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The Big Catastasis
2005-03-30 21:48
by Mike Carminati

Andres Galarraga retired the other day, shuffling off his Met-al coil with 399 home runs to his credit. I found it odd because I saw a Mets-Nats game the other day in which Galarraga went yard, as the kids are wont to say. That got me wondering how many players left the game within striking distance of a milestone.

Here are the inactive batters who were close to 500, 400, or 300 home runs:

Fred McGriff493
Lou Gehrig493
Al Kaline399
Andres Galarraga399
Dale Murphy398
Joe Carter396
Graig Nettles390
Rickey Henderson297
Kent Hrbek293
Rusty Staub292
Jimmy Wynn291

Next are those close to milestones for hits, 3000, 2500, or 2000:

Sam Rice2987
Sam Crawford2961
Mickey Vernon2495
Fred McGriff2490
Ted Simmons2472
Joe Medwick2471
Roger Connor2467
Harry Hooper2466
Ozzie Smith2460
Lloyd Waner2459
Bill Dahlen2457
Jim Rice2452
Jimmy Collins1999
Del Pratt1996
Willie Horton1993
George Scott1992
Gee Walker1991
Charlie Jamieson1990
Dusty Baker1981
Cy Williams1981
George Hendrick1980
Sam Thompson1979
Phil Cavarretta1977
Bill Dickey1969
Minnie Minoso1963
Jay Bell1963
Fred Lynn1960
Ben Chapman1958
Toby Harrah1954
Tom Brown1951

Now, the pitchers. Who was close to 300, 250, or 200 wins?

Bobby Mathews297
Vic Willis249
Jack Quinn247
Joe McGinnity246
Dennis Martinez245
Jack Powell245
Amos Rusie245
Bucky Walters198
Jack Chesbro198
Jesse Tannehill197
Adonis Terry197
Dazzy Vance197
Bob Friend197
Larry French197
Dennis Eckersley197
Bob Shawkey196
Claude Osteen196
Joe Bush195
Ed Walsh195

Finally, we have strikeout milestones: 3000, 2500, and 2000 (I left Appier because there are rumors of his retiring):

Don Drysdale2486
Jack Morris2478
Mark Langston2464
Jim Kaat2461
Sam McDowell2453
Billy Pierce1999
Kevin Appier1994
Red Ruffing1987
John Clarkson1978
Bob Welch1969
Whitey Ford1956
Bobby Witt1955
2005-03-30 23:06:35
1.   chiefpedro
El Presidente was perfectly satisfied with winning one more game than someone else from his country (Venezuela?), who had 244 wins. It took a long time to become the winningest pitcher from that country (venezuala?), so I think its ok when he retires. But whats the story about Bobby Matthews?

Fred McGriff hit 15 homers in 369 at-bats during 2003-2004. At that pace, he would need 172 additional at-bats to get to 500. He´d probably need around 42 at-bats to get to 2500 hits. Its tough to miss out, but 172 at-bats is almost half a season.

2005-03-31 08:58:11
2.   Mike Carminati

Matthews was one of those 19th century guys who pitched until their arm fell off. His did just 3 wins shy of 300, when that number was not yet golden. Three more and he probably would have been swept into the Hall by one of the old Vets Committees induction-by-the-boatload Hall classes. He also was the first reported coach or "coacher", which we know because he sued the old A's for services as such a year after his retirement.

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