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Henson and the Mope-Its
2003-08-05 10:40
by Mike Carminati

Drew Henson while doggedly failing both offensively and defensively insists he is a baseball player not a footballer.

"I work my butt off here every day, and everyone around me knows that. I couldn't care less about what people think about me."

The Yankees' trade for Boone on Thursday "gives me more motivation to keep going."

"I want to be somewhere where I'm wanted. And if that's not here, then that's fine. But I've still got a month left to the season. I'm going to try to finish strong regardless of what my future is with the Yankees."

"I don't what people think, but if they don't want me here, I'll go elsewhere!" (Sniff.)

By "here" I assume that he means New York, not Columbus where he has been mired for two years. I would think that Columbus would feel right at home for Henson, being a Michiganian (Michiganite?). The Yankees want him and they want him "here", i.e., in Columbus. They certainly don't want him in the majors:

On Thursday, Yankees GM Brian Cashman said the team's need to trade for Boone "speaks volumes about where Drew is at this point in time." Cashman also said that Henson "hasn't developed to the point where he's in consideration for the major-league side."

Ouch! Maybe they want him in an NFL camp while they shred his contract faster than you can say Enron accountant.

As I said yesterday, Henson is batting .228 with 12 home runs, 25 walks, and 97 K's in 390 at-bats. He has a .275 on-base percentage and a .400 slugging average. BP says that's good for 5.8 runs above replacement level, not too encouraging. He also has 21 errors at third. This man actually hit 70 homers in college, believe it or not.

While all the Roberto Petagines of the world struggle to get noticed, this slab of meat occupies a valuable roster spot in the high minors and actually had a cup of coffee in the majors. The only reason he is still around is his contract, but he dares to open his fat mouth when he should be as contrite as a defrocked monk. Maybe he should do everyone including himself a favor, tear up the contract and run to the nearest NFL training camp.

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