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This Is Getting Ugly
2004-08-05 22:19
by Mike Carminati

I once called the Red Sox a pathetic franchise in the truest sense of the word:

Etymology: Middle French or Late Latin; Middle French pathetique, from Late Latin patheticus, from Greek pathEtikos capable of feeling, pathetic, from paschein (aorist pathein) to experience, suffer -- more at PATHOS

John Henry is now bordering on stalking when it comes to his ex-player, Nomar Garciaparra. First, he leaked a story that Garciaparra not only turned down a lucrative contract prior to this season but that his agent had to prevent him from demanding a trade, a story his agent denies.

Now, some Red Sox officials have been cited in a Boston Globe story that Garciaparra showed up to spring training this year already injured. Nomar foolishly, is concentrating on his new team, but his agent offers that the story is "absolutely, positively [expletive]. Totally, unequivocally, positively false." What do you really think?

Apparently, the Red Sox officials have forgotten that their club is in the wild card chase. They are totally preoccupied with their ex-player, the one that got away apparently. I get the feeling that John Henry regrets jettisoning his former franchise player.

But what is to be done? Can't the Red Sox turn the page and focus on what is ahead of them? I get the feeling that they feel that they inadvertently threw in the towel, that they will inevitably come up short again this fall. I agree that it is now a harder row to hoe, but the Red Sox are right in the thick of things.

However, this franchise and the media that follow it are occupied in suffering, the pathos, therefore the tag pathetic. I can see why Henry's upset. He was awarded the team even though a higher offer was on the table. That was Bud Selig's first welfare payment to Henry. Next, Cliff Floyd was laundered for a couple of weeks in Montreal, Selig's personal slush fund, before being presented to the Red Sox. Last year, Kevin Millar was pried from the Japanese leagues even though he had already signed a contract with the Chunichi Dragons. Now, Henry has gone over a year since his last welfare payment. It's no wonder he's upset. Those corporate welfare mothers become accustomed to suckling at the corporate teat.

But don't worry. I'm sure that Bud will pry loose a starting pitcher for the Red Sox stretch drive once his contract extension goes through. How difficult would it be to get Randy Johnson through waivers anyway?

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