11936052425PHA2193605257PHA1047
New York Giants19331933080218PHI11933080418PHI11933080511PHI347
Brooklyn Superbas19001900062220PHI131900062312NY111900062515NY1247
New York Yankees20072007072117TBA52007072221TBA4200707239KCA247

Now, the most in a four-game stretch all time:

TeamYrDate 1ROppRADate 2ROppRADate 3ROppRADate 4ROppRA4-G R
Philadelphia Athletics18721872050134BL1191872050410BS171872051325TRO51872051831CL17100
Philadelphia Athletics18711871062849TRO33187106295NY241871070120FW131871070422CL1996
Philadelphia Athletics18711871062620BS181871062849TRO33187106295NY241871070120FW1394
Chicago White Stockings18761876072018LS101876072230LS171876072523CN131876072717CN1388
Boston Red Stockings18731873101113BL161873101332BL1131873101724BR241873102118BL11387
Boston Red Stockings18731873101332BL1131873101724BR241873102118BL1131873102211WS5885
Philadelphia Athletics1871187106206NY281871062110WS321871062620BS181871062849TRO3385
Philadelphia Athletics18711871062110WS321871062620BS181871062849TRO33187106295NY2484
Troy Haymakers18711871061211CL120187106193FW161871062833PH1491871070337NY21684
Troy Haymakers1871187106193FW161871062833PH1491871070337NY216187107139NY2782
Troy Haymakers18711871062833PH1491871070337NY216187107139NY27187107273WS3382

And since 1900:
TeamYrDate 1ROppRADate 2ROppRADate 3ROppRADate 4ROppRA4-G R
Boston Red Sox19501950060512CHA0195006064CHA81950060720SLA41950060829SLA465
Boston Red Sox19501950060720SLA41950060829SLA4195006097SLA12195006108DET1864
New York Yankees1936193605219DET101936052312PHA61936052315PHA11936052425PHA261
Boston Red Sox1950195006064CHA81950060720SLA41950060829SLA4195006097SLA1260
New York Yankees19361936052312PHA61936052315PHA11936052425PHA2193605257PHA1059
Chicago Cubs19301930060116PIT41930060315BSN21930060418BSN101930060510BSN759
Seattle Mariners20002000041411TOR92000041517TOR62000041619TOR72000041811CHA1858
Pittsburgh Pirates19011901090515NY111901090515NY171901090615NY121901090613NY1458
Boston Red Sox19401940092724WS141940092816PHA4194009288PHA1194009299PHA457
New York Yankees1939193908119PHA51939081218PHA4193908139PHA121939081321PHA057
Pittsburgh Pirates19281928080218PHI41928080314PHI61928080414PHI81928080411PHI457
Pittsburgh Pirates1925192506199BRO61925062021BRO51925062224SLN6192506243SLN1157
Pittsburgh Pirates19221922080717PHI101922080819PHI8192208087PHI31922081014PHI457
New York Giants19121912060113SLN4191206038SLN31912060414SLN91912060522CIN1057
New York Giants19121912062021BSN12191206215BSN21912062217BSN51912062214BSN1257

2007-07-24 13:18:30
1.   Gagne55
24+10+25+31 = 90
How did they score 100 runs given those totals?
2007-07-24 19:18:43
2.   Mike Carminati
That's what we call in the biz, a typo. The table was correct, however, and the typo has been fixed.
2007-07-25 12:51:45
3.   rbj
I've gotten to see a couple of olde tyme Base Ball games this summer (under 1867 rules). I can see why they scored so many runs. It's actually a lot of fun. First game final score was 16-15, and clocked in at under 2.5 hours.

Now that the Yankees are at 56 runs, what's the number for 5 games?

2007-07-25 22:20:41
4.   Mike Carminati
You read my mind.

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