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If I Could Walk That Way, I Wouldn't Need To See The Doctor
2005-10-10 18:30
by Mike Carminati

Anaheim just went up 3-2 after Crosby and Sheffield collided on a ball on the warning track. Adam Kennedy, the batter, got a triple. It looked like the ball hit off Sheffield's glove before the collision, however.

The batter before Kennedy, Steve Finley recorded just the fourth Angels walk of the series, and as Timmy McCarver will tell you—he'll drone on about it actually—those walks always seem to come around and score (except when they don't).

Anyway, the Yankees have out-walked the Angels, 23-4, in this series. That's a 19-walk differential. The greatest difference in any series is 22. It doesn't always mean victory though. Three of the five teams that have outwalked their opponents by at least 19 have lost the series:
1974NLCSLos Angeles Dodgers30Pittsburgh Pirates822
1889WSNew York Giants31Brooklyn Bridegrooms51-20
1926WSSt. Louis Cardinals11New York Yankees31-20
1931WSSt. Louis Cardinals9Philadelphia Athletics28-19
1998ALCSNew York Yankees35Cleveland Indians1619
1980NLCSPhiladelphia Phillies13Houston Astros31-18
1974ALCSOakland Athletics22Baltimore Orioles517
1990NLCSCincinnati Reds10Pittsburgh Pirates27-17
1999NLCSAtlanta Braves31New York Mets1417

2005-10-10 22:59:58
1.   thomcat
Randy Johnson in relief, was a good move by Stottlymire/Torre to keep them in down by just a run at 3-2....but without the use of the Asassin...Mariano Rivera.....the Angel's gapper bats went to work on Flash .....making it 5-2 in bottom of 7. Giambi valiantly drove one of his patented, hold nothing back, uncoiling his legs seemingly out of the ground... sending force into his uncoiling Popeye forearms....give his upper-cut swing all the lift the ball would need, once his lumber got ahold of the sphere.....making that full clack sound of pure kinetic contact.....nothing left to do but watch the high, slow arching ball give F. Rod a slight pressure on his temples.....with the score inching ever close at 5-3. But the glory of his drive, quickly becomes just some more bad news for slightly weary Yanks....for all their base-runners this game...nobody was on board for this particular ride out of town..

Just like you'd expect, in the top of the 9th...the Yankees get a lead-off hit from Jeter and A-Rod eyes seem to show us, he is ready for atonement from last year Series. If memory is serving me....he hits in 6-4-3 DP...but this time doesn't try to knock the ball away from Erstad, as he did with Arroyo in 7th game of 2004 W.S.. Sheffied gets IF hit on high bouncer to 3rd or was it Short. I'm really tired at this point...and memory starts to fog... Then Matsui, looking every bit, the great warrior, as he stands in, misses a couple with hard cuts, then grounds A tough chance toward first, just to Erstad's righ... he lays out for it...snags it cleanly and F.Rod, scammpering in a sprint toward's 1B bag, manages get his cleat slammed on the corner, just in the nick of time before an all-out Matsui goes flying by.

Suddenly Angels begin spilling in from all directions, forming a rough, sea of red that covers the mound that F-Rod made the last pitch that brought it all home for them.....
and, as for's now time to sing the Woody Guthrie folk song to the ailing, be-draggled Yanks...walking down the dug-out ramp once againg , without the ecsatic and joyous glory that victory once brought...on a regular basis.
"So long it's been good to know ya'....
...So long...'s been good ta know ya.....since

you'll be ridin' that dusty old train... moving on home on the eastward bound Zephyr....Another round...Coming up just shy, so it's back to NEW York, with all those nagging question, spinning round your head... & keep asking why .
Soon we'll be leaving Shaky Town on private team jet, but really just tired Angels... riding out on a wing and some prayer ... flying towards the home of the historidc Black Sox, while the real Sox are waitin' in The Blues Club, Muddy Waters soothing their souls in OLD Chi-Town, they bragging to all... they're eager and rested, and they're chomin' the bit.. to take us straight down, thinking of grabbing the League's top flag, That same A.L. pennant, that we've been more that ready to re-claim, Ready for the fight feel it the time is right, .... after taking the Sox...and the AL Pennant.....& takes us on short visit, all the way to up to heaven .....though in order to be the final Pennat's gonna take the struggle.... of going the Full Seven !


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