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Fan-O-Vision, What Is It Good
2003-04-10 14:32
by Mike Carminati

Fan-O-Vision, What Is It Good For?

The Phillies have apologized to a fan for playing the Edwin Starr oldie War "with lyrics expressing some anti-war sentiments" at their home opener and have promised not to play it again. The song was used to punctuate the video clips for "The Phillies and Pirates: A Decade of battles" on their 1970s rivalry, which played during the game with the Pirates, in which both teams wore Seventies uniforms.

"We were at the game with the other 59,000 fans and during the game when they showed video clips of players making hard plays on the Fan-O-Vision, they played the song 'War,'" [fan and apology recepient Michael] Mellace said. "When the song began to play people started to boo. I don't think they should have a played a song like that when there is a war going on. It was a bad call."

Mellace asked for an apology, not only from the Phillies, but also from Citizens Bank, the sponsor of the video clip segment called 'Not Your Typical Play' and playoff of the bank's slogan 'Not Your Typical Bank.'

The Phillies' new rotation of songs is "Too Drunk to F&*k", "Why Don't We Do It in the Road", "Kill the Poor", "Wynona's Got a Big Brown... Wait a tick, that's the banned list.

"How can they say a public apology was unwarranted," Mellace said. "I am not doing this because I need publicity or more clients, I am doing this because I am an American. The letter I got makes me feel like they think I am an odd ball. I am sure there is more people out there who have an opinion but haven't said anything."

Odd ball? You make the call.

I am still waiting for my apology from the Phils for that Madonna's Like a Virgin song that they played circa 1988. It's not because of the content of the song. I'm doing it because I'm an American...who hates Madonna's music. Does that make me an odd ball?

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