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Lloyd in Space
2005-09-06 22:33
by Mike Carminati

The Pirates mercifully jettisoned long-time losing manager Lloyd McClendon and replaced him with one-time Phils' cup o' latté scrub Pete Mackanin.

McClendon lead, if that's the word for it, the inept Bucs to the worst record in the National League this season and has lead them to a woeful .429 winning percentage over the last five seasons. That translates into a 69.5 win season in a 162-game schedule.

So what does this mean for the Pirates in the long run? What has happened to a team historically after having a manager with a similarly bad run for as many as five years?

I took a look at all of the worst five consecutive seasons for a given manager on a given team. There were 30 worse than McClendon's tenure in Pittsburgh. Then I looked at what happened to those teams in the five subsequent seasons. Here's what I found:

TmManagerFirstLastWinsLossesPCTPost WPost LPost PCT
Philadelphia AthleticsConnie Mack19161919222504.306235378.383
Philadelphia AthleticsConnie Mack19171920227501.312258353.422
Philadelphia AthleticsConnie Mack19181921244484.335293317.480
Philadelphia AthleticsConnie Mack19191922254475.348311295.513
Philadelphia AthleticsConnie Mack19371940224416.350240376.390
Philadelphia AthleticsConnie Mack19361939228407.359222394.360
Philadelphia AthleticsConnie Mack19201923271482.360333275.548
Philadelphia AthleticsConnie Mack19431946277489.362295321.479
Philadelphia AthleticsConnie Mack19401943247431.364251361.410
Philadelphia AthleticsConnie Mack19381941235406.367228384.373
Philadelphia PhilliesJimmie Wilson19351938280477.370180429.296
Philadelphia AthleticsConnie Mack19391942251425.371222390.363
Philadelphia AthleticsConnie Mack19351938271452.375228386.371
Philadelphia AthleticsConnie Mack19421945292474.381292324.474
Philadelphia AthleticsConnie Mack19411944294476.382263349.430
Philadelphia AthleticsConnie Mack19151918285453.386202399.336
Philadelphia AthleticsConnie Mack19441947300466.392287329.466
St. Louis BrownsRogers Hornsby19341937233352.398235379.383
Philadelphia AthleticsConnie Mack19211924306459.400360249.591
Philadelphia PhilliesBurt Shotton19291932310457.404234374.385
New York MetsJoe Torre19781981286420.405321327.495
Philadelphia AthleticsConnie Mack19341937297425.411226386.369
Pittsburgh PiratesBilly Meyer19491952317452.412229387.372
Boston BeesCasey Stengel19401943296416.416299314.488
Washington SenatorsGil Hodges19641967321444.420284360.441
Minnesota TwinsTom Kelly19961999335455.424338309.522
Kansas City RoyalsTony Muser19982001309416.426203283.418
Philadelphia PhilliesBurt Shotton19301933327440.426235374.386
Montreal ExposFelipe Alou19982001299402.427233253.479
Kansas City RoyalsTony Muser19992002286383.428141183.435

On average guess what the average winning percentage was for those teams? .429, the same winning percentage McClendon had in Pittsburgh. Only three teams had a winning record in the subsequent five seasons.

So what does the future hold for the Pirates? It seems like history as well as the team's talent pool seem to be against them. But att least they've gotten rid of McClendon.

2005-09-07 13:35:20
1.   Xeifrank
Let's hope Jim Tracy is next!
vr, Xei

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