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Rose Gallery Mike Paradiso asks,
2002-12-15 01:56
by Mike Carminati

Rose Gallery

Mike Paradiso asks, "Who all is barred from hall of fame other then pete rose?"

Here is a complete list. There have been 35 in total.

I have been reading that Rose is one of 14 men banned due to gambling on the game, and that none of them were ever reinstated. A) Rose was never found to be gambling on the game according to the agreement that he and MLB signed. B) I cannot find the other 13. I found two others who were accused of gambling: Phillies owner William Cox and player Lee Magee. There are 20 others accused of throwing a game or trying to get someone else to throw a game (the 8 "black" Sox plus Joe Gedeon of the Browns who was banned for his knowledge of the plot, the 5 1877 Louis Grays, the 3 1865 NewYork Mutuals, two 1924 New York Giants, and Eugene Paulette (there were also two suspensions that invloved umpires). And C) The three New York Mutuals were all later reinstated (though this is prior to the formation of the major leagues).

In total, eight men have been reinstated: Dickie Kerr (banned for quitting), Mickey Mantle (working at a Casino), Willie Mays (same), Steve Howe (drugs), George Steinbrenner (invasion of Dave Winfield's privacy), and the three Mutuals (Ed Duffy, William Wansley, and Thomas Devyr).

By the way, "Eight Men Out" may be a misnomer since A) St. Louis Brown Joe Gedeon was also suspended due to the incident, and B) 1919 White Sox Dickie Kerr was later permanently suspended on an unrelated issue.

Pete Rose is the only living individual who has been premanently banned. Mays, Howe, and Steinbrenner are living and were permanently banned at one point, but all have be reinstated.

[Side note: The famous Danny Gardella case, in which Gardella was banned for "jumping" to the brand spanking new Mexican leagues in 1946, was not due to a permanent suspension. Commissioner Happy Chandler had issued a 5-year suspension for all jumpers. Gardella attempted to return to the majors but was rebuffed. He sued, resulting in one of baseball's most famous antitrust suits. Gardella claimed that he had not signed a contract for 1946, so the only thing holding him to his '45 team was the reserve clause. Gardella won in the Federal courts on appeal and baseball settled with him out of court in 1949. He briefly returned to baseball in 1950, five years after jumping anyway.]

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