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All-Star A-Go-Go
2003-07-13 02:15
by Mike Carminati

With all the quibbling over the All-Star rosters, myself included, the last couple of days have seen a revolving door of roster changes. And yet Frank Thomas is still not on the team.

Here are the changes since the rosters were set:

AL: Jason Giambi replaces the injured Mike Sweeney.

NL: Dontrelle Willis replaces injured Kevin Browne.

AL: Magglio Ordonez replaces injured Manny Ramirez

NL: Marcus Giles and Mark Prior collided yesterday and both may miss the All-Star game though Prior seems probable.

The ertswhile New York Times reports that the Bud Selig is trying to manipulate the AL roster to get Roger Clemens on the team:

A person close to baseball's internal discussions said Commissioner Bud Selig was trying to figure out a way to place Clemens on the American League team. Selig had been talking with Sandy Alderson, the executive vice president for baseball operations, and other officials about how Willis and Clemens could have been overlooked and how baseball could include them, the person said...

Selig could invoke the best interests of baseball clause and add Clemens to the team, but he is apparently hesitant to do so because it could be viewed as a criticism of Anaheim Manager Mike Scioscia's selections. Ed Goren, the president of Fox, which will televise the game, had suggested that Selig do that earlier this week.

Well, if Fox wants it, consider it a done deal. For all the grousing in the media about Clemens' absence the Once-Upon-A-Times reports that the Rocket would prefer a day off. I say let him go in Roy Halladay's spot and everyone's happy.

An in the future, just let Fox pick the rosters, the rules of the game, the uniforms, and which teams will play on the World Series.

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