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Coste-ing Towards Mediocrity Again
2006-05-23 14:45
by Mike Carminati

The Phils, anticipating another 86-win season, have promoted 33-year-old catcher Chris Coste to back up/spell Sal Fasano, who is suffering from a moustache ache. And of course, the catching incumbent, Mike Lieberthal, is on the DL from that break he had in the Preakness—they almost put him down on the field. The Phils wouldn't know what to do if they didn't have a couple of catchers in their mid-thirties on the active roster.

What's Barry Foote up to anyway?

The only non-trigenarian only the roster is Carlos Ruiz, who is sucking wind in the majors so far (.138/.161/.138/.299 in 29 at-bats). That's unfortunate given that they need the 27-year-old to step up and potential take over as starting catcher next year with Lieberthal's elephantine contract runs out.

But look at the bright side: Coste will become the oldest catcher to debut with the Phils in their 124-year history. When Coste enters his first game he will edge the old record-holder for the Phils (Harry O'Donnell) by at least 81 days.

He'll also become just the ninth catcher in baseball history to debut after turning 33. Quincy Trouppe, who was barred until the majors were integrated, is the oldest at a few months over 39. Here's the full list:

CatcherYrAgeTeamML DebutDOB
Quincy Trouppe1952 39.37 Cleveland Indians4/30/195212/25/1912
Hank Izquierdo1967 36.41 Minnesota Twins8/9/19673/20/1931
Earle Brucker1937 35.98 Philadelphia Athletics4/19/19375/6/1901
Bob Keely1944 34.95 St. Louis Cardinals7/25/19448/22/1909
Alan Zinter2002 34.10 Houston Astros6/18/20025/19/1968
Jake Knowdell1874 33.82 Brooklyn Atlantics05/15/18747/27/1840
Nelson Burbrink1955 33.46 St. Louis Cardinals6/5/195512/28/1921
Chris Coste200633.32Philadelphia Phillies5/23/20062/4/1973
Harry O'Donnell1927 33.10 Philadelphia Phillies4/30/19274/2/1894

Coste will also become the tenth oldest to make his debut as a Phil. Here are the oldest:

PhilliesYrAgePOSML DebutDOB
Lee Riley1944 37.69 OF4/19/19448/20/1906
Ted Kleinhans1934 35.05 P4/20/19344/8/1899
Izzy Leon1945 34.48 P6/21/19451/4/1911
George Knothe1932 34.30 2B4/25/19321/12/1898
Petie Behan1921 33.79 P9/16/192112/11/1887
Dick Spalding1927 33.53 OF4/18/192710/13/1893
George Stutz1926 33.53 SS8/17/19262/12/1893
Chet Covington1944 33.48 P4/23/194411/6/1910
Deacon Van Buren1904 33.37 OF4/21/190412/14/1870
Chris Coste200633.32C5/23/20062/4/1973
Harry O'Donnell1927 33.10 C4/30/19274/2/1894
Henry Baldwin1927 32.96 SS5/22/19276/13/1894

Lee Riley was coach Pat Riley's father—another in a long list of Phils who were overshadowed by a relative.

Also, Kleinhans was involved in one of the worst trades in Phils history when they sent future Hall-of-Famer Chuck Klein off to the Cubs for three scrubs and cash, one year after his triple-crown season. At least they got him back two years later.

Ah, it is a rich history being the worst franchise in sports history. Welcome, Chris Coste.

2006-05-23 19:30:49
1.   Yu-Hsing Chen
We miss the days of crazy Dutch don't we ;)
2006-05-23 22:54:13
2.   das411
Welcome, Carlos Beltran. This is what's known as an "angry mob of POed Philadelphians".
2006-05-24 00:47:40
3.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Wow.. amazing, just amazing, leaving Madson for 7 innings near 100 pitch.. AND let him bat in the top of the 16 is simply brilliant.

Kudos, Charlie "I need a freaken" Maneul...

and Yankee fans call Joe Torre clueless and sleeping in games.... wow... did Maneul go take a dump and got stuck in the bathroom during extra innings or something?

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