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Bull Reloaded Dale Petroskey, the
2003-04-19 00:05
by Mike Carminati

Bull Reloaded

Dale Petroskey, the president of the Hall of Fame Museum, sent a letter of apology to anyone who complained about the Bull Durham event cancellation. Here is a copy of the letter from a Baseball Primer link. Here's the venerable Petroskey himself:

Petroskey took responsibility for his actions in stating that "it is clear [he] should have handled the matter differently" and that he was "sorry [he] didn't pick up the phone to have a discussion with Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon rather than sending them a letter." Poor grammar aside, one gets the idea that Petroskey is apologizing for his actions. That's fine, but shouldn't Sarandon and Robbins be the ones to whom he apologies, not the fans?

Besides, what's the point of apologizing if one does not correct one's actions? He did not say that the event would be rescheduled. He did not say that he had learned any lesson and that this would not happen in the future.

He does confess that "I inadvertently did exactly what I was trying to avoid [i.e., inject politics into the Hall]." But offers no solution as to how to avoid this in the future nor does he admit culpability. He committed some actions in the past and admits that they were unfortunate, but he proffers no punishment or corrective action to ensure that the same actions do not happen again.

What does he turn to after his apology? Nostalgia: "We are so lucky to have Baseball - a game that unites us as Americans." Yeah, but we were lucky to have baseball even before some braying ass decided to politicize the Hall. What does it have to do with anything?

How did Tim Robbins take the indirect apology? Exactly, as he should:

"Because Petroskey's actions resulted in a bipartisan, nationwide affirmation of free speech and the First Amendment, he has inadvertently done us all a favor," Robbins responded in a statement.

"I appreciate Petroskey's non-apology apology and his realization of the perils of paper trails," he said.

Robbins explained his final remark by pointing out that Petroskey invited White House spokesman Ari Fleischer to speak at a Hall event last year.

In a release promoting the visit, Petroskey wrote: "We are thrilled to welcome him to Cooperstown and hear his perspective on life in the White House and the current political scene which, of course, includes the war on terrorism."

I again repeat my call for this troglodytic descendent of Ollie North to be excised from an institution that I once only condemned for its questionable choice of plaque-worthy players. In other words, s^&t-can the bum!

By the way, hereare the Hall's board of directors. Clearly we have heard what constitutes Petroskey's final word on the matter. Contacting him further is futile. Perhaps letters sent to his bosses on the board will carry more weight, especially when one of the Clark family members serves on the board. Oh, and here are ways to contact the Hall.

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