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Who'll Retire First, Roger Clemens or Ozzie Guillen?
2005-10-26 22:06
by Mike Carminati

The White Sox swept the Astros tonight and are now World Champions for the first time since 1917. I don't have much say about the game itself except that the feeling that the Sox would eventually score one run to win it started to take over around the fifth inning. I just have some random notes.

First, as I mentioned earlier, this was the closest sweep ever. The Sox won by two runs once and one run three times. Here are the only other series that had that many close games were:

2002Anaheim Angels4San Francisco Giants3
2001Arizona Diamondbacks4New York Yankees3
2000New York Yankees4New York Mets1
1995Atlanta Braves4Cleveland Indians2
1992Toronto Blue Jays4Atlanta Braves2
1991Minnesota Twins4Atlanta Braves3
1981Los Angeles Dodgers4New York Yankees2
1980Philadelphia Phillies4Kansas City Royals2
1975Cincinnati Reds4Boston Red Sox3
1974Oakland Athletics4Los Angeles Dodgers1
1972Oakland Athletics4Cincinnati Reds3
1971Pittsburgh Pirates4Baltimore Orioles3
1959Los Angeles Dodgers4Chicago White Sox2
1949New York Yankees4Brooklyn Dodgers1
1948Cleveland Indians4Boston Braves2
1947New York Yankees4Brooklyn Dodgers3
1941New York Yankees4Brooklyn Dodgers1
1935Detroit Tigers4Chicago Cubs2
1925Pittsburgh Pirates4Washington Senators3
1924Washington Senators4New York Giants3
1918Boston Red Sox4Chicago Cubs2
1915Boston Red Sox4Philadelphia Phillies1
1912Boston Red Sox4New York Giants3
1911Philadelphia Athletics4New York Giants2

This was one of a handful of one-run clinching games in World Series history and just one of six 1-0 finales ever:

200540Chicago White Sox1Houston Astros0
199542Atlanta Braves1Cleveland Indians0
199143Minnesota Twins1Atlanta Braves0
196640Baltimore Orioles1Los Angeles Dodgers0
196243New York Yankees1San Francisco Giants0
192153New York Giants1New York Yankees0
199040Cincinnati Reds2Oakland Athletics1
197143Pittsburgh Pirates2Baltimore Orioles1
196340Los Angeles Dodgers2New York Yankees1
194043Cincinnati Reds2Detroit Tigers1
191842Boston Red Sox2Chicago Cubs1
200143Arizona Diamondbacks3New York Yankees2
199743Florida Marlins3Cleveland Indians2
199642New York Yankees3Atlanta Braves2
197441Oakland Athletics3Los Angeles Dodgers2
197243Oakland Athletics3Cincinnati Reds2
192941Philadelphia Athletics3Chicago Cubs2
192643St. Louis Cardinals3New York Yankees2
191243Boston Red Sox3New York Giants2
199242Toronto Blue Jays4Atlanta Braves3
197543Cincinnati Reds4Boston Red Sox3
195342New York Yankees4Brooklyn Dodgers3
195142New York Yankees4New York Giants3
194842Cleveland Indians4Boston Braves3
194643St. Louis Cardinals4Boston Red Sox3
193542Detroit Tigers4Chicago Cubs3
193341New York Giants4Washington Senators3
192740New York Yankees4Pittsburgh Pirates3
192443Washington Senators4New York Giants3
191541Boston Red Sox5Philadelphia Phillies4
196043Pittsburgh Pirates10New York Yankees9

For the second straight year, the team that was number two in terms of World Series drought garnered a championship. The Indians now more into number two. Of course, number one—the Cubs—have to be particularly galled by the Sox win. Here are the droughts for all franchises longest to shortest:

Chicago Cubs1908
Cleveland Indians1948
San Francisco Giants1954
Texas Rangers1961
Houston Astros1962
Washington Nationals1969
Milwaukee Brewers1969
San Diego Padres1969
Seattle Mariners1977
Pittsburgh Pirates1979
Philadelphia Phillies1980
St. Louis Cardinals1982
Baltimore Orioles1983
Detroit Tigers1984
Kansas City Royals1985
New York Mets1986
Los Angeles Dodgers1988
Oakland Athletics1989
Cincinnati Reds1990
Minnesota Twins1991
Toronto Blue Jays1993
Colorado Rockies1993
Atlanta Braves1995
Tampa Bay Devil Rays1998
New York Yankees2000
Arizona Diamondbacks2001
Anaheim Angels2002
Florida Marlins2003
Boston Red Sox2004
Chicago White Sox2005

One final note: Scott Podsenik recorded his third triple of the postseason tonight. He becomes just the eleventh player to do so. Here are the rest:

Scott Podsednik20053
Paul Molitor19933
Mariano Duncan19933
Devon White19933
Mark Lemke19913
Rickey Henderson19893
Billy Johnson19473
Tommy Leach19034
Freddy Parent19033
Chick Stahl19033
Buck Freeman19033
2005-10-26 23:05:44
1.   Sandus
Not to nitpick, but the Red Sox were the 3rd longest drought as of last year, 1918. The White variety was still second, not winning since 1917.
2005-10-27 09:41:13
2.   dbt

I hope that means us cubs fans aren't waiting until 2014 (which would put Back To The Future II only one year off... damn that's good).

2005-10-27 10:39:23
3.   Mike from Hoboken
How pathetic has the White Sox organization been? The RED SOX have won two world championships since the pale Hose won their last one. Oy.
2005-10-27 11:57:45
4.   rbj
Hell, both the White Sox and Red Sox have each won 2 WS since the Cubs last won.
2005-10-27 12:17:54
5.   Mike Carminati
But the Phils? Just one.

Sandus, I meant two of the top three, I need sleep--too many late games.

2005-10-31 12:03:21
6.   rbj
So now the Phils are the second most cursed team? And by that I mean cursed with bad ownership.

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