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DC Cubed
2005-05-19 21:32
by Mike Carminati

With a new team in Washington it occurred me that it became the third city to be represented by three separate franchises since the "original" 16 teams were aligned in the National and American Leagues. Aside from the Nationals, DC was represented by the old Senators from 1901-60 (now the Twins) and the expansion Senators from 1961-71 (now the Rangers).

Of the two other cities, one of course is New York, which hosts the Mets and Yankees now and had the Giants and Dodgers until 1957.

Not many would think of the third city, Milwaukee. It was represented by the old Brewers in the original AL, a holdover from the league's Western League days. They moved to St. Louis the next year and the to Baltimore in 1954. The Braves called Milwaukee home from 1953 to 1965 before moving to Atlanta. And of course, in 1970 the Milwaukee Buds, er, Brewers moved in.

All this made me wonder if anyone had ever played for all of the franchise from any of these cities. I couldn't expect that someone could have played for all of the DC or Milwaukee teams in the respective cities because of the span of years between the team relocation involved. Perhaps someone could have played for all of the New York teams when they were in the Big Apple since the time between the Giants and Dodgers departing and Mets arriving was just a few years.

So who makes the three-franchise list? The short answer is no one has ever done it, played for the teams in the city concerned, but a few have played for all of the franchises. They are:

Washington Franchises:

Al Newman1987MIN1992TEX1985MON
Bernie Allen1962MIN1967WAS1973MON
Fred Manrique1990MIN1989TEX1985MON
Mike Marshall1978MIN1977TEX1970MON
Orlando Mercado1989MIN1986TEX1990MON
Otis Nixon1998MIN1995TEX1988MON
Pete Mackanin1980MIN1973TEX1975MON
Randy Bass1977MIN1982TEX1979MON
Roberto Kelly1996MIN1998TEX1995MON

New York franchises:

Darryl Strawberry1995NYY1983NYM1994SFN1991LAN
Jose Vizcaino2000NYY1994NYM1997SFN1989LAN

Milwaukee franchises:

B.J. Surhoff1996BAL2000ATL1987MIL
Brad Komminsk1990BAL1983ATL1987MIL
Darren Holmes2000BAL2002ATL1991MIL
Dave May1967BAL1975ATL1970MIL
George Brunet1963BAL1960MIL1969SEA
Jay Aldrich1990BAL1989ATL1987MIL
Steve Barber1960BAL1970ATL1969SEA
Tito Francona1956BAL1967ATL1970MIL
2005-05-20 04:46:28
1.   graciebarn
Didn't someone wear the uniform of all four New York teams in New York as a player or a manager?
2005-05-20 06:10:45
2.   Mike Carminati
Casey Stengel played for the Dodgers and Giants and managed the Dodgers, Yankees, and Mets.
2005-05-23 07:19:02
3.   Murray
Sal "The Barber" Maglie pitched for the Giants, the Dodgers and the Yankees in the 1950s. The neat trick would be finding a player who played for those three clubs and the Mets. It's possible.
2005-05-23 07:45:08
4.   Mike Carminati

Nope. Never happened. Not as a player.

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