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Lopez Dispenser
2005-09-26 20:06
by Mike Carminati

Watching the Yanks beat up on Rodrigo Lopez tonight (6-0 last I checked), I was left to ponder how often a pitcher—in this case Lopez—had thrown to a catcher—in this case Javy Lopez—with the same last name.

Well, it may be impossible to know until Retrosheet dredges up every box score since the dawn of time. However, we can look up all the pitcher-catcher combinations on the same team with the same surname.

There are 79 through 2004 and ten of them occurred in this decade.

Completist in me needs the entire list though. Here goes…

Sandy MartinezPedro Martinez20042004Boston Red SoxAL
Sandy MartinezAnastacio Martinez20042004Boston Red SoxAL
Gary BennettJeff Bennett20042004Milwaukee BrewersNL
Javy LopezRodrigo Lopez20042004Baltimore OriolesAL
Javy LopezAlbie Lopez20022002Atlanta BravesNL
Ivan RodriguezRich Rodriguez20022002Texas RangersAL
Eddie PerezOdalis Perez19982001Atlanta BravesNL
Alberto CastilloFrank Castillo20002000Toronto Blue JaysAL
Charles JohnsonJason Johnson19992000Baltimore OriolesAL
George WilliamsWoody Williams20002000San Diego PadresNL
Gary BennettJoel Bennett19991999Philadelphia PhilliesNL
Greg MyersRandy Myers19981998San Diego PadresNL
Jeff ReedSteve Reed19961997Colorado RockiesNL
Damian MillerTravis Miller19971997Minnesota TwinsAL
Larry GonzalesRene Gonzales19931993California AngelsAL
John RussellJeff Russell19901992Texas RangersAL
Jody DavisRon Davis19861987Chicago CubsNL
Tony PenaHipolito Pena19861986Pittsburgh PiratesNL
Jamie NelsonGene Nelson19831983Seattle MarinersAL
Charlie MooreDonnie Moore19811981Milwaukee BrewersAL
Bob JohnsonJohn Henry Johnson19811981Texas RangersAL
Jim AndersonRick Anderson19801980Seattle MarinersAL
John EllisDock Ellis19771979Texas RangersAL
Cliff JohnsonJerry Johnson19741974Houston AstrosNL
Ellie RodriguezEduardo Rodriguez19731973Milwaukee BrewersAL
Hawk TaylorRon Taylor19671967New York MetsNL
Tom EganDick Egan19661966California AngelsAL
Norm SherryLarry Sherry19591962Los Angeles DodgersNL
Darrell JohnsonKen Johnson19611961Cincinnati RedsNL
Pete DaleyBud Daley19601960Kansas City AthleticsAL
Billy ShantzBobby Shantz19601960New York YankeesAL
Haywood SullivanFrank Sullivan19551960Boston Red SoxAL
Hal SmithBill Smith19581959St. Louis CardinalsNL
Ed BaileyJim Bailey19591959Cincinnati RedlegsNL
Hal SmithBob Smith19571957St. Louis CardinalsNL
Bill HallDick Hall19561956Pittsburgh PiratesNL
Billy ShantzBobby Shantz19551955Kansas City AthleticsAL
Billy ShantzBobby Shantz19541954Philadelphia AthleticsAL
Al EvansBill Evans19511951Boston Red SoxAL
Dixie HowellDixie Howell19491949Cincinnati RedsNL
Johnny RiddleElmer Riddle19481948Pittsburgh PiratesNL
Walker CooperMort Cooper19471947New York GiantsNL
Hal WagnerCharlie Wagner19461946Boston Red SoxAL
Walker CooperMort Cooper19401945St. Louis CardinalsNL
Johnny RiddleElmer Riddle19411945Cincinnati RedsNL
Spud DavisPeaches Davis19371938Cincinnati RedsNL
Bobby ReisTommy Reis19381938Boston BeesNL
Rick FerrellWes Ferrell19371938Washington SenatorsAL
Rick FerrellWes Ferrell19341937Boston Red SoxAL
Dee MooreWhitey Moore19361937Cincinnati RedsNL
Cy PerkinsCharlie Perkins19301930Philadelphia AthleticsAL
Alex GastonMilt Gaston19291929Boston Red SoxAL
Earl SmithGeorge Smith19191919New York GiantsNL
Harry SmithGeorge Smith19181918Cincinnati RedsNL
Gil WhitehouseCharlie Whitehouse19151915Newark PepperFL
Harry SmithFrank Smith19151915Brooklyn Tip-TopsFL
Fred TylerLefty Tyler19141914Boston BravesNL
Rip WilliamsMutt Williams19131914Washington SenatorsAL
Drummond BrownBuster Brown19131913Boston BravesNL
Homer ThompsonTommy Thompson19121912New York HighlandersAL
Gus FisherRay Fisher19121912New York HighlandersAL
Otto MillerWalt Miller19111911Brooklyn DodgersNL
Otto MillerFred Miller19101910Brooklyn SuperbasNL
Jack O'NeillMike O'Neill19021903St. Louis CardinalsNL
Jiggs DonahueRed Donahue19021902St. Louis BrownsAL
Aleck SmithHeinie Smith19011901New York GiantsNL
Billy SullivanMike Sullivan18991899Boston BeaneatersNL
Morgan MurphyEd Murphy18981898Philadelphia PhilliesNL
Buck EwingJohn Ewing18911891New York GiantsNL
Buck EwingJohn Ewing18901890New York GiantsPL
Pat MurphyBob Murphy18901890New York GiantsNL
Bill ConwayDick Conway18861886Baltimore OriolesAA
Rooney SweeneyCharlie Sweeney18851885St. Louis MaroonsNL
Fred WoodPete Wood18851885Buffalo BisonsNL
Frank SmithPhenomenal Smith18841884Pittsburgh AlleghenysAA
Bill DuganEd Dugan18841884Richmond VirginiansAA
Rooney SweeneyBill Sweeney18841884Baltimore MonumentalsUA
Deacon WhiteWill White18781879Cincinnati RedsNL
Deacon WhiteWill White18771877Boston Red CapsNL
2005-09-28 07:14:50
1.   PhillyJ
Nice...but WTF is a Joel Bennett?
2005-09-28 21:18:20
2.   Mike Carminati
Tony's son. Pitched five games for the Phils that season.

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