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A Quick One (Happy Mike)
2005-02-17 13:02
by Mike Carminati

Other entries in the Trade Series:

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Here is a quickie aperitif while we finalize the transaction data for future multi-course meals. We have been adding in-season and interstitial Win Share metrics to add more depth, hopefully, to the analysis (and because I love trying to make update queries work in Access).

Anyway, here's a taste, and don't worry: it's wafer thin. First, here are the players who traded midseason after accumulating the greatest Win Shares totals for their original teams. And the Cliff Floyd double entry is not a typo. It is the aftereffect of his being laundered in MLB's washing machine, the then-Expos, and then presented as a gift to John Henry's Red Sox:

NameWS PreFromTeamToTeamMonthDayYear
Rickey Henderson22OAKTOR07311993
Mudcat Grant20OAKPIT09141970
Steve Buechele18TEXPIT08301991
Bill Doran18HOUCIN08301990
Willie McGee18SLNOAK08291990
Larry Doyle18NYGCHN08281916
Cliff Floyd17MONBOS07302002
Cliff Floyd17FLOMON07112002
Frank Robinson17CALCLE09121974
Doc Gessler16BOSWAS09001909
Andy Coakley16CINCHN09001908
Scott Rolen16PHISLN07292002
Denny Neagle16PITATL08281996
Rick Honeycutt16TEXLAN08191983
Johnny Grubb16CLETEX08311978
Harold Baines16CHATEX07291989
Ruben Sierra15TEXOAK08311992
Todd Zeile15FLOTEX07311998
Mark McGwire15OAKSLN07311997
Rick Reuschel15PITSFN08211987
Casey Stengel15PITPHI08001919
Glenn Wilson14PITHOU08181989
Rickey Henderson14SDNANA08131997
Roy Cullenbine14WASNYA08311942
Kevin Seitzer14MILCLE08311996
Charlie Hickman14CLEDET08071904
Randy Velarde14ANAOAK07291999
Greg Vaughn14MILSDN07311996
Cecil Fielder14DETNYA07311996
Don Sutton14HOUMIL08301982

Here are the midseason pickups that contributed the most to their new clubs:

NameWS PostFromTeamToTeamMonthDayYear
Tris Speaker41BOSCLE4121916
Scott Perry30BSNPHA411918
Roy Cullenbine30CLEDET4271945
Topsy Hartsel27CINCHN411901
Lu Blue27SLACHA431931
Andy Van Slyke25SLNPIT411987
Reggie Jackson25OAKBAL421976
Mike Piazza24FLONYN5221998
Minnie Minoso24CLECHA4301951
Mike Piazza24LANFLO5141998
Harry Walker24SLNPHI531947
Buster Adams23PHISLN581945
Bob Nieman23CHABAL5211956
Bobo Newsom23SLADET5131939
Ray Boone22CLEDET6151953
Roy Sievers22WASCHA441960
Gary Sheffield22FLOLAN5141998
Oscar Gamble22NYACHA451977
Nap Lajoie22PHACLE611902
Red Barrett22BSNSLN5231945
Lou Brock22CHNSLN6151964
Dave Bancroft21PHINYG681920
Jackie Jensen21NYAWAS531952
Bob Oliver21KCACAL551972
Harry Wolter21BOSNYA511910
Mike Torrez20BALOAK421976
Bobby Bonds20CHATEX5161978
Goose Goslin20WASSLA6131930
Bill Caudill20CHNNYA411982
Rickey Henderson20NYAOAK6211989
Bill Caudill20NYASEA411982
Lee Meadows20PHIPIT5221923
Bill Virdon20SLNPIT5171956

If you say April isn't really mid-season, here are the biggest contributors based on July to September transactions:

NameWS PostFromTeamToTeamMonthDayYear
Fred Merkle19BROCHN8161917
Kip Selbach17WASBOS741904
Charlie Hickman16DETWAS761905
Ray Demmitt16DETCHA811914
Fred McGriff16SDNATL7181993
Snake Wiltse15PITPHA711901
Jim Hearn15SLNNYG7101950
Cy Seymour15CINNYG7141906
Jack Taylor14SLNCHN711906
Al Orth14WASNYA7131904
Dick Barrett14CHNPHI711943
Hank Borowy14NYACHN7271945
Carl Mays14BOSNYA7291919
Red Smith14BROBSN8101914
Eddie Murphy14PHACHA7151915
Doyle Alexander12ATLDET8121987
Slim Sallee12SLNNYG7231916
Bris Lord12CLEPHA7251910
Bob Unglaub12BOSWAS711908
Kevin Mitchell12SDNSFN751987
Jon Nunnally12KCACIN7151997
Scott Rolen12PHISLN7292002

As for players acquired in the offseason who had the biggest impact on their new teams in the first season, guess who's number one?:

Babe Ruth51BOSNYA131920
Rogers Hornsby42BSNCHN1171928
Nap Lajoie42PHIPHA011901
Frank Robinson41CINBAL1291965
Cy Young41SLNBOS011901
Steve Carlton40SLNPHI2251972
Eddie Collins40PHACHA1281914
Dick Allen40LANCHA1221971
Rogers Hornsby40SLNNYG12201926
Gaylord Perry39SFNCLE11291971
Joe Morgan39HOUCIN11291971
Rickey Henderson38OAKNYA1251984
Claude Hendrix37PITCHF011914
Heinie Manush35DETSLA1221927
Cy Falkenberg34CLEIND011914
Frankie Frisch34NYGSLN12201926
Rogers Hornsby33NYGBSN1101928
Gary Carter33MONNYN12101984
Rube Waddell33CHNPHA011902
Ken Singleton33MONBAL1241974
Harry Steinfeldt33CINCHN311906
Johnny Mize32SLNNYG12111941
Jack Quinn32BSNBLF011914
Jimmy Wynn32HOULAN1261973
Gary Sheffield32MILSDN3261992
Jack Clark31NYASDN10241988
Dick Groat31PITSLN11191962
Bob Johnson31WASBOS1241943
Jack Powell31SLNSLA011902
Lefty O'Doul31NYGPHI10291928
Roger Maris31KCANYA12111959
Ed Delahanty31PHIWAS011902
Red Donahue30PHISLA011902
Julio Franco30CLETEX1261988
Bernard Gilkey30SLNNYN1221996
Burleigh Grimes30NYGPIT2111928
Steve Evans30SLNBRF011914
Mitchell Page30PITOAK3151977
Eddie Stanky30BSNNYG12141949

Finally, here are the players who had the most left in the tank when they left one team for another. That is, they would accumulate the highest Win Share totals after the transaction (and the leader is another big surprise):

NamePost Career WSFromTeamToTeamMonthDayYear
Babe Ruth576BOSNYA131920
Christy Mathewson426CINNYG12151900
Nap Lajoie403PHIPHA011901
Sam Crawford383CINDET011903
Rickey Henderson378OAKNYA1251984
Roberto Clemente377BROPIT11221954
Tris Speaker365BOSCLE4121916
Jeff Bagwell362BOSHOU8301990
Nap Lajoie361PHACLE611902
Joe Morgan357HOUCIN11291971
Ryne Sandberg346PHICHN1271982
Rafael Palmeiro346CHNTEX1251988
Fred McGriff341NYATOR1291982
Johnny Mize338SLNCIN12131934
Johnny Mize338CINSLN011935
Eddie Collins328PHACHA1281914
Fergie Jenkins321PHICHN4211966
Lou Brock320CHNSLN6151964
Edd Roush314CHAIND011914
Graig Nettles313MINCLE12101969
Norm Cash311CLEDET4121960
Norm Cash311CHACLE1261959
Willie Randolph311PITNYA12111975
Nolan Ryan310NYNCAL12101971
Roberto Alomar309SDNTOR1251990
Gary Sheffield308MILSDN3261992
Nellie Fox298PHACHA10191949
Sammy Sosa295TEXCHA7291989
Joe Jackson294PHACLE7251910
Edd Roush286NEWNYG011916
Ken Singleton286NYNMON451972
Tommy John286CLECHA1201965
Edd Roush286NYGCIN7201916
Amos Otis285NYNKCA1231969
Steve Carlton283SLNPHI2251972
Minnie Minoso282CLECHA4301951
Cy Young281SLNBOS011901
Burleigh Grimes280PITBRO191918
Sammy Sosa276CHACHN3301992
Ozzie Smith273SDNSLN12101981
Brett Butler273ATLCLE10211983
Heinie Groh270NYGCIN5221913
Mordecai Brown269SLNCHN12121903
Tony Phillips268MONSDN8311980
Gary Sheffield268SDNFLO6241993
Tony Phillips268SDNOAK3271981
Dixie Walker266NYACHA541936
George Foster266SFNCIN5291971
Chet Lemon265OAKCHA6151975
Red Ruffing265BOSNYA561930

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