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Sweeping Failure
2007-04-23 22:25
by Mike Carminati

As the injury-riddled Yankees got swept in a four-game weekend series at Fenway, they recorded just the seventh sweep of four games or more at the hands of the Red Sox in the franchise's history. Here are the first six with the site and the teams' full-season records:

19051905100519051007AHuntington Avenue Baseball Grounds21320471787874
19171917062819170702AFenway Park9230471829062
19441944060719440611AFenway Park10220483717777
19591959070919590713AFenway Park18500579757579
19691969092219690925AFenway Park9170480818775
19901990060419900607AFenway Park12210467958874

Of course, it was the 49th series sweep of the Yankees by the Red Sox, bit some of those series were just a game or two (Witness last year's one-game "sweep" on May 1 after the second game in the series was cancelled). On the other hand, the Yankees have swept the Sox 98 times and have nine sweeps of four or more games though the last was in 1985:

YrDateFromDateToH/AMaster ParkRRAGame WGame LBOS WBOS LNYY WNYY L
19211921062919210702APolo Grounds V12230475799855
19231923041819230421AYankee Stadium12230461919854
19241924042319240426AYankee Stadium12280467878963
19271927062919270702AYankee Stadium1431045110311044
19361936063019360702AYankee Stadium152904748010251
19431943050419430506AYankee Stadium11150468849856
19471947052319470526AYankee Stadium5400483719757
19511951092819510930AYankee Stadium4290587679856
19851985081619850819AYankee Stadium12180481819764

Meanwhile, the Phils won the second series and third game in a row tonight, pounding the Astros, 11-4, in a one-game make-up series. The Phils also beat the Reds over the weekend. It was the first series they won in seven tries.

I ran the numbers for all teams (173 in total) who didn't win a series through their first six of the season. The previous two were the Pirates and Marlins last year. This was the thirteenth time in franchise history that the Phils failed to win a series in the first six, the last coming in 1997.

On average, those teams finished with a .393 winning percentage, or a 64-98 record. Of those 173 teams just 4 made the playoffs (1981 Royals, 1974 Pirates, 1914 Miracle Braves, and 1908 Tigers) and just one (the Braves) won the World Series.

With a three-game winning streak, Howard on the mend, and the rest of the offense finally clicking, things look rosy in Philly, but with the Braves and Mets both hot and history not being on the side of a team that starts this incredibly slowly, I still feel confident in my prediction of 75 wins.

2007-04-23 22:51:04
1.   Bob Timmermann
Except that the Yankees and Red Sox just played three games.
2007-04-23 22:59:45
2.   Mattpat11
It was a three game series.
2007-04-24 08:00:52
3.   Benaiah
And the Yankees swept the Red Sox in a five game series last year, the so called "Boston Massacre."
2007-04-24 09:57:46
4.   Mike Carminati
Oops, oh well.

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