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Las Totas Estrellas Team
2005-08-25 22:20
by Mike Carminati

Baseball today launched a new pet project entitled "Chevrolet presents the Major League Baseball Latino Legends Team." At least they didn't go with Viagra or La Viagra. Remember "Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and Chevrolet"?

This is a baseball's reaction to the outrage from the Latin community over no Latin players making the "All-Century Team". It just was, what, five years in the making. (Besides, Latino Legends? Isn't that passé? ) Maybe Bud was watching a DVD of "The Original Latin Kings of Comedy" and loved the idea.

Anyway, the ballot is here. Like a Chicago mayoral election, baseball recommends you to vote early and often.

I though it might be edifying to look at the all-time Win Shares leaders for all players not born in the United States by the primary position the player manned during his career. I include all foreign-born players but make sure to list at least five Latinos. So here goes…(through the 2004 season):

POSBirth CountryNameWin Shares
PIrelandTony Mullane399
HollandBert Blyleven339
ScotlandJim McCormick334
CANFergie Jenkins323
D.R.Juan Marichal263
CubaLuis Tiant256
IrelandTommy Bond243
CubaDolf Luque241
D.R.Pedro Martinez235
NicaraguaDennis Martinez233
CP.R.Ivan Rodriguez262
P.R.Benito Santiago190
P.R.Javy Lopez177
D.R.Tony Pena175
PanamaManny Sanguillen157
1BPanamaRod Carew384
CubaRafael Palmeiro384
CubaTony Perez349
P.R.Orlando Cepeda310
VenezuelaAndres Galarraga251
2BP.R.Roberto Alomar376
CubaTony Taylor198
D.R.Juan Samuel176
MexicoBobby Avila175
MexicoJorge Orta160
SSVenezuelaLuis Aparicio293
D.R.Tony Fernandez280
CubaBert Campaneris280
VenezuelaDave Concepcion269
D.R.Julio Franco268
3BVenezuelaEdgardo Alfonzo202
MexicoVinny Castilla146
WalesJimmy Austin143
MexicoAurelio Rodriguez124
D.R.Adrian Beltre121
P.R.Mike Lowell118
OFP.R.Roberto Clemente377
OFP.R.Jose Cruz313
RFD.R.Sammy Sosa309
RFCANLarry Walker297
OFD.R.Cesar Cedeno296
CFP.R.Bernie Williams292
OFJamaicaChili Davis285
OFCubaMinnie Minoso283
RFD.R.Manny Ramirez276
OFCubaJose Canseco272
OFCubaTony Oliva245
OFD.R.Felipe Alou241
RFP.R.Juan Gonzalez234
OFP.R.Ruben Sierra221
OFEnglandTom Brown218
OFCANJeff Heath217
OFCANTip O'Neill213
OFCubaJose Cardenal212
OFNorwayJohn Anderson209
OFD.R.Rico Carty209
OFJamaicaDevon White207
OFScotlandBobby Thomson205
RFVenezuelaBobby Abreu202
CFCuracaoAndruw Jones192
2005-08-26 08:03:19
1.   Past A Diving Jeter
Should there be a distinction between light-skinned & dark-skinned Latino ballplayers as well?
2005-08-29 07:01:11
2.   jameson and water
Words can't express how amazed and delighted I am to see Ireland on top of that list!

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