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The Charboneaus
2004-11-19 21:07
by Mike Carminati

Parts I and II

Next in our pursuit of the worst award vote-getters of all time are the Charboneaus, the worst Rookie of the Year candidates, or at least the ones that someone was foolish enough to vote for. Of course, it is named for Joe Charboneau, the Cleveland Indians slugger who set the bar for sophomore slumps.

Here are the worst ROY candidates by career Win Shares. You'll notice that this year's batch gets short shrift: everyone but Jason Bay and Khalil Greene is on the list:

NameYrPts1stMax PtsWin Shares
Shooty Babitt1981401403
John Buck2004101404
Bud Smith2001101605
Jeriome Robertson2003201605
Frank Seminara1992101207
Ryan Jensen2002401607
Alexis Rios20041201407
Daniel Cabrera20042901408
Ross Gload2004401408
David Bush2004101408
Nate Robertson2004101409
David DeJesus2004601409
Kevin McGlinchy1999101609
Mike Jones1981801409
Chad Fonville19951014010
Jason Simontacchi20021016010
Tony Fiore20021014010
Matt Holliday20043016010
Shingo Takatsu200444114011
Zack Greinke200416014011
Akinori Otsuka200423016011
Aaron Miles20046016011
Jack Curtis1961111611
Rocky Coppinger19966014011
Ben Rivera19921012012
Bob Hazle1957112412
Dennis Stark20021016012
Mitch Meluskey20007016013
Bobby Crosby20041382714013
Kaz Matsui20041016014
Brian Williams19921012014
Chuck Smith20001016014
Charlie Kerfeld198617012015
John Hudek199427014015
Kelly Wunsch20002014015
Terrmel Sledge20041016015

Shooty Babitt was a 22-year-old, sub-par fielding and hitting second baseman who bridged the Dave McKay and Davey Lopes eras in Oakland. He played in 52 of the A's 109 games that strike-shortened year, but yielded to McKay for the postseason, was not even apparently on the postseason roster, and never played in the majors again. He did have a great nickname though. Shooty is now a scout, I believe, in the D-Backs organization.

Now for the single-season leaders:

NameYrPts1stMax PtsWin Shares
George Bell1981201402
Brian Williams1992101203
Darin Erstad1996301403
Juan Pierre2000101603
Shooty Babitt1981401403
Jeff D'Amico1996101404
Mark Wohlers1992101204
Nelson Liriano1987101404
Scott Radinsky1990101404
John Buck2004101404
Alan Benes1996501405
Andy Benes1989301205
Bob Ojeda19813601405
Bob Walk1980101205
Brad Havens1981101405
Bud Smith2001101605
Dave Engle1981401405
Dick Groat195211245
Floyd Bannister197711245
Javy Lopez1994201405
Jeriome Robertson2003201605
Jermaine Dye1996601405
Mike Jones1981801405
Rich DeLucia1991701405
Ryan Jensen2002401605
Sidney Ponson1998101405

Buck is the only 2004 player on the list. George Bell took a couple of years, but you'll probably remember was a great player for a time. You have to love that the Benes brothers ended up right next to each other.

I'm actually more encouraged by this list than the career list. There are a number of players who must have shown flashes of if not greatness at least goodness even though their overall performance may not have been overwhelming. I;m talking about guys who became productive major-leagues like Bell, Javy Lopez, Jermaine Dye, Bob Ojeda, Bob Walk, Andy Benes, Floyd Bannister, Dick Groat, Juan Pierre, Sidney Ponson, and Nelson Liriano. There is also a good bit of the Brian Williams-Bud Smith variety of player, but someone got it right when he picked those guys.

The Buddies

The Buddy is named for Buddy Bell, who had one winning record in parts of six seasons as a manager, but always seemed to get decent support in the Manager of the Year award.

Win Shares don't really apply here. Let's try something new. First, let's look at the worst record for a manager who garnered at least a point in the MOY vote:

Alan Trammell20031140043119.265
Buddy Bell19965140153109.327
Lou Piniella20031314006399.389
Jim Leyland1986112006498.395
Doc Edwards1987114003045.400
Don Baylor1993114006795.414
Felipe Alou2000116006795.414
Eric Wedge2003214006894.420
Terry Francona1997214006894.420
Stump Merrill1991114007191.438
Jim Fregosi1988114007190.441
Tony LaRussa19941014005163.447
Phil Garner1995414006579.451
Don Baylor1994814005364.453
Mike Scioscia2001114007587.463
Mike Hargrove19931014017686.469
Mike Hargrove1992414007686.469
Butch Hobson1994114005461.470
Jackie Moore1985414007785.475
Jim Lefebvre1990114007785.475

Someone felt bad for Trammell, Wedge, and Piniella last year. Somehow Mike Hargrove amassed more points in 1993 than 1992 after finishing with the exact same sub-.500 record as the year before.

Next are the worst career records for a MOY candidate:

NameFirst YrLast YrPts1stMaxWLPCT
Alan Trammell2003200310140115209.355
Tony Pena2003200313024140190260.422
Buddy Bell19962000575440345462.428
Stump Merrill1991199110140120155.436
Billy Gardner19841984484140330417.442
Jim Riggleman19951998615300486598.448
Bob Boone1995199530140371444.455
Doc Edwards1987198710140173207.455
Eric Wedge2003200450280148176.457
Hal McRae1991199490280399473.458
John Boles20002000150160205241.460
Jackie Moore1985198540140163190.462
Jeff Torborg1990199113423280634718.469
Butch Hobson1993199420280207232.472
Terry Francona19972004100280383427.473
Pat Corrales19861986181140572634.474
Frank Robinson19892003151234609131004.476
Don Baylor1993200114419580627689.476
Phil Garner199220001519720756828.477
Tom Kelly198720012473870011401244.478
Doug Rader19891990140280388417.482
Gene Mauch198519861011028019022037.483
Jim Fregosi19881993931128010281095.484
John McNamara198419861001342011601233.485
Jim Lefebvre19901991170280417442.485
Jim Leyland198619973364786010691131.486
Marcel Lachemann1995199550140161170.486
Dallas Green19941995151280454478.487
Bruce Bochy1995200415015600781821.488
Larry Bowa2001200111318160418435.490

And just for good measure, here are the managers who received some consideration even though their team's record was worse (or at the same) as the previous year:

NameYrPts1stMaxWLPCTPrev WPrev LPrev PCTDiff
Dusty Baker1994101405560.47810359.636-.158
Doc Edwards1987101403045.4008478.519-.119
Tony LaRussa1991201408478.51910359.636-.117
Davey Johnson1987301209270.56810854.667-.099
Joe Torre19992101409864.60511448.704-.099
Buddy Bell19965114053109.3276084.417-.090
Mike Hargrove19971321408675.5349962.615-.081
Mike Hargrove19962221409962.61510044.694-.080
Alan Trammell20031014043119.26555106.342-.076
Kevin Kennedy1996101408577.5258658.597-.073
Buck Showalter1995801407965.5497043.619-.071
Bob Boone1995301407074.4866451.557-.070
Doug Rader1990101408082.4949171.562-.068
Lou Piniella1988101404548.4848973.549-.066
Joe Torre2000501408774.5409864.605-.065
Sparky Anderson19883731408874.5439864.605-.062
Felipe Alou2004401609171.56210061.621-.059
Jimy Williams2000101408577.5259468.580-.056
Bobby Cox20004111609567.58610359.636-.049
Lou Piniella1986501409072.5569764.602-.047
Terry Collins19951101407668.5286649.574-.046
Bobby Cox1994301406846.59610458.642-.045
Jeff Torborg1991601408775.5379468.580-.043
Roger Craig1990201208577.5259270.568-.043
Bobby Cox20011221608874.5439567.586-.043
Mike Scioscia2001101407587.4638280.506-.043
Ken Macha20032601409666.59310359.636-.043
Dusty Baker20011001609072.5569765.599-.043
Eric Wedge2003201406894.4207488.457-.037
Jim Fregosi1988101407190.4417785.475-.034
Bobby Cox19962431409666.5939054.625-.032
Bobby Cox2004140221609666.59310161.623-.031
Tony LaRussa19895121409963.61110458.642-.031
John McNamara1985101408181.5008676.531-.031
Larry Dierker19994841609765.59910260.630-.031
Bob Lillis1984211208082.4948577.525-.031
Ron Gardenhire20034441409072.5569467.584-.028
Joe Morgan19911601408478.5198874.543-.025
Johnny Oates1993501408577.5258973.549-.025
Butch Hobson1994101405461.4708082.494-.024
Terry Collins1996301408280.5067668.528-.022
Bobby Cox1999981016010359.63610656.654-.019
Cito Gaston1990601408676.5318973.549-.019
Lou Piniella19963531408576.5287966.545-.017
Joe Torre200314014010161.62310358.640-.016
Bobby Valentine20001601609468.5809766.595-.015
Tony LaRussa20013841609369.5749567.586-.012
Jim Leyland1992109201209666.5939864.605-.012
Dusty Baker19983961608974.5469072.556-.010
Phil Garner1995401406579.4515362.461-.009
Phil Garner19974251407883.4848082.494-.009
Bobby Cox200356616010161.62310159.631-.008
Dallas Green1995301406975.4795558.487-.008
Lou Piniella1987101408973.5499072.556-.006
Cito Gaston19934961409567.5869666.593-.006
Felipe Alou2000101606795.4146894.420-.006
Jerry Manuel1998401408082.4948081.497-.003
Mike Hargrove19931011407686.4697686.469.000
Bobby Valentine1990401408379.5128379.512.000
Bobby Cox1984901408973.5498973.549.000
Frank Robinson2003301608379.5128379.512.000
Bobby Valentine1998501608874.5438874.543.000
Jackie Moore1985401407785.4757785.475.000
Jim Tracy20014841608676.5318676.531.000
Chuck Tanner198344248478.5198478.519.000

Someone was a big Dusty Baker fan. The Giants lost one more game in 1994 than 1993, playing 47 fewer games, their winning percentage dropped 158 points, and yet someone thought Baker was the third best manager in the NL.

Mike Hargrove appears on the list three times. His team declined by at least 80 percentage points in two successive seasons (1996-97). Maybe I should have called it the award the Mikes, but modesty prevailed.

Bobby Cox and Felipe Alou made the list this year. But they represent the contingent, like Jim Leyland in 1992 and Torre post-1998, of managers continuing to win after major losses—free agency, retirement, etc.—to the team. So clearly this comparing the team's record to the previous season's is an imperfect tool at best.

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