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Indians Scalp Yanks on Independence Day
2006-07-04 19:36
by Mike Carminati

Cleveland beat the Yankees by the most lopsided of scores, 19-1, on of all days the Boss's birthday. Oddly, it is not the most lopsided game in their history. The Indians beat the Yankees by 22 runs once (22-0) on August 31, 2004 and by 18 one other time (24-6 on July 28, 1929). The Yankees' largest margin of victory against the Indians was 20 runs (21-1 on July 24, 1999) and they hit 18 twice (21-3 on July 14, 1904 and 18-0 on July 10, 1936).

It was just the fifth time that the Indians had won a game by 18 runs or more at home in their history and the first in over 56 years. Here they are by margin of victory:

DateVisitingVT runsHomeHT runsMoV
07/07/1923Boston Red Sox3Cleveland Indians2724
06/18/1950Philadelphia Athletics2Cleveland Indians2119
07/29/1928New York Yankees6Cleveland Indians2418
05/11/1930Philadelphia Athletics7Cleveland Indians2518

The loss matches Yankees worst on the road, the July 29, 1928 game against Cleveland above.

As for the most lopsided victories of all time, this one only ranks at 286th. The most lopsided game in baseball history was June 18, 1874 when the New York Mutuals topped the Chicago White Stockings (now the Cubs), 38-1. Here are the most lopsided ever by margin of victory:

DateVisitingVT runsHomeHT runsMoV
06/18/1874Chicago White Stockings1New York Mutuals3837
06/30/1873Baltimore Marylands1Baltimore Canaries3534
07/24/1882Cleveland Blues4Chicago White Stockings3531
06/22/1872Brooklyn Eckfords6Middletown Mansfields3630
07/04/1873Elizabeth Resolutes3Boston Red Stockings3229
10/01/1874Brooklyn Atlantics0Boston Red Stockings2929
06/29/1897Louisville Colonels7Chicago Colts3629
08/21/1883Philadelphia Quakers0Providence Grays2828
06/15/1887Philadelphia Quakers1New York Giants2928
09/10/1891Washington Statesmen3Milwaukee Brewers3027
10/05/1872Baltimore Canaries39Brooklyn Atlantics1425
10/09/1873Baltimore Canaries29Brooklyn Atlantics425
05/13/1876New York Mutuals3Hartford Dark Blues2825
06/20/1883Philadelphia Quakers4Boston Beaneaters2925
08/17/1894Louisville Colonels4Philadelphia Phillies2925
06/08/1950St. Louis Browns4Boston Red Sox2925
04/30/1872Boston Red Stockings27Washington Nationals324
05/18/1872Cleveland Forest Citys7Philadelphia Athletics3124
05/01/1875Boston Red Stockings24Washington Nationals024
07/03/1883Buffalo Bisons7Chicago White Stockings3124
05/27/1885Buffalo Bisons0New York Giants2424
06/24/1886Baltimore Orioles1Brooklyn Grays2524
06/11/1887Washington Nationals2New York Giants2624
06/28/1887Philadelphia Quakers24Indianapolis Hoosiers024
07/07/1923Boston Red Sox3Cleveland Indians2724

You'll note that a lot of these come from the early days of major-league baseball. Barring nineteenth century games, here are the most lopsided:

DateVisitingVT runsHomeHT runsMoV
06/08/1950St. Louis Browns4Boston Red Sox2925
07/07/1923Boston Red Sox3Cleveland Indians2724
06/04/1911Boston Rustlers3Cincinnati Reds2623
05/24/1936New York Yankees25Philadelphia Athletics223
08/12/1948Cleveland Indians26St. Louis Browns323
04/23/1955Chicago White Sox29Kansas City Athletics623
05/13/1902Philadelphia Phillies2Cincinnati Reds2422
05/18/1912Detroit Tigers2Philadelphia Athletics2422
07/06/1929St. Louis Cardinals28Philadelphia Phillies622
07/03/1945Chicago Cubs24Boston Braves222
09/16/1975Pittsburgh Pirates22Chicago Cubs022
08/25/1979California Angels24Toronto Blue Jays222
09/28/2000Toronto Blue Jays1Baltimore Orioles2322
08/31/2004Cleveland Indians22New York Yankees022
09/15/1901Cleveland Blues0Detroit Tigers2121
09/10/1924Boston Braves1New York Giants2221
06/28/1939New York Yankees23Philadelphia Athletics221
08/13/1939New York Yankees21Philadelphia Athletics021
06/08/1940Brooklyn Dodgers2Cincinnati Reds2321
08/12/1953New York Yankees22Washington Senators121
06/13/1999Baltimore Orioles22Atlanta Braves121
06/19/2000New York Yankees22Boston Red Sox121
09/30/2000Texas Rangers2Oakland Athletics2321
06/04/2002Cleveland Indians2Minnesota Twins2321
09/09/2004Kansas City Royals26Detroit Tigers521
08/07/1923Cleveland Indians22Washington Senators220
09/28/1923New York Yankees24Boston Red Sox420
09/16/1926St. Louis Cardinals23Philadelphia Phillies320
07/04/1927Washington Senators1New York Yankees2120
05/02/1939New York Yankees22Detroit Tigers220
09/27/1940Washington Senators4Boston Red Sox2420
06/18/1953Detroit Tigers3Boston Red Sox2320
06/01/1957Chicago Cubs2Cincinnati Redlegs2220
08/28/1992Milwaukee Brewers22Toronto Blue Jays220
07/24/1999Cleveland Indians1New York Yankees2120
2006-07-05 12:29:38
1.   Cliff Corcoran
Something here doesn't scan . . .

"It was just the fifth time that the Indians had won a game by 18 runs or more in their history and the first in over 56 years."

"The Indians beat the Yankees by 22 runs once (22-0) on August 31, 2004, by 20 once (21-1 on July 24, 1999)"

2006-07-05 12:37:09
2.   Cliff Corcoran
1 Also your last chart shows the Yankees winning that 1999 game.
2006-07-05 20:46:35
3.   Mike Carminati
Oops, pronoun trouble. Sorry, I was getting over the flu and was all discombobulated. All fixed now.

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