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TLR Stands for "Total Lunacy, Rollins?!?"
2005-07-07 21:34
by Mike Carminati

Jimmy Rollins has been named to the All-Star game as an injury replacement. Never mind that Morgan Ensberg, the best NL player not on the squad, is being avoided like Robert Novak at a U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals (God bless Judith Miller by the way).

Rollins isn't even the most worthy player on his own team. He's not the best candidate from his own doubleplay combination. Second baseman Chase Utley has a clearcut edge over Rollins. Then there's Pat Burrell and Brett Myers, who are also far more worthy.

This is just the kind of egotrip that the ever-overreaching Rollins just doesn't need, not to mention that he may not be completely healthy for the game. But Tony LaRussa's ego has to slaked with the idiosyncratic pick. At least Rollins is better than the starting shortstop, David Eckstein, and who does he play for again?

2005-07-08 07:44:40
1.   Devin McCullen
Somebody posted over on Baseball Think Factory that the All-Star rules mandate that if you're replacing a player selected by the player's vote, it has to go to the player who finished next in the voting at that position, which in this case was Rollins. Now, if you want to blame LaRussa for something, apparently last night he felt that Jason Marquis was a better choice to hit in the 9th inning of a tie game with the go-ahead run on third, than anybody on his bench.
2005-07-08 08:26:34
2.   Mike Carminati

The All-Star rules require Jason Marquis to bat for himself in a tie ballgame in the ninth. Also, the regulations say that the guy in the top bunk, he's got to make the guy in the bottom bunk's bed. It's regulations. Now, if we were in Germany...

Rollins has to go because he was second in the vote? These labyrinthine All-Star roster rules get curiouser and curiouser.

2005-07-08 11:17:10
3.   PhillyJ
Yep - more of the same.

However, after the Sox deal us Hanley Ramirez for Billy Wagner, Gerry Hunsicker can deal "All Star" Jimmy Rollins at an inflated value to whoever the dumbest GM is after Wade gets fired...

Ramirez, Utley, Howard...and - jeez, give me Rick Schu and I'd be happier than I am now...

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