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Remember Me? I Used to Be the All-Star Game
2005-07-13 20:07
by Mike Carminati

Well, I guess I wasn't the only one who thought the All-Star game was a bore. The ratings were down for the second straight year. I guess they missed the memo and the continual reminders, including slogan-chanting foul lines, that "This time it ciounts."

But what do you expect when you kick off a broadcast with a Fantastic Four/baseball infomercial montage followed by a scouting report by "Scooter". And if that's not bad enough, you actually have to sit through a Tim McCarver/Joe Buck broadcast. Add in a 7-0 lead that slowly erodes to 7-5 as fan interest fades, and you end up with the audience switching to "Rock Star:INXS" faster than you can say "Autoerotic asphyxiation"

Could the hole the NL at first found themselves in have anything to do with the crappy choices that the fans stuck the NL with in the starting lineup (the sub-par Eckstein, Beltran, and Piazza, a collective 1-for-7).

Anyway, with the 2005 classic in the can, I ran the all-time numbers and came up with some interesting little factoids. The NL, which hasn't won since a 6-0 win in 1996 at the Vet, leads the series 40-34-2. However, the AL and NL have scored the exact same number of runs, 324, in 76 contests. Well, how about that?

The 1996 game is also tied for fourth-most lopsided. For a while it looked like this year's game was going to be near the top of the list:

1946Fenway Park, BostonAmerican120
1983Comiskey Park, ChicagoAmerican133
1992Jack Murphy Stadium, San DiegoAmerican136
1996Veterans Stadium, PhiladelphiaNational60
1993Oriole Park at Camden Yards, BaltimoreAmerican93
1976Veterans Stadium, PhiladelphiaNational71
1973Royals Stadium, Kansas CityNational71
1969RFK Memorial Stadium, Washington, D.C.National93
1960Yankee Stadium, New YorkNational60
1944Forbes Field, PittsburghNational71

Yesterday's was one of the more higher scoring games all time but just the fourth highest this decade and the eighth highest since 1992:

1998Coors Field, DenverAmerican13821
1954Municipal Stadium, ClevelandAmerican11920
1992Jack Murphy Stadium, San DiegoAmerican13619
1949Ebbets Field, BrooklynAmerican11718
1983Comiskey Park, ChicagoAmerican13316
1934Polo Grounds, New YorkAmerican9716
1994Three Rivers Stadium, PittsburghNational8715
2002Miller Park, Milwaukee Tie7714
2004Minute Maid Park, Houston American9413
1962Wrigley Field, ChicagoAmerican9413
2003U.S. Cellular Field, Chicago American7613
1979Kingdome, SeattleNational7613
1977Yankee Stadium, New YorkNational7613
1946Fenway Park, BostonAmerican12012
1993Oriole Park at Camden Yards, BaltimoreAmerican9312
1969RFK Memorial Stadium, Washington, D.C.National9312
2005Comerica Park, Detroit American7512
1941Briggs Stadium, DetroitAmerican7512

Another oddity: the average All-Star game score is 5.68-2.84. That's exactly double.

The city that's hosted the most ASGs? Chitown, 7 times. Three times at Wrigley, three times at the old Comiskey and once at the new. However, Cleveland's Municipal Stadium hosted the most games, 4. The only current teams not to host an ASG are Florida, Tampa Bay, and Arizona. There are two cities that hosted an ASG that no longer have a team, Brooklyn and Montreal.

OK, enough of that, now let's play some games that actually count.

2005-07-14 15:11:59
1.   Shaun P
I HATE Fox. Its bad enough that they use MLB sporting events as previews for their upcoming shows - but what Jeannie Zalasko did to Ernie Harwell - I almost turned the game off then and there. Whoever the producers are on FOX MLB broadcasts, I think they deserve to be canned for stupidity even more than Joe Morgan.

Batgirl captured my feelings pretty well:

I think I'll boycott Taco Bell. Who's with me?

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