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Brave New Home Run Record
2005-09-12 21:49
by Mike Carminati

Andruw Jones hit homers number 48 and 49 yesterday to establish a new Braves franchise record for home runs in a season topping the old record of 47 shared by Hall-of-Famers Hank Aaron (1971) and Eddie Matthews (1953).

On Jones's next homer, the Braves will become the 16th team with at least fifty-homer player. In the primordial days of baseball—that is, before 1993—fifty-homer seasons were harder to come by than competent FEMA employees.

Since the homer boom over the last dozen years, fifteen teams have had their single-season home run records broken. And you have to consider that there were just 26 teams prior to the home run boom.

Here are the franchise records currently and before 1993:

FranchiseFirstLastHR LdrHRYrpre-1993 HR LdrHRYr
Anaheim Angels19612004Troy Glaus472000Reggie Jackson391982
Arizona Diamondbacks19982004Luis Gonzalez572001
Atlanta Braves18762004Andruw Jones492005Eddie Mathews471953
Hank Aaron471971
Baltimore Orioles19012004Brady Anderson501996Frank Robinson491966
Boston Red Sox19012004Jimmie Foxx501938Jimmie Foxx501938
Chicago Cubs18762004Sammy Sosa661998Hack Wilson561930
Chicago White Sox19012004Albert Belle491998Carlton Fisk371985
Dick Allen371972
Cincinnati Reds18822004George Foster521977George Foster521977
Cleveland Indians19012004Jim Thome522002Al Rosen431953
Colorado Rockies19932004Larry Walker491997
Colorado Rockies19932004Todd Helton492001
Detroit Tigers19012004Hank Greenberg581938Hank Greenberg581938
Florida Marlins19932004Gary Sheffield421996
Houston Astros19622004Jeff Bagwell472000Jimmy Wynn371967
Kansas City Royals19692004Steve Balboni361985Steve Balboni361985
Los Angeles Dodgers18842004Shawn Green492001Duke Snider431956
Milwaukee Brewers19692004Gorman Thomas451979Gorman Thomas451979
Milwaukee Brewers19692004Richie Sexson452001
Milwaukee Brewers19692004Richie Sexson452003
Minnesota Twins19012004Harmon Killebrew491964Harmon Killebrew491964
Minnesota Twins19012004Harmon Killebrew491969Harmon Killebrew491969
New York Mets19622004Todd Hundley411996Darryl Strawberry391987
Darryl Strawberry391988
New York Yankees19012004Roger Maris611961Roger Maris611961
Oakland Athletics19012004Jimmie Foxx581932Jimmie Foxx581932
Philadelphia Phillies18832004Mike Schmidt481980Mike Schmidt481980
Pittsburgh Pirates18822004Ralph Kiner541949Ralph Kiner541949
San Diego Padres19692004Greg Vaughn501998Nate Colbert381970
Nate Colbert381972
San Francisco Giants18832004Barry Bonds732001Willie Mays521965
Seattle Mariners19772004Ken Griffey Jr.561997Gorman Thomas321985
Seattle Mariners19772004Ken Griffey Jr.561998
St. Louis Cardinals18822004Mark McGwire701998Johnny Mize431940
Tampa Bay Devil Rays19982004Aubrey Huff342003
Tampa Bay Devil Rays19982004Jose Canseco341999
Texas Rangers19612004Alex Rodriguez572002Frank Howard481969
Toronto Blue Jays19772004George Bell471987George Bell471987
Washington Nationals19692004Vladimir Guerrero442000Andre Dawson321983
2005-09-13 08:01:48
1.   Mike from Hoboken
Cool stuff.
So now you can ask people a good trivia question: Who's the only player to hold two the single-season HR record for two franchises? You'll see if people can think through the problem or just throw up their hands right away like the governor of Louisiana.
2005-09-13 18:41:44
2.   Mike Carminati
Yeah, I love her Michael Brown impersonation.

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