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Roster Wise I sent my
2002-10-11 11:04
by Mike Carminati

Roster Wise

I sent my earlier playoff roster questions to Ken Bumbaco, the webmaster at MLB Roster Central.

1) I understand that a team may replace a player on the 60-day DL with a player who was in the organization on Aug 31, even if he was not necessarily on the major-league roster, but are there any requirements placed on the injured player? Such as, does that player have to be active at some point during the season.

Specifically, I am referring to Francisco Rodriguez who was in the minors on August 31 and didn't pitch in the majors until Sept 18. He ostensibly replaced Steve Green who has been on the DL since spring training and has only pitched in one major-league game in his career. I believe that I know the answer, but do you know why such a poorly conceived rule was enacted. Given that baseball has established a framework for playoff rosters that requires teams to represent themselves in playoffs as they were constituted during the regular season--unlike say hockey--how did such a loophole-riddled rule come about?

2) Today, the Cardinals activated Woody Williams to start game two of the NLCS. Jason Simontacchi had taken over Williams' roster spot when he was injured. Simontacchi had stupidly been sent down to the minors prior to the August 31 deadline. When Williams was activated, he took Luther Hackman's spot. Why doesn't Simontacchi have to give up his spot now that Williams is back?

3) If the Cardinals had deactivated Scott Rolen for the NLCS, would they have to fill his playoff spot with a third baseman? Or could they have activated Wilson Delgado, a shortstop has played third in the past? I understand that baseball does not want to have teams replacing catchers with pitchers, but how specific are they with this rule.

4) I cannot find the official rules governing playoff roster moves. They are not among the official rules on MLB's site. Do you know where I can find a copy?

Here is his response:

There is a book of Professional Baseball Rules - Business Operations, but it is only available to GMs and their assistants, though it's not as though there is anything earth-shattering inside. My understanding of the rule is that Rodriguez replaced Green on the playoff eligible list. All 25 man roster players and disabled players are automatically on the eligible list. Players on the 60-day DL may be replaced by a player at the same position, catchers replace catchers, infielders replace infielders, outfielders replace outfielders, and pitchers replace pitchers. So, in your Rolen case, any infielder could replace him, even a guy who doesn't play 3B. As far as Simontacchi goes, I believe he replaces Mike Matthews, who was traded after August 31 to Milwaukee. There is some rule that allows this. I hope I've answered your questions.

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