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World Series Game 5: Assessment
2002-10-25 01:06
by Mike Carminati

World Series Game 5: Assessment

Assessment? What assessment? The Giants pummeled the Angels, 16-4. Well, let's add a bit more depth to see if it means anything for game 6 and beyond (if there is a beyond).

For the Giants, what went right? First and most importantly, they won and are now one win away from champagne time. Lofton was 3-for-6 with 3 runs and 2 RBI. Aurilia had some bad luck but was still 2-for-6 with a HR, 2 runs scored, and 3 RBI. Kent had the big night: 3-for-5 with 2 HRs, 4 runs scored, 4 RBI, and a walk. He is officially out of his slump. Those three combined were 8-for-17 with 3 HRs, 9 runs, and 9 RBI. The Giants needed to get production at the top and they got it in spades. They also got production for Santiago hitting behind Bonds and lo and behold Bonds goes 3-for-4 with only one IBB. The end of the order continued to contribute. The Giants got to the Angels bullpen (Weber: 1.1 innings and 5 runs) after a rally closed the gap to 2 runs. The scored 10 runs after the 5th inning, something they were not able to do earlier in the series. The worked deep counts throughout the lineup showing patience and persistence. The bullpen only allowed one run on three hits and no walks after taking over from fatigued Jason Schmidt with two outs in the fifth. Also, with the off day the only pitcher who probably will not be ready for game 6 would be Worrell (2 innings). Nen, Witasick, and Fultz got to sit this one out and will be well rested for game 6.

What went wrong? Schmidt started strong but tired quickly and lasted only 4-2/3. The Giants needed Schmidt to last in order to save their bullpen, but the damage was minimal. The Giants bench again looked poor with Shinjo, Dunston, and Feliz going a collective 0-for-4 with a run. It doesn't make the choice of DH in game 6 any easier (or maybe it does: Goodwin against the right-hander). Snow fouled a ball off his knee and it may bother him in game 6.

What went right for the Angels? Eckstein did get on three times. Even though the starter Washburn only went four innings, their key relievers (Percival and Rodriguez) got to rest and Donnelly only went one perfect inning with two Ks. Washburn's short outing means another arm for the bullpen in game 7. They still hold the home-field advantage. They have the last two games at home. They get the DH back in the last two games.

What went wrong for the Angels? Weber gave up 5 runs in an inning and a third and looks like either he is too tired or too ineffective to pitch until probably game 7 if necessary. No one after Eckstein in the batting order collected more than one hit. The last 12 hitters went down in order.

As far as my pre-game predictions:

1) Tonight's the night Jeff Kent finally breaks out. I just have a hunch.

That one looks pretty good, huh? I thought with a lefty that had been prone to the long ball in game one. Kent did not take the bat of his shoulder and looked tentative as he drew a walk the first time up and later scored the second run on a Benito Santiago sac fly. The next time he doubles off the wall and later scores the fifth run on a Santiago 2-RBI single. The next two times he homers to left, driving in two runs each time.

2) Glaus starts getting the Bonds treatment and is walked intentionally twice.

That one looks pretty bad after he strikes out three times.

3) Francisco Rodriguez comes in again and is even wilder (only one K in two innings yesterday).

Rodriguez didn't even get into the game since it was quickly out of hand.

4) Giants win 7-3. I hope I don't jinx them.

Well, I didn't jinx them. I'm counting this as a W even though the Giants more than doubled my predicted score for them.

So I was 2-for-4 but those two were pretty good, if I do say so myself.

It's late now. I will have my game 5 notes posted tomorrow.

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