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ALCS Game 3
2004-10-16 21:22
by Mike Carminati

You know the drill. Two-zip Yankees. Rainout yesterday. A O Let's go:

Yanks 1st

Jeter—0-1, three balls, last checked swing Foul. Foul. Walks.

A-Rod—3-1 change that doesn't break, down into the right field corner. Jeter scores, double. Yanks 1-0. Bad way to start at home. The crowd is silent.

Sheffield—two bad swings, enough to foul it off. Deep fly to the warning track in center. Deep enough for A-Rod to tag up.

Matsui—1-2 fastball, too much plate, right over the wall in right. 3-0 Yanks. It gets worse for Red Sox.

Arroyo interview—he has cornrows like Bo Derek. Does everyone on this team have screwed up hair?

Williams—Singles through on right.

Posada—1-2, taps to second, easy DP. Yanks 3-0, but the let Arroyo off the hook.

Red Sox 1st

Damon—High one bounce chop behind the bag at second, nice play Jeter, gets him by a stride.

Bellhorn—Ks on four pitches.

Ramirez—slider low. Foul. McCarver suggest Brown "get him off" corrects himself "get 'm out". Low. Inside. Grounds to A-Rod behind the bag on two hops, nice play, too late at first.

Ortiz—ball. Strike called. Too high—2-1. outside—3-1. Chopper through to right. Ramirez going to third all the way. Nice throw Sheffield to A-Rod on one hop. Out. Inning over. McCarver irate.

Yanks 2nd

Sierra—2-0, called on outer half. Gapper to left, double. Silent at Fenway.

Ramirez replay shows that he was safe on high tag but very close.

Olerud—0-1, jammed to short.

Cairo—fouls out to first on first pitch.

Jeter—change right over outer half of plate—called ball. Same pitch, further outside, 2-0. Change low—3-0. Taking, over the plate, 3-1. Outer half—fouls to right, 3-2. Same pitch on outer half that doesn't break, Jeter goes the other way, deep but playable.

Red Sox 2nd

Varitek—inside ball one.Ball. Again inside. Taking—3-1. Inside and low—walks as McCarver says "And yet he has good control." Maybe he should shut up and watch the game.

Nixon—2-seamer over plate—called strike, same but inside—1-1. Tipped at plate—1-2. Too far outside—2-2. Slider grooves a bit but low and inner half, Nixon gets all of it, right over rightfield wall. Yanks 3-2, the Red Sox faithless wake up. "That was a sinker that ended up sinking about 375 away in the stands, not the plate"—McCarver.

Millar-1-1, two-seamer too much plate, Millar hits it deep but playable.

Mueller—2-1, same pitch as Nixon but more plate, double.

Brown—Leiter says that he's missing spots, but no movement on his fastball. They're turning on it. The Nixon ball location was fine. Losing it—3-0. "Kevin" chant. Called backdoor. 3-2. Outer half, high hop to third, out.

Damon—first-pitch, same two-seamer inside to lefty but up. Chops to first, Olerud deflects it to right of Cairo and Mueller scores (will McCarver blame Olerud for going after the ball?). Cairo throws home. Damon to second. Tied 3-3.

Bellhorn—slider (first?), crosses up Posada—should have been outside but in, wild pitch, Damon to third. Fastball—called. Slider—way in front. In dirt—2-2. Taps foul. Posada to mound. Full count. Ball 4 very low.

Ramirez—Leiter thinks Posada stole the Red Sox signs and is relaying them. Strike called. Vazquez up in pen. Aah, Steven King. High fastball right to Jeter on short hop, drops it, picks and flips to second too late. Red Sox 4-3. Ruled a hit at first then an error. "Omar Vizquel must be the official scorer tonight"—goo one by Buck

Ortiz—1-0, inside fastball fouls but just missed. In dirt—2-1."It's remarkable how manty multi-run innings start with a walk"—McCarver the pompous ass, Ball three way outside. Hard to Cairo's left, knocks it down, out.

Yanks 3rd

A-Rod—2-1, Big hanging curve right over the plate, way out in left. Tied 4-4. Ball thrown back—what, is this Wrigley?

Sheffield—2-1. Walks.

Mastui—Mendoza in pen. Hangs a breaker but at least inside, fouls deep to right. Outside. Called. Low. Foul. High—called ball. Full count. Change slings to rightfield corner. Double. Sheffield to third. Arroyo is gone.

Mendoza in.

Williams—outside ball. Change outer half—way in front. Again. Change away—not as much break, singles. Yanks 5-4. Matsui to third.

Posada—low change called strike. Fans quiet again—Sheez, this game is far from over. Low—1-1. Leiter thinks the Yankees stole the signs since Williams anticipated pitch, but had just had two. Change called. Balks in a run. Moves back foot and then goes home. Francona arguing. Ball taken off, back to 1-2. I've never seen that, will check rule. Pops—first out.

Sierra—outside—but called strike. Same—now ball. In dirt—2-1. Low—3-1. strikes swinging but Fox shows replay—miss pitch. Change in dirt, Sierra goes, tagged by Varitek.

Olerud—strike on outside borderline pitch. Farther outside—ball. Inside. Leskanic up in pen. In dirt—3-1. Tapper to short, inside but Varitek set up outside.

Red Sox 3rd

Vazquez in.

Varitek—Foul. Low. High inner half—called ball. Little lower—pops foul to left. Checked swing on low. High inner half (slider?)—slings to right. Howie Long—where's Terri Hatcher?

Nixon—change inner half. Fouled. Balled way inside. Foul tip. Gone on change.

Millar—change too far outside. Backdoor—takes for called strike. Foul tip—1-2. Change hangs right over plate. Off green monster, Matsui plays carom right but throws to third too late. Millar to second, bad pitch, bad play.

Mueller—low. Inside. Stottlemyre to mound. Millar insterview—WTF? Looks like the guy with the albino kid playing banjo. High and outside—3-0. Fouls off grooved fastball low. Outside—ball. Walks bases full.

Cabrera—Leiter likes the fact that Vazquez could get nothing over plate to Mueller. Change grooved, fouled straight back, just missed. Strike called, 6" outside. Tries again—but now ball. Change, a little too much plate, but foul. Outer half—fouls to right. Way outside, gets past Posada, but no one advances. McCarver likes it, not sure why. Low—Full count. Fenway Faithless finally excited. Goes to right, Sheffield in too far, runs across bad angle, Williams retrieves, Cairo relay just misses second runner but gets one from first. Tie ballgame. Two outs, Man on third.

Damon—Strike called. Ball ball. Foul. Outside—Full count. Steps off—crowd wants balk. Inside, grounds to first, Olerud behind bag to Vazquez to end inning. This is some weird game.

Yanks 4th

Cairo—HBP, Fox has a nice split screen with a camera on each runner for Cabrera hit, shows Millar went to tag up at second holding up Mueller who was going the whole way. Mendoza gone.

Leskanic in.

Jeter—Excuse me foul tip. High and tight on hands, just misses him. Lines to right, nice catch and dive by Nixon.

A-Rod—Called strike. Sinker in dirt—goes. 0-2. Wakefield up in pen. Inside—1-2. Maybe Lowe to go tomorrow. Fouls high heat straight back. Outside—2-2. Buck speculating that Schilling may be back in rotation. In dirt—3-2. Low, Cairo going, Varitek stands to throw as A-Rod goes to first. No throw. Walk.

Sheffield—outside ball. High breaking pitch that doesn’t break—way out in left, three runs score. Yanks 9-6. Reminds of game 4 of the 1993 Series.

Matsui-strike called. Ball. High fastball outer half, goes other way to left field corner. Double. Leskanic out. Wakefield in—weird, wasn't effective in game one but can eat up innings.

Williams—Pops to first on first pitch.

Posada—IBB, I can't help but feel that brining in Wakefield is an act of desperation. I can't see how the Sox can now win the series no matter what happens today.

Sierra—strike called outer half. Swings through knuckle ball, 0-2. "Knuckle ball really a misnomer—it's thrown with the fingertips"—McCarver. Foul grounder to right. I always thought it was knuckler as in the ball knuckles down. Ball. Knuckleball stays up a bit, slings to right, gets past Nixon, Triple, two more runs. Yanks 11-6.

Olerud—lines out on first pitch.

Sox 4th

Bellhorn—Ks on slider on three pitches.

Ramirez—two quick fastballs right on plate, outer half. Fouled off. Four-seamer—rides high and inside. Manny, charge the mound! Fouled off. Change outside and in the dirt. Fastball outer half—looked good, but called ball. Fouls to right. Fouls off fastball. Rising fastball—looked like he swung through it and Posada dropped (?). Fouled to right. Rising fastball—fouled back. Outside just off plate, walk. 11 pitches.

Ortiz—Deep but foul to left. Low—1-1. Change low and inside—2-1. Fouls to right, angry that he missed that one. Lines to right for a single on inner half low fastball.

Stottlemyre to the mound. "We have seen more of Mel Stottlemyre than the Cardinals did in the 1964 World Series"—Buck is on a roll. Sturtze up in pen.

Varitek—Ball. Vazquez no longer getting ahead. Well inside almost crossed up Posada. Inside fastball, lined to Olerud, doubles off Ortiz.

Yanks 5th

Cairo—1-1 to deep short, Cabrera to his right, near outfield cutout, leaps to throw across body, gets Cairo by a step. Wasn't he running? Very good play.

Jeter—2-2 right at his head. 3-2. Foul. Way outside, walks.

A-Rod—throw to first, chases one outside and low. Way in front of ball over plate. A-Rod's not been seeing breaking stuff well all series. In dirt, blocked, 1-2. Throws to frist—why so worried about Jeter? Again to first—Sox fans booing. High and outer half. Gapper to right. Double. Yanks 12-6.

Sheffield—Misses knuckler low, low and outside, hits on into LF bleachers off his shoetops. 1-2. Inside—2-2. Sheffield lines past Ramirez, to wall, runs scores. Double. Yanks 13-6. You could hear a pin drop.

Mastui—takes called strike. Fouls off high inner half. Outside—1-2. Woman sleeping in stands. High and outside, 2-2. Flies to left.

Williams—Nice pitch on outside corner. Fouled behind Red Sox dugout. Thrown back onto field. High, Williams almost went. Ks on outer half, way in front.

Sox 5th

Stars of Arrested Development—Fox doing far less in-game self-promotion.

Bud Selig in attendance, unusual not to have mouth full of food when on screen.

Nixon—0-1 Flies out to Williams.

Millar—1-1, Called strike, outside in dirt, fouled off. Baserunning blunders "can put a tourniquet on an inning faster than anything"—McCarver—Huh? Foul. Pops out to Cairo.

Mueller-0-1, grounds out to second.

1-2-3 inning makes Sox look completely demoralized.

Yanks 6th

Posada—0-1, Keeps hands back but doesn't get all of pitch right over the plate, deep but Damon tracks it down.

Sierra—two called, low. Johnny Cash's "I've been everyehere (Man)." I love that guy. Damon to the wall, catches it in the corner in straightaway center.

Olerud—Deep but foul to left. Ball. Woman crying in stands. Called strike. Ball. Stephen King—oohm that's scary. Foul. Grounds to Cabrera. Olerud limps into first.

1-2-3 again. C'mon, this is just the sixth.

Red Sox 6th

Clark replaces Olerud.

Cabrera—Foul. Grooves change high—gapper to left-center, Double.

Olerud says that the bat hit him on way out of box.

Damon—pops to shallow right.

Bellhorn—0-2. Dope talking to Stephen King, seems like a nice guy, keeps it in perspective, Chris Myers calls situation "horrifying" and King's hopes "unrealistic". Ks

Ramirez—ball. Ball off the plate—umps calls it, want to go home. Heredia and Sturtze up in pen. Leiter calls Clemens greatest pitcher ever. Called strike outer half. McCarver—sees Leiter's analysis an opportunity to get on soapbox, wants to move mound back up to 15". Outside. 2-2. Hangs breaker inside, fouls off. Posada to mound. Ks on slider.

Yanks 7th

Cairo—tests Cabrera again, but this time he ran it out, infield single.

Jeter—Foul. Flies to left-center, pop-slide by Damon to get it. Nice play.

A-Rod—0-1, fouls, pop post second, Bellhorn drops the ball running on his heels. Gets the force though.

Sheffield—Misses knuckler. Fouled straight back. Sheffield is either feast or famine against the knuckler. He's too anxious a hitter but his bat is so quick he catches up to it in a hurry. Fouled down third base line. Ball. 2-2. Off the middle of the monster. Just a single though.

Wakefield gone. Timlin in.

Mastui—ball. High strike, he's all over it, bounces past Bellhorn, one run in, first and third. Yanks 14-6. Matsui has really impressed me this offseason.

Williams—Full count, Deep to center, Damon jumps at wall and misses it. Double. Two runs. Yanks 16-6.

Posada—2-0, called strike inner half. Golfs one off the green monster in left-center. Double. Yanks 17-6. Red Sox fan shaking his head. Conference at mound. Why not just let Embree finish it up now. Myers in pen.

Sierra—called strike. Two-hopper to Cabrera.

"God Bless America" by a State Trooper. Hey, he pulled me over with 20 other cars en masse on the Mass Pike once. "Barnakey, he still owes me money." This guy is so into it he doesn't even need the mic.

Sox 7th

Ortiz—1-1, Turns on inside fatsball, goes other way, off the base of the LF wall. Matsui holds him to a single.

Varitek—Quantrill in the pen. 1-1 fastball on the plate, too ,much plate, deep to center. 2 runs. Yanks 17-8.

Nixon—A-Rod to mound, Ortiz pulled something on that play. Ball inside. Outside. Strike called. Low and inside—3-1. Fouled off. Grooves one inside, deep to right, but Sheffield has it in front of the track.

Vazquez gone, may have pitched himself into a start in the World Series. Quantrill in.

Millar—called strike. Ball low. Fouled hard into LF stands. Low—2-2. Sturtze up in pen. Grounds hard to Jeter.

Mueller—Foul liner off fans hands. Ump gives him the ball. Nice. Will he throw it back? Same way but fair into corner, Matsui again holds batter to a single.

Cabrera—strike called. Ball low. Outside corner—called. "Football score in the wrong game"—McCarver. Slider too much plate, to center. Runners at first and second.

Damon—Stottlemyre to mound. Look Fox, Johnny Cash is one thing but Barry Manilow? C'mon. 0-1 Foul tip, Gordon and Strurtze up in pen. Poked to Matsui. Damon is having a horrible series.

Yanks 8th

Sidearmer Myers in. Mirabelli catching.

Clark—strike called. Inside ball. Called 1-2. Foul. Borderline low—2-2. Strikes out on change (?).

Cairo—Ball. Called strike outer half. In dirt. Inside. Leiter is daring the Red Sox not to show up tomorrow if not ready to win. Swings through two.

Jeter—Foul tip. A-Rod doesn't through foul tip to crowd and is booed. Weren't they throwing them back. 2-2. Foul. Jams on an inside pitch, fists it into shallow right. Single.

A-Rod grounds to left of second base. Bellhorn gets to it, flips to second.

Red Sox 8th

Bellhorn—Ball. Called strike—looked a bit low. Fouls. Again. Strikes out on a nice fastball on the inside corner.

Ramirez—ball low. Fouls. Soft fly to center.

"Lean on Me"—for Red Sox fans.

Ortiz—foul. Inside. Timlin up in pen. Steps out. Sharp foul back. Graphic: Martinez has a 4.77 ERA on 4-day's rest. 2.98 on 5. Wow. Ortiz gone on high heat.

Yanks 9th

Sheffield—Called strike. Singles to center. Bubba Crosby in to PR

Matsui—HR to right, just into corner of stands jutting out. Yanks 19-8. Looked like cutter inside.

Williams—called strike on outside corner. Singles to left side. Foulke up in pen, more bad news for Sox.

Posada—2-0, line drive over Bellhorn. First and second.

Sierra—inside. Called on outer half. Again, fouled deep to right. Called strike on the corner.

Clark—1-1, fouled back. High. Foul. In the dirt. Foul. Again. Hits ball four outside on a line to third, Williams doubled off second.

Sox 9th

Gordon in. Crosby in right.

Mirabelli—2-1. Pops to second.

Nixon—ball—Buck says 400th pitch of the night. Foul to left. Foul down first base line. Foul. Doubles off center field wall on fastball with too much plate.

Millar—foul. Insane man with rally cap. Way outside, gets past Posada. Nixon to third. Called wild pitch, but Posada didn't do much to stop it. Feway looks empty. What is this, Atlanta? Chase fastball way outside. Lollipop two-seamer over plate—Ks.

Mueller—high ball. Outside 2-0. Flies to Williams.

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