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Gross National Product
2004-08-02 12:33
by Mike Carminati

By Gregor Gross

Regarding the other day's ground-breaking scientific work, I have something to say for the record:

There is no way I can continue with data for the National League. As a matter of fact, there is really no team in the National League that I do care the least bit about. I am, by definition, an Indians fan. And I will not allow any other team to draw my attention from them. I mean, except this one, this one, this one and especially this one. And maybe this one. And this one. Beyond that, no teams from the National League as you can see.

There is some other thing. One of those National League teams thought it would be funny to obtain my most beloved baseball player. He does it all: walking, hitting the ball out of the yard, doing funny things with his stockings. I love him. The thing is, of course, he doesn't play for the Indians anymore. So you guess right, I'm really ****ed at the National League and especially at one of its teams.

So the solution is? I tell you: There will be no ranking of the National League team. Nada. Not with me. Not after this.

Come to think of it, I know someone who follows that team. As a real strange coincidence, this is a fellow I like to work together with. Especially doing some baseball related stuff. Like ... this one here. OK, I changed my mind. Here we go, starting with pitching (the higher the number, the better the team, by the way):

TeamERA-RankCorrel. * RankWHIP-RankCorrel. * Rank
Atlanta Braves211,4696,152
Philadelphia Phillies123,82105,383
Florida Marlins86,87677,69
NY Mets59,16886,921
Montreal Expos133,056123,845
SL Cardinals49,932112,304
Chicgo Cubs112,224211,535
Houston Astros 96,11268,459
Cincinnati Reds151,528142,307
Milwaukee Brewers77,64310,766
Pittsburgh Pirates105,348114,614
LA Dodgers68,40459,228
SD Padres310,69649,997
SF Giants114,584133,076
Colorado Rockies160,764160,769
Arizona Diamondbacks142,292151,538

TeamK/BB-RankCorrel. * RankK/9IP-RankCorrel. * Rank
Atlanta Braves94,84893,544
Philadelphia Phillies76,0683,987
Florida Marlins47,87845,759
NY Mets151,212150,886
Montreal Expos123,03103,101
SL Cardinals57,272112,658
Chicgo Cubs29,0917,088
Houston Astros 19,69626,645
Cincinnati Reds104,242131,772
Milwaukee Brewers38,48464,873
Pittsburgh Pirates113,63655,316
LA Dodgers85,45474,43
SD Padres66,666122,215
SF Giants141,818141,329
Colorado Rockies160,606160,443
Arizona Diamondbacks132,42436,202

TeamSum PitchingSuper Rank Pitching
Atlanta Braves26,0048
Philadelphia Phillies19,259
Florida Marlins28,2036
NY Mets18,18711
Montreal Expos13,03212
SL Cardinals32,1662
Chicgo Cubs39,9371
Houston Astros 30,9124
Cincinnati Reds9,84915
Milwaukee Brewers31,7633
Pittsburgh Pirates18,91410
LA Dodgers27,5167
SD Padres29,5745
SF Giants10,80714
Colorado Rockies2,58216
Arizona Diamondbacks12,45613

And batting:

TeamBA-RankCorrel. * RankOBP-RankCorrel. * Rank
Atlanta Braves103,83695,576
Philadelphia Phillies113,28839,758
Florida Marlins94,384104,879
NY Mets122,74114,182
Montreal Expos160,548160,697
SL Cardinals18,76849,061
Chicgo Cubs75,48142,091
Houston Astros 66,02858,364
Cincinnati Reds151,09686,273
Milwaukee Brewers132,192132,788
Pittsburgh Pirates56,576123,485
LA Dodgers37,67276,97
SD Padres47,12467,667
SF Giants84,932111,152
Colorado Rockies28,22210,455
Arizona Diamondbacks141,644151,394

TeamSLG-RankCorrel. * RankOPS-RankCorrel. * Rank
Atlanta Braves66,33685,778
Philadelphia Phillies47,48848,346
Florida Marlins113,456113,852
NY Mets85,184104,494
Montreal Expos160,576160,642
SL Cardinals28,6429,63
Chicgo Cubs38,06438,988
Houston Astros 75,7667,062
Cincinnati Reds104,03295,136
Milwaukee Brewers151,152151,284
Pittsburgh Pirates122,88123,21
LA Dodgers56,91276,42
SD Padres141,728132,568
SF Giants94,60857,704
Colorado Rockies19,216110,272
Arizona Diamondbacks132,304141,926

TeamSum BattingSuper Rank Batting
Atlanta Braves21,5268
Philadelphia Phillies28,883
Florida Marlins16,57111
NY Mets16,610
Montreal Expos2,46316
SL Cardinals36,0992
Chicgo Cubs24,6237
Houston Astros 27,2146
Cincinnati Reds16,53712
Milwaukee Brewers7,41614
Pittsburgh Pirates16,15113
LA Dodgers27,9745
SD Padres19,0879
SF Giants28,3964
Colorado Rockies38,1631
Arizona Diamondbacks7,26815

And super duper wise?

TeamSuper Duper SumSuper Duper Rank
Atlanta Braves23,7657
Philadelphia Phillies24,0656
Florida Marlins22,3878
NY Mets17,393513
Montreal Expos7,747516
SL Cardinals34,13251
Chicgo Cubs32,282
Houston Astros 29,0633
Cincinnati Reds13,19314
Milwaukee Brewers19,589511
Pittsburgh Pirates17,532512
LA Dodgers27,7454
SD Padres24,33055
SF Giants19,601510
Colorado Rockies20,37259
Arizona Diamondbacks9,86215

What do we see? Not much, except the Rockies hit like Pros and pitch like Cons. The Cardinals are strong in almost all categories and the National League Central is really the best division here. What else? Atlanta is truly mediocre so why they should lead their division no one knows. Also, the times have gone by when they would beat you with pitching. The Giants have Schmidt and no one else on the mound and no one told the Expos which end of the bat they should grip. Come to think of it, they probably haven't learned of this entire bat thing anyway.

So that's it. We are all a bit wiser now, I hope. And if it's only for knowledge of the number of teams I enjoy.

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