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Gaylord, Lefty, and Big Unit (Say Hey)
2004-08-18 23:05
by Mike Carminati

One thing that I should have mentioned about the floundering Diamondbacks is that Randy Johnson is on pace to win one third of their games. Right now they have 36 wins and Johnson has 12 of them.

No one has won that large a percentage of their team's wins since Steve Carlton and Gaylord Perry both did it in 1972. Before those two, no one had accomplished this "feat" since 1952. Johnson would be the first man to do it since the advent of the five-man rotation (or at least since it became de rigueur). Of course, if he does get traded that puts the kibosh on this dubious mark, but then again, if he does stick with the D-Backs, they don't seem to be doing much when Johnson is not on the mound.

Below are all the pitchers who have done it since 1900. Note that four-man rotations did not become commonplace until the late 1890s, so 379 men did it in the 19th century.

PitcherYrTeamTeam WTeam LTeam PCTWLPCT
Gaylord Perry1972Cleveland Indians7284.4622416.600
Steve Carlton1972Philadelphia Phillies5997.3782710.730
Murry Dickson1952Pittsburgh Pirates42112.2731421.400
Ned Garver1951St. Louis Browns52102.3382012.625
Bob Feller1946Cleveland Indians6886.4422615.634
Bob Feller1941Cleveland Indians7579.4872513.658
Bobo Newsom1938St. Louis Browns5597.3622016.556
Curt Davis1934Philadelphia Phillies5693.3761917.528
Ted Lyons1930Chicago White Sox6292.4032215.595
Ed Morris1928Boston Red Sox5796.3731915.559
Jimmy Ring1923Philadelphia Phillies50104.3251816.529
Eddie Rommel1922Philadelphia Athletics6589.4222713.675
Red Faber1921Chicago White Sox6292.4032515.625
Urban Shocker1921St. Louis Browns8173.5262712.692
Pete Alexander1920Chicago Cubs7579.4872714.659
Walter Johnson1919Washington Senators5684.4002014.588
Scott Perry1918Philadelphia Athletics5276.4062019.513
Burleigh Grimes1918Brooklyn Robins5769.452199.679
Wilbur Cooper1917Pittsburgh Pirates51103.3311711.607
Pete Alexander1917Philadelphia Phillies8765.5723013.698
Pete Alexander1916Philadelphia Phillies9162.5953312.733
Joe Bush1916Philadelphia Athletics36117.2351524.385
Elmer Myers1916Philadelphia Athletics36117.2351423.378
Pete Alexander1915Philadelphia Phillies9062.5923110.756
Walter Johnson1914Washington Senators8173.5262818.609
Pete Alexander1914Philadelphia Phillies7480.4812715.643
Claude Hendrix1914Chicago Chi-Feds8767.5652910.744
Walter Johnson1913Washington Senators9064.584367.837
Slim Sallee1913St. Louis Cardinals5199.3401915.559
Walter Johnson1912Washington Senators9161.5993312.733
Ed Walsh1912Chicago White Sox7876.5062717.614
Walter Johnson1911Washington Senators6490.4162513.658
Pete Alexander1911Philadelphia Phillies7973.5202813.683
Ed Walsh1911Chicago White Sox7774.5102718.600
Nap Rucker1911Brooklyn Dodgers6486.4272218.550
Walter Johnson1910Washington Senators6685.4372517.595
Al Mattern1909Boston Doves45108.2941521.417
Christy Mathewson1908New York Giants9856.6363711.771
Ed Walsh1908Chicago White Sox8864.5794015.727
Cy Young1907Boston Red Sox5990.3962115.583
Case Patten1906Washington Senators5595.3671916.543
Irv Young1905Boston Beaneaters51103.3312021.488
Case Patten1904Washington Senators38113.2521423.378
Jack Chesbro1904New York Highlanders9259.6094112.774
Joe McGinnity1903New York Giants8455.6043120.608
Christy Mathewson1903New York Giants8455.6043013.698
Jack Taylor1902Chicago Orphans6869.4962311.676
Vic Willis1902Boston Beaneaters7364.5332720.574
Togie Pittinger1902Boston Beaneaters7364.5332716.628
Cy Young1902Boston Somersets7760.5623211.744
Dummy Taylor1901New York Giants5285.3801827.400
Christy Mathewson1901New York Giants5285.3802017.541
Bill Reidy1901Milwaukee Brewers4889.3501620.444
Noodles Hahn1901Cincinnati Reds5287.3742219.537
Cy Young1901Boston Americans7957.5813310.767
Joe McGinnity1901Baltimore Orioles6865.5112620.565
Joe McGinnity1900Brooklyn Superbas8254.603288.778

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