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2005-01-26 12:59
by Mike Carminati

My Eagles finally made it to the Super Bowl, whipping the Falcons, 27-10, Sunday. That's the same score they lost in their last and only Super Bowl, XV to Oakland, twenty-four years ago. God that broke my young heart.

They'll meet the media darlings, Tom Brady and the New England Patsies, in Jacksonville on February for the Janet Jackson Boob Bowl. That got me to thinking about the other Super Bowls featuring two northeastern teams. The only two were these if you consider Baltimore to be in the Northeast (it’s borderline):

Super BowlDateScore
XXXVJan. 28, 2001Baltimore 34, N.Y. Giants 7
IIIJan. 12, 1969N.Y. Jets 16, Baltimore 7

Given that baseball has had so many championships with northeastern teams—Wasn't Ken Burn's baseball documentary based on it (I still have visions of Mario Cuomo)—it seemed odd that there were just three such Super Bowls of the 39 so far.

Here are all the northeast-only World Series in baseball history. Funny, there were no teams from the hamlet of Foxboro involved, however:

1884Providence Grays3New York Metropolitans00
1889New York Giants6Brooklyn Bridegrooms30
1905New York Giants4Philadelphia Athletics10
1911Philadelphia Athletics4New York Giants20
1912Boston Red Sox4New York Giants31
1913Philadelphia Athletics4New York Giants10
1914Boston Braves4Philadelphia Athletics00
1915Boston Red Sox4Philadelphia Phillies10
1916Boston Red Sox4Brooklyn Robins10
1921New York Giants5New York Yankees30
1922New York Giants4New York Yankees01
1923New York Yankees4New York Giants20
1924Washington Senators4New York Giants30
1933New York Giants4Washington Senators10
1936New York Yankees4New York Giants20
1937New York Yankees4New York Giants10
1941New York Yankees4Brooklyn Dodgers10
1947New York Yankees4Brooklyn Dodgers30
1949New York Yankees4Brooklyn Dodgers10
1950New York Yankees4Philadelphia Phillies00
1951New York Yankees4New York Giants20
1952New York Yankees4Brooklyn Dodgers30
1953New York Yankees4Brooklyn Dodgers20
1955Brooklyn Dodgers4New York Yankees30
1956New York Yankees4Brooklyn Dodgers30
1969New York Mets4Baltimore Orioles10
1983Baltimore Orioles4Philadelphia Phillies10
1986New York Mets4Boston Red Sox30
2000New York Yankees4New York Mets10

Look at how annual New York City series ended after the Fifties. I guess that's what happens with expansion, expansion to new cities by both existing and new teams. Baseball has only witnessed four such World Series since the inception of the NFL-AFL championship that somehow became the Super Bowl.

One last thing: I hope the demons of 1914-15, when Philly teams lost to Boston ones, have left town with the 1918 demon that allegedly held sway over the Red Sox until this past season.

Oh, and GO EAGLES!

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