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Cap Anson Had His Rationale
2003-05-08 00:39
by Mike Carminati

Cap Anson Had His Rationale Too

Todd Jones is nothing if not consistent. This year's version of John Rocker come out about his anti-gay stance in his regular TSN article.

It seems that the issue boils down to the separate showers in the clubhouse:

You might ask why, why, why are guys so hung up on this issue? Because of the closeness of the clubhouse. Nothing is sacred. Guys shower together; there are no dividers. Guys go in, do their thing, get clean and get out. They don't want to think about another guy.

Couldn't they just install stalls? Then Jones wouldn't have to be embarassed about his shortcomings.

Todd declares his own Bill of Rights:

I'm tired of being politically correct. I have no social agenda. This is not a big deal until they make it a big deal, and by "they" I mean anyone who got their feathers ruffled. This is America. Are you saying that if you have a voice that is in the majority that you should not use it because you're worried what someone else will say? Isn't that the kind of prejudice everyone wants to stay away from?

Todd, this is America, and you can speak your mind. But be prepared for the consequences if you are in the entertainment industry. Just ask the Dixie Chicks. Besides MLB is a company, not a democracy. They don't need to be overexposed legally or PR-wise because you needed to vent your spleen. If the average American publically expressed similar opinions, he would be fired. Whether that's right or wrong is a separate issue. The issue here is why Todd Jones feels that he is above it because he is a washed-up pitcher.

Here's a great little moment:

A guy asked me if I had it to do over again would I say what I said. Yes, I would. But I'd want the people to know the context: one man's comments on the reaction to a gay player in the clubhouse -- that's it.

I'm sure that the Rockies are loving all of this. They force a token apology out of him, and he basically recants in TSN. Of course it is only one man's opinion--what else could it be? Are you schizophrenic? Besides that's not "it". If his very public opinion can be shown to cause undue stress to a homosexual co-worker and that MLB and/or the Rockies are negligent, we could have a very big lawsuit on the issue.

After all a man came in and asked him questions. He must have said that phrase ten times in the half-page article. I can't wait until some man asks him questions about blacks, women, Jews, or insert your favorite minority here.

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