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MCLII And Other Personalized Plates That O's Fans Can Now Look Forward to Now That Their Team Is Sinking Like a Stone
2005-07-20 20:50
by Mike Carminati

MCLII is, of course, 1152 in Roman Numerals, those doohickeys that ancient Rome used to record dates in their film credits. 1152 was the year that Geoffrey, the future Archbishop of York and bastard son of Henry II of England, was born--I bet he got picked on when he was a kid.

And 1152 also represents the number of home runs that O's teammates and future Hall-of-Famers Sammy Sosa and Rafael Palmeiro have amassed in their careers collectively. Sosa with ten this season just passed Mark McGwire for sixth all time in homers at 584. Palmeiro has 17 this year and 568 for his career (9th) to go with 3010 hits (tied with Wade Boggs in 23rd place).

1152 is the most career home runs that any two teammates have ever recorded. The previous high was 1056, which was set in 1934 by Yankees Babe Ruth (708) and Lou Gehrig (348) and was tied in 2003 by the Giants' Barry Bonds (658) and Andres Galarraga (398). There are only two other teammates with at least 1000 career home runs were 1016 in 1971 by Giants Willie Mays (646) and Willie McCovey (370) and 1031 in 1972 by Braves Hank Aaron (673) and Orlando Cepeda (358). Prior to Ruth's ascension, the previous high which had stood for 25 years was 232 in 1896 by Phils Sam Thompson (126) and Dan Brouthers (106).

For the heck of it, I ran the numbers for the yearly leaders in career dingers by teammates and since I love tables, here it is. Oh, I also added the all-time high as of the given year and how long the "record" had stood as of that year. Enjoy:

YrTot HRTmLgName1Career HRHR YrName2Career HRHR YrAll-Time#yrs
18717Philadelphia AthleticsNALevi Meyerle44Ned Cuthbert3371
187213Baltimore CanariesNALip Pike106George Hall31131
187213Baltimore CanariesNALip Pike106Tom York31132
187319Baltimore CanariesNALip Pike144Tom York52191
187418Hartford Dark BluesNALip Pike151Cherokee Fisher30192
187523St. Louis Brown StockingsNALip Pike150Ned Cuthbert80231
187624Boston Red CapsNLJim O'Rourke142George Wright101241
187624St. Louis Brown StockingsNLLip Pike161Ned Cuthbert80242
187730Cincinnati RedsNLLip Pike204Levi Meyerle100301
187831Cincinnati RedsNLLip Pike200Cal McVey112311
187928Providence GraysNLJim O'Rourke161Joe Start122312
188045Boston Red CapsNLCharley Jones235Jim O'Rourke226451
188134Buffalo BisonsNLJim O'Rourke220Dan Brouthers128452
188242Buffalo BisonsNLJim O'Rourke242Dan Brouthers186453
188346Buffalo BisonsNLJim O'Rourke251Dan Brouthers213461
188465Buffalo BisonsNLDan Brouthers3514Jim O'Rourke305651
188575Chicago White StockingsNLNed Williamson383Abner Dalrymple3711751
188687Chicago White StockingsNLNed Williamson446Cap Anson4310871
1887108Chicago White StockingsNLFred Pfeffer5516Ned Williamson5391081
1888125Chicago White StockingsNLFred Pfeffer638Cap Anson62121251
1889142Boston BeaneatersNLDan Brouthers817King Kelly6191421
1890183Boston RedsPLHarry Stovey10112Dan Brouthers8211831
1891184Boston BeaneatersNLHarry Stovey11716King Kelly6701841
1892189Baltimore OriolesNLHarry Stovey1214George Wood6801891
1893216Brooklyn GroomsNLHarry Stovey1221Dan Brouthers9422161
1894193New York GiantsNLRoger Connor1111Mike Tiernan8252162
1895197Louisville ColonelsNLDan Brouthers1052Fred Pfeffer9202163
1896232Philadelphia PhilliesNLSam Thompson12612Dan Brouthers10612321
1897199Philadelphia PhilliesNLSam Thompson1260Jack Clements7362322
1898198Philadelphia PhilliesNLSam Thompson1271Ed Delahanty7142323
1899176Boston BeaneatersNLHugh Duffy1025Herman Long7462324
1900190Boston BeaneatersNLHugh Duffy1042Herman Long86122325
1901159Boston BeaneatersNLHerman Long893Bobby Lowe7032326
1902211Washington SenatorsALJimmy Ryan1116Ed Delahanty100102327
1903219Washington SenatorsALJimmy Ryan1187Ed Delahanty10112328
1904197Philadelphia PhilliesNLHugh Duffy1060Herman Long9102329
1905155Boston PilgrimsALBuck Freeman803Jesse Burkett75423210
1906198Detroit TigersALSam Thompson1270Bobby Lowe71123211
1907147Boston Red SoxALBuck Freeman821Jimmy Collins65023212
1908147Boston DovesNLBill Dahlen823Joe Kelley65223213
1909130Pittsburgh PiratesNLHonus Wagner705Fred Clarke60323214
1910136Pittsburgh PiratesNLHonus Wagner744Fred Clarke62223215
1911150Pittsburgh PiratesNLHonus Wagner839Fred Clarke67523216
1912154Cleveland NapsALNap Lajoie790Harry Davis75023217
1913160Pittsburgh PiratesNLHonus Wagner933Fred Clarke67023218
1914161Pittsburgh PiratesNLHonus Wagner941Fred Clarke67023219
1915167Pittsburgh PiratesNLHonus Wagner1006Fred Clarke67023220
1916192Pittsburgh PiratesNLHonus Wagner1011Frank Schulte91023221
1917192Pittsburgh PiratesNLHonus Wagner1010Frank Schulte91023222
1918185Philadelphia PhilliesNLGavvy Cravath1068Fred Luderus79523223
1919202Philadelphia PhilliesNLGavvy Cravath11812Fred Luderus84523224
1920203Philadelphia PhilliesNLGavvy Cravath1191Fred Luderus84023225
1921251New York YankeesALBabe Ruth16259Frank Baker8992511
1922293New York YankeesALBabe Ruth19735Frank Baker9672931
1923306New York YankeesALBabe Ruth23841Wally Pipp6863061
1924361New York YankeesALBabe Ruth28446Wally Pipp7793611
1925414New York YankeesALBabe Ruth30925Bob Meusel105334141
1926473New York YankeesALBabe Ruth35647Bob Meusel117124731
1927541New York YankeesALBabe Ruth41660Bob Meusel12585411
1928606New York YankeesALBabe Ruth47054Bob Meusel136116061
1929662New York YankeesALBabe Ruth51646Bob Meusel146106621
1929662New York YankeesALBabe Ruth51646Lou Gehrig146356622
1930752New York YankeesALBabe Ruth56549Lou Gehrig187417521
1931844New York YankeesALBabe Ruth61146Lou Gehrig233468441
1932919New York YankeesALBabe Ruth65241Lou Gehrig267349191
1933985New York YankeesALBabe Ruth68634Lou Gehrig299329851
19341056New York YankeesALBabe Ruth70822Lou Gehrig3484910561
1935883Boston BravesNLBabe Ruth7146Wally Berger1693410562
1936582New York YankeesALLou Gehrig42749Tony Lazzeri1551410563
1937633New York YankeesALLou Gehrig46437Tony Lazzeri1691410564
1938647New York YankeesALLou Gehrig49329Bill Dickey1542710565
1939671New York YankeesALLou Gehrig4930Bill Dickey1782410566
1940640Boston Red SoxALJimmie Foxx50036Joe Cronin1402410567
1941675Boston Red SoxALJimmie Foxx51919Joe Cronin1561610568
1942684Boston Red SoxALJimmie Foxx5245Joe Cronin160410569
1943652New York GiantsNLMel Ott46318Joe Medwick1895105610
1944685New York GiantsNLMel Ott48926Joe Medwick1967105611
1945709New York GiantsNLMel Ott51021Joe Medwick1993105612
1946717New York GiantsNLMel Ott5111Johnny Mize20622105613
1947768New York GiantsNLMel Ott5110Johnny Mize25751105614
1948484New York YankeesALJoe DiMaggio30339Charlie Keller1816105615
1949633New York YankeesALJoe DiMaggio31714Johnny Mize3161105616
1950690New York YankeesALJoe DiMaggio34932Johnny Mize34125105617
1951712New York YankeesALJoe DiMaggio36112Johnny Mize35110105618
1952555Boston Red SoxALTed Williams3241Vern Stephens2317105619
1953520Chicago CubsNLRalph Kiner32928Hank Sauer19119105620
1954583Chicago CubsNLRalph Kiner35122Hank Sauer23241105621
1955571Cleveland IndiansALRalph Kiner36918Larry Doby20226105622
1956601St. Louis CardinalsNLStan Musial35227Hank Sauer2495105623
1957664St. Louis CardinalsNLStan Musial38129Del Ennis28324105624
1958684St. Louis CardinalsNLStan Musial39817Del Ennis2863105625
1959720Boston Red SoxALTed Williams49210Vic Wertz2287105626
1960785Boston Red SoxALTed Williams52129Bobby Thomson2645105627
1961745Los Angeles DodgersNLDuke Snider38416Gil Hodges3618105628
1962754New York YankeesALMickey Mantle40430Yogi Berra35010105629
1963777New York YankeesALMickey Mantle41915Yogi Berra3588105630
1964860San Francisco GiantsNLWillie Mays45347Duke Snider4074105631
1965875Milwaukee BravesNLEddie Mathews47732Hank Aaron39832105632
1966935Atlanta BravesNLEddie Mathews49316Hank Aaron44244105633
1967813Detroit TigersALEddie Mathews5096Al Kaline30425105634
1968910New York YankeesALMickey Mantle53618Rocky Colavito3745105635
1969913San Francisco GiantsNLWillie Mays60013Willie McCovey31345105636
1970980San Francisco GiantsNLWillie Mays62828Willie McCovey35239105637
19711016San Francisco GiantsNLWillie Mays64618Willie McCovey37018105638
19721031Atlanta BravesNLHank Aaron67334Orlando Cepeda3584105639
1973932Atlanta BravesNLHank Aaron71340Joe Pepitone2190105640
1974857Atlanta BravesNLHank Aaron73320Davey Johnson12415105641
1975947Milwaukee BrewersALHank Aaron74512George Scott20236105642
1976975Milwaukee BrewersALHank Aaron75510George Scott22018105643
1977640San Francisco GiantsNLWillie McCovey49328Darrell Evans14717105644
1978672San Francisco GiantsNLWillie McCovey50512Darrell Evans16720105645
1979704San Francisco GiantsNLWillie McCovey52015Darrell Evans18417105646
1980767Boston Red SoxALCarl Yastrzemski41915Tony Perez34825105647
1981783Boston Red SoxALCarl Yastrzemski4267Tony Perez3579105648
1982805Boston Red SoxALCarl Yastrzemski44216Tony Perez3636105649
1983758Philadelphia PhilliesNLMike Schmidt38940Tony Perez3696105650
1984705California AngelsALReggie Jackson50325Bobby Grich20218105651
1985775California AngelsALReggie Jackson53027George Hendrick2452105652
1986807California AngelsALReggie Jackson54818George Hendrick25914105653
1987879Oakland AthleticsALReggie Jackson56315Ron Cey3164105654
1988786Philadelphia PhilliesNLMike Schmidt54212Lance Parrish24415105655
1989768Atlanta BravesNLDarrell Evans41411Dale Murphy35420105656
1990663California AngelsALDave Winfield37819Lance Parrish28524105657
1991745California AngelsALDave Winfield40628Dave Parker33911105658
1992674Toronto Blue JaysALDave Winfield43226Joe Carter24234105659
1993736Minnesota TwinsALDave Winfield45321Kent Hrbek28325105660
1994756Minnesota TwinsALDave Winfield46310Kent Hrbek29310105661
1995944Cleveland IndiansALEddie Murray47921Dave Winfield4652105662
1996854Baltimore OriolesALEddie Murray50110Cal Ripken Jr.35326105663
1997756Anaheim AngelsALEddie Murray5043Rickey Henderson2522105664
1998807San Francisco GiantsNLBarry Bonds41137Joe Carter3967105665
1999821Tampa Bay Devil RaysALJose Canseco43134Fred McGriff39032105666
2000857Tampa Bay Devil RaysALJose Canseco4409Fred McGriff41727105667
2001944San Francisco GiantsNLBarry Bonds56773Andres Galarraga3777105668
2002977Chicago CubsNLSammy Sosa49949Fred McGriff47830105669
20031056San Francisco GiantsNLBarry Bonds65845Andres Galarraga39812105670
2004928San Francisco GiantsNLBarry Bonds70345Marquis Grissom22522105671
20051152Baltimore OriolesALSammy Sosa58410Rafael Palmeiro5681711521
2005-07-21 06:05:47
1.   Tom
MCXII is one thousand one hundred and /twelve/.

MCLII is one thousand one hundred and fifty-two.


2005-07-21 06:27:12
2.   Mike Carminati
Oops, I shouldn't try Roman Numerals at 1 AM.
2005-07-21 06:43:21
3.   Loogy
Since Geoffrey was picked on a lot as a kid, he later became immortalized as the Toys R Us mascot.

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