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Organizational Skills
2005-04-04 21:14
by Mike Carminati
Your organization is not a praying institution. It's a fighting institution. It's an educational institution right along industrial lines. Pray for the dead and fight like hell for the living!
—Mother "Ruppert" Jones

After reviewing the Phils' ineptness in drafting and developing pitchers, I thought it might be fun to look at how all organizations have fared in developing talent overall. First, I must warn you that copious tables are to follow.

The first set of table deals with how well each team has done based on the three basic avenues that are used to acquire minor-league talent. Those three are the amateur draft (instituted 1965), amateur free agents (and so-called "bonus babies"), and minor-league acquisitions from other teams (Rule V draft picks, minor-league draft picks, first-year waiver picks, and first-year draft picks).

For each Win Shares and Win Shares Above Baseline (WSAB) are listed based on the players' entire careers and also on their performance with that particular team only. Those values are averaged per draft class. Finally, the ratio of team WS/WSAB as compared to the overall career values is listed. Those ratios show how well teams retain and develop talent.

Amateur Draft:

FranchiseWS/YrWSAB/YrTeam WS%Team WSAB%
Boston Red Sox225.1491.8147%50%
Oakland Athletics222.8086.7141%47%
Pittsburgh Pirates187.2670.5634%32%
Los Angeles Dodgers202.9769.6741%47%
Seattle Mariners183.4367.5741%43%
Cincinnati Reds201.9167.3446%54%
Montreal Expos190.2267.2244%50%
Anaheim Angels203.0366.1441%47%
Toronto Blue Jays176.7563.7144%48%
St. Louis Cardinals190.2063.3742%48%
Kansas City Royals183.1262.4848%55%
Milwaukee Brewers175.5060.9750%49%
Atlanta Braves167.3660.4451%55%
Chicago Cubs163.8960.0030%30%
Minnesota Twins179.0859.3353%57%
New York Mets184.5058.3535%37%
San Francisco Giants174.1957.1741%46%
Texas Rangers184.6657.0934%31%
Cleveland Indians161.1755.3135%35%
New York Yankees172.5654.7626%35%
Philadelphia Phillies159.6351.9743%47%
Baltimore Orioles149.3451.4650%58%
Houston Astros132.6549.0043%48%
Detroit Tigers148.9748.6952%60%
San Diego Padres141.9148.5245%48%
Chicago White Sox125.8943.9254%58%
Colorado Rockies85.4428.5648%61%
Florida Marlins63.1315.5025%12%
Arizona Diamondbacks45.7511.7517%13%
Tampa Bay Devil Rays40.838.8356%79%

Amateur Free Agents

FranchiseWS/YrWSAB/YrTeam WS%Team WSAB%
Los Angeles Dodgers172.4365.3846%56%
New York Yankees148.7856.5352%65%
Atlanta Braves131.9855.2454%64%
San Francisco Giants131.5553.9649%57%
Pittsburgh Pirates156.5753.9247%53%
Cincinnati Reds127.7352.2745%51%
Philadelphia Phillies131.7851.8737%40%
St. Louis Cardinals125.5249.1747%53%
Baltimore Orioles104.7341.9646%52%
Houston Astros96.4139.2242%42%
Detroit Tigers99.4538.3355%59%
Cleveland Indians93.6237.3329%31%
New York Mets96.5437.1538%42%
Boston Red Sox106.1534.4149%56%
Chicago White Sox87.6731.2935%31%
Minnesota Twins74.8931.0554%60%
Chicago Cubs71.5428.6450%55%
Oakland Athletics79.4227.3940%43%
Florida Marlins76.8626.0017%11%
Montreal Expos72.6625.1740%48%
San Diego Padres64.9022.1012%11%
Texas Rangers53.7620.1943%45%
Toronto Blue Jays61.7819.6541%57%
Arizona Diamondbacks38.7516.7537%53%
Seattle Mariners37.0414.3352%58%
Kansas City Royals36.179.4350%65%
Anaheim Angels37.117.9538%47%
Tampa Bay Devil Rays15.335.670%0%
Colorado Rockies27.604.0060%58%
Milwaukee Brewers19.613.7067%71%

Minor-League Picks

FranchiseWS/YrWSAB/YrTeam WS%Team WSAB%
Toronto Blue Jays30.2810.1659%61%
Florida Marlins25.259.5016%20%
Houston Astros27.639.1334%46%
Chicago White Sox22.717.6221%12%
Texas Rangers23.057.3744%40%
Pittsburgh Pirates18.546.4267%82%
Boston Red Sox12.125.6037%41%
Chicago Cubs21.915.5341%36%
Atlanta Braves15.155.4535%36%
Seattle Mariners15.925.0417%12%
New York Mets14.054.5024%17%
Oakland Athletics20.024.3730%36%
Baltimore Orioles14.824.0461%68%
Detroit Tigers10.743.9442%42%
St. Louis Cardinals11.563.7519%13%
Anaheim Angels14.123.6634%31%
Cleveland Indians14.783.3312%5%
Minnesota Twins11.553.0464%72%
Milwaukee Brewers9.122.6520%4%
Tampa Bay Devil Rays13.002.504%0%
Cincinnati Reds9.152.3841%32%
San Diego Padres10.352.2350%68%
Philadelphia Phillies10.302.1752%69%
Montreal Expos7.031.2835%27%
Los Angeles Dodgers5.000.8712%3%
San Francisco Giants4.440.6137%6%
New York Yankees3.730.3523%17%
Kansas City Royals5.120.2747%46%
Colorado Rockies4.400.2068%100%


FranchiseWS/YrWSAB/YrTeam WS%Team WSAB%
Los Angeles Dodgers292.88105.7744%52%
Boston Red Sox258.3497.3947%51%
Pittsburgh Pirates270.3396.7543%46%
Atlanta Braves239.5993.8452%60%
Cincinnati Reds251.6492.4745%52%
Montreal Expos262.4491.1943%49%
New York Yankees253.2888.9542%54%
New York Mets258.5488.1236%38%
Houston Astros232.3288.0741%46%
St. Louis Cardinals238.5386.5043%49%
Toronto Blue Jays246.9285.9645%51%
Philadelphia Phillies236.5984.5540%43%
San Francisco Giants228.7583.9545%52%
Seattle Mariners220.2480.9641%44%
Texas Rangers239.1877.5637%36%
Oakland Athletics212.8976.5640%45%
Baltimore Orioles203.4874.6749%55%
Cleveland Indians199.8972.4831%32%
Chicago Cubs193.6470.9838%40%
Kansas City Royals214.6269.2448%56%
Detroit Tigers192.8069.1353%58%
Chicago White Sox190.2266.7442%41%
Anaheim Angels216.5565.8840%46%
Minnesota Twins181.7265.5754%59%
San Diego Padres187.2662.7638%41%
Milwaukee Brewers187.8061.8050%48%
Florida Marlins138.3342.4420%13%
Colorado Rockies103.2230.8950%61%
Arizona Diamondbacks84.5028.5027%36%
Tampa Bay Devil Rays52.8312.5043%56%

Next, we'll look at how each organization performed per decade.

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