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One More Day! One More Day! One More Day!
2004-11-02 00:48
by Mike Carminati

I have avoided getting political on this baseball-only site but on the eve of the election, I could not resist.

On my train ride home from work today, I happened to sit next to a woman with a Bush-Cheney button on the lapel of her middle class burka, for lack of a better word, reading some sort of romance novel inspired by the life of Bill O'Reilly. I turned to her in my smarmiest urbanity and said, "You're for Bush. Good for you. I was accosted by some Lyndon LaRouche nut on the street today."—This was true. "She said to me that the American voter is going to send Bush back to Texas. Can you believe it? Ha ha ha."

We had a good laugh until she asked me what I said to the LaRouche woman. "I said that the b*stard never left Texas—he's been vacationing there for four years anyway." And her jaw just dropped.

Now, that's a true story…except for the fact that I never spoke to either lady. My mother always taught me not to talk to strangers. But I thought up the zingers all by myself in my wittle pea brain. Besides, the pleasure derived from the thought of it far exceeds the pleasure of the actual doing of it. So why destroy the unalloyed pleasure with some messy reality.

Now, John Kerry will win the election tomorrow. Well, probably not tomorrow, but two or three months down the line after all the lawsuits and counter-lawsuits have been adjudicated. How do I know this? First, the Packers beat the Redskins 28-14 on Sunday. Apparently, the Redskins, besides having the most racist team name in sports, are a sort of Nostradamus-esque augurer of the presidential election. Every election year since 1936, after the Redskins moved to D.C., if they win the final home game before the election, the incumbent wins. If the lose, the challenger will be elected. Therefore, their loss to the Pack (and I don’t mean the wolf pack) ensures that Kerry will win.

Besides, the Redskins moved from Boston, doubly good news for Kerry. And the Red Sox just won their first ring in 86 years. All good signs.

Finally, I know that Kerry will win because if there is a god like Bush so adamantly proclaims he/she/they have a special level of purgatory all ready set aside for Dubya and cannot allow the blight of this administration to continue. I read today that a report estimates that upwards of a hundred thousand Iraqi nationals might have lost their lives already because of this unnecessary war. Add in the eleven thousand American troops, and there's a large toll being paid for the administration's purported desire to bring freedom to this country--that was the latest version, right?--, all the while relieving them of their unnecessary oil.

I don't think that my random ramblings will change anyone's vote. However, please remember to go out and vote. It's everyone's right and obligation. That is, unless you’re a Bush supporter; then, I must tell you that your man has it in the bag and you might as well just stay home and watch it on TV. I believe that this is the worst administration that I've seen in my lifetime—and I remember Nixon. The only way to get rid of it is by voting it out, and we still have the right to do that tomorrow. There's no guarantee that right will still be around in four more years, however.

The vast majority seems to want this administration gone but is unsure on Kerry. The one dig on him that you seem to hear is that he's not decisive enough. However, if anyone caught Kerry's recorded statements on Iraq prior to the war that were broadcast on PBS's "Frontline" tonight, you saw a man who knew where this war was headed and someone who decided not to support it for all the reasons that we now know are turning it into this millennium's Vietnam. If you see that this administration has a horrific track record on any issue that you care to explore, which is certainly the case, why not give someone else a chance? Like chicken soup, it can't hurt.

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