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You Rang?
2006-10-14 22:55
by Mike Carminati

This has been an odd postseason. I never thought Detroit could dominate like they have. I never expected the Cardinals to score nine runs in a game. I didn't expect the Tigers to score eight runs in a game in which Neifi Perez and Alexis Gomez started. And I never expected the home run feats by Alexis Gomez, So Taguchi, and Jeff Suppan.

Suppan homered tonight to help put the Cards up two games to one in the NLCS. Suppan's last (and only other) home run came on September 10, 2005, and it came off of—you guessed it—Steve Trachsel. In 260 previous regular-season and playoff at-bats, Suppan had hit just that one home run.

Gomez may be even odder. He had a home run and four RBI in game two of the ALCS after amassing just 6 RBI and one home run this season and 11 RBI and 1 homer in the 28-year-old's four-year career (158 ABs).

Suppan and Gomez join a short list of players who matched their career home run total with his production in one playoff series. The last was Melvin Mora in 1999, though I remember George Vukovich's unexpected homer in the 1981 division series against the Expos. You'll notice that a bunch of these guys were pitchers:

PlayerYrRoundTmGABHRRBICareer GCareer ABCareer HRCareer RBIAgePOS
Melvin Mora1999NLCSNYN6141266310127LF
Tom Lawless1987WSSLN31013215384117302B
Rick Sutcliffe1984NLCSCHN261120618012828P
George Vukovich1981NEDIVPHI5912988411225OF
Don Gullett1975NLCSCIN141322933803324P
Gene Clines1971NLCSPIT131112831012724OF
Wayne Garrett1969NLCSNYN31313124400139213B
Mickey Lolich1968WSDET3121223338101527P
Jose Santiago1967WSBOS32111301161426P
Frank Demaree1932WSCHN271423560622OF
Jesse Haines1926WSSLN351225258313232P
Jack Bentley1924WSNY1571213723212429P
Rosy Ryan1924WSNY1221217120701126P
Willard Brown1889WSNY1151210936816023C
Bill George1888WSNY12914229211123OF
Tommy McCarthy1888WSSL410411925096518824OF
Larry Twitchell1887WSDTN620136928005123OF

Gomez came up short, but if he had matched his career total of 11 RBI in the ALCS, he would have joined this exclusive group:

PlayerYrRoundTmGABHRRBICareer GCareer ABCareer HRCareer RBIAgePOS
Jorge Sosa2005NLDSATL1201108310028P
Timo Perez2000NLDSNYN4170324491325RF
Melvin Mora1999NLCSNYN6141266310127LF
Chad Ogea1997WSCLE24025520026P
Dmitri Young1996NLCSSLN4702162902221B
Mike Jackson1995NLDSCIN3103550270130P
Mike Stanton1992NLCSATL510116680125P
Mike Moore1989WSOAK230226210029P
Mike Boddicker1983WSBAL13013700025P
Frank Pastore1979NLCSCIN100130250121P
Tim Stoddard1979WSBAL41013800026P
Brian Doyle1978ALCSNYA3701395200232B
Brian Doyle1978WSNYA61602395200232B
Gary Gentry1969WSNYN130235740122P
Spec Shea1947WSNYA350127560126P
Freddie Lindstrom1924WSNY173004527904182B
Harry Lyons1887WSSL4270231201212B-OF

As for men that have matched or exceed their home run totals for the regular season in a playoff series, there were 57 previous men to do so (Suppan, Gomez, and Taguchi joined them this year). Here are the last ten:

Scott Podsednik2005ALDSCHA3111412950702529LF
Scott Podsednik2005WSCHA4211212950702529LF
Raul Chavez2004NLDSHOU25116416202331C
Tom Wilson2004NLDSLAN211113120033C
Shawon Dunston2002WSSFN4913721471939RF
Melvin Mora1999NLCSNYN6141266310127LF
Lance Johnson1993ALCSCHA6231614754004729OF
Ed Sprague1992WSTOR321222471724C
Jose Lind1992NLCSPIT72715135468039282B
Jose Lind1990NLCSPIT62112152514148262B

As for RBI, there were 36. Here are the last ten:

Jorge Sosa2005NLDSATL120145310028P
Jeff Suppan2004NLCSSLN220130570029P
Tom Wilson2004NLDSLAN211113120033C
Timo Perez2000NLDSNYN4170324491325LF-RF
Melvin Mora1999NLCSNYN6141266310127LF
Chad Ogea1997WSCLE2402220026P
Dmitri Young1996NLCSSLN4702162902221B
Tom Glavine1996NLCSATL260339760330P
Mike Jackson1995NLDSCIN31034040030P
Mike Stanton1992NLCSATL51016520025P

Now, Taguchi might be the oddest of the three. He has two at-bats this postseason and in both he homered. He hit a home run, his second, to put the Cardinals ahead to stay in game 2. His two homers this postseason after collecting just two all year (in 134 games and 316 at-bats).

Taguchi is on a short list of men who hit multiple homers in the postseason while matching or exceeding his regular-season home run total. Oddly, Willie Randolph (1981) is the only player on the list to homer at least three times:

Scott Podsednik2005CHA7322612950702529LF
Mickey Hatcher1988LAN519258819112533OF
Kurt Bevacqua1984SDN51724598019371B
Willie Randolph1981NYA9303593357224262B
Rick Cerone1981NYA1139287123422127C
Chuck Essegian1959LAN4322418511027OF
Frank Demaree1935CHN6242210738526625OF
Bucky Harris1924WS173327143544158272B
Larry Gardner1916BOS51726148493262303B
Harry Hooper1915BOS5202314956625127OF

Taguchi joined another exclusive list when he hit a homer in his only at-bat in the division series, men who homered in every at-bat in a playoff series:

Geoff Blum2005WSCHA111
Tom Wilson2004NLDSLAN211
Jim Leyritz1999WSNYA211
Greg Myers1998NLCSSDN211
Kirk Gibson1988WSLAN111
Jim Mason1976WSNYA311
George Shuba1953WSBRO211

If he can keep it up for the entire postseason, he will join an even shorter list. Right now he is the only man on the list with more than one home run:

Geoff Blum2005CHA111
Tom Wilson2004LAN211
Jim Leyritz1999NYA211
Greg Myers1998SDN211
Jim Mason1976NYA311
George Shuba1953BRO211
2006-10-14 23:43:40
1.   das411
So Taguchi will now get a start in the NLCS and hit 4 home runs or something equally awesome, is that what you're saying?

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