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Fearless Predictions… That Are invariably Wrong
2005-10-03 22:27
by Mike Carminati

Well, here we are at that time of the year again. It's time to pontificate on who will win and who will lose and be completely off base in the process. But what the hey? It's all good clean fun until someone loses an eye.

American League

Red Sox-White Sox Divisional Series

The Red Sox won season series, 4-3.

My first prediction is that the Sox we will. You can take that to the bank and smoke it.

OK, now which Sox? I'll take the White Sox in four. The Red Sox rotation is in disarray, and for all the talk of collapse, Chicago had a record that was identical to Boston's in September.

Here's an oddity: the White Sox's RBI leader was Paul Konerko at 99. There has been only one team that has won a postseason series without a 100-RBI player since 1995. Here are the ones since 1990:

YrRoundTeamMax RBI
2002ALDSMinnesota Twins94
1995NLCSAtlanta Braves93
1995NLDSAtlanta Braves93
1995NLDSCincinnati Reds99
1995WSAtlanta Braves93
1991WSMinnesota Twins93
1991ALCSMinnesota Twins93
1990WSCincinnati Reds86
1990NLCSCincinnati Reds86

And while I'm at it, Tim Wakefield lead all Red Sox pitchers with a 4.15 (among those qualifying for the ERA title). Here are the only teams in the last 25 seasons who qualified for the postseason with an ERA leader with a higher ERA:

1996Baltimore Orioles4.81
1999Texas Rangers4.79
2003Minnesota Twins4.49
1994Texas Rangers4.46
2004New York Yankees4.33
1997Cleveland Indians4.28
1998Texas Rangers4.23
1999New York Mets4.23
2000Seattle Mariners4.22
1995Colorado Rockies4.21

Yankees-Angels Divisional Series

The Angels won the season series, 6-4.

In my opinion, whoever wins this series represents the AL in the World Series. Unfortunately, the Angels have home field in Los Angeles of Anaheim. Jeannie Zelasko is going to be soooo confused.

The Yankees will repay the Angels for 2002, and fans will be rid of this franchise d'Anaheim. They may be the one team out there that are more annoying than the Red Sox what with the ridiculous name this time and the rally monkey in 2002.

Other fun facts: The Yankees used 14 pitchers as starters this season. Here are the only other teams to make the playoffs with as many starting pitchers.
1989San Francisco Giants15
2001Houston Astros14
1997Cleveland Indians14
2000Chicago White Sox14
1922New York Giants14
1952New York Yankees14
1947New York Yankees14
1952Brooklyn Dodgers14
2002St. Louis Cardinals14
1951New York Yankees14
1930St. Louis Cardinals14

And as of the Angels, they are now just two name changes behind the Braves and the Dodgers in number of different names used while appearing in a postseason. All they need is to try California Angels of Anaheim, Orange County Angels, and California Golden Seals on for size and they'll own the "record". I predict that it'll happen by 2010.

Franchise# Names
Atlanta Braves5
Los Angeles Dodgers5
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim3
Minnesota Twins2
St. Louis Cardinals2
San Francisco Giants2
Oakland A's2
Cincinnati Reds2
Chicago Cubs2
Boston Red Sox2
Baltimore Orioles2

League Championship Series

New York and Chicago split the season series, 3-3.

El Duque and Contreras against the Boss's team? Yankee offense over White Sox pitching. Yanks in six.

National League

Braves-Astros Divisional Series

The Braves led the season series, 5-1.

I know that the Astros are the popular choice with three big starters, but I like the Braves' youth. Besides, I don't see anyone Beltraning their offense, and middle relief, their Achilles heel last postseason, is still an issue behind Lidge, Wheeler, and Qualls. Braves in four.

Cards-Padres Divisional Series

The Padres won the season series, 4-3.

I think the Padres might surprise, but the Cardinals are just a better team. Cards in five.

League Championship Series

Braves and Cards split the season series, 3-3

I don't know if the world is ready for a playoff between Bobby Cox and Tony LaRussa. Tony Spooneybarger against Jose Oquendo. In 2000, the LaRussas swept the Coxes, 3-0. I'm pulling for Bobby Cox this year. Like Spinal Tap drummers, I think the odds are finally in his favor.

Braves in six.

World Series

I'll just say Braves in six over the Yankees, and then wait for the Astros-Angels series to begin.

2005-10-03 22:39:20
1.   Matt Resell
Interesting predictions. I've got the Red Sox, Angels in the AL, but I agree with your NL picks. I see you have a link to A Cub Fan Rants. The writer of that blog, Graham, has started a blog about all sports with me called You've heard my predictions. Graham posted his on our new site tonight. Check em out and let us know what you think of the new site.
2005-10-04 08:01:18
2.   Scott Long
Heads up, Mike. Konerko finished with 100 ribbies.
2005-10-04 11:15:23
3.   Mike Carminati

ESPN has him at 99 ( Where do you see 100?

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