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Joe Morgan Chat Da(y) Ali G Show, Part II
2004-07-28 21:53
by Mike Carminati

Ali G: Booyakasha! Checkit, I iz back with my main geeza, Joe Morgan, to take more questions from yous geezas.

Some of yous asked, right, for a way to translate like wot I iz bangin' on about. I guess yous Americans don't recognize like da main bitch's English. Anyway, in da house's a glossary, like dem had in dat book "A Chocolate Orange", as well as a translata or two from english to ali g bang. Just fa wicked, in da house's a website translata into me lingo. Aiii.

Da Wicked (Bad) (continued like)

Darren Chicago: What seems to be the deal with Sammy Sosa? Could he still be trying to find his rhythm after the time on the DL? Or is it possible that his skills and career are beginning to decline? The Sosa I see now is the Sosa of 96-97 who struck out ALOT... Is this a phase?

I've noticed him striking out too. But I have to give him the benefit of the doubt because he was on the DL so long. I talked to him a few weeks ago and he said then he thought it would take awhile. But he still makes that team better. Without him they would struggle even more.

Ali G: Darren Chicago? Iz u da geeza dey named da city after?

Anyway, the geeza isn't strikin' out more. 'E's strikin out less dan last year and walkin more. In da house's a table of 'is strikeouts, walks (excludin' intentional), and westside runs pa plate appearance fa each season and fa 'is carea. Checkit:


'Is 2004 season isn't far accordin' to dose ratios from is 2000 season. 'Is average is just fifty points lowa' and 'e's missed more time. But da geeza is 35 now, wot do yous expect, every playa to be Barry Bonds?

Dieter - sf: Joe - what's your take on the Zambrano situation earlier this week? He complains that Edmonds got cocky, yet, Zambrano is constantly jumping around on the mound after K's, pointing fingers, etc. Should Dusty do somehting here?

I agree with you. Zambrano is more demonstrative than Edmonds from what I've seen. Dusty just says he's a hyper guy. But if he's going to jump around, the hitter can do what he wants to do. I don't like any of it. Nobody should be putting on a show to upstage the other guy. But it's not just Zambrano doing it. It will get even uglier as the pennant races heat up.

Ali G: It is wicked to comment on somethin whun it is obviously yous know nothin about da events concerned. Edmonds was 'it by a pitch in da first innin probably unintentionally coz it was first and third wiv two outs at da time. Thun he was plunked by da pitch right afta Scot Rolen's go-ahead 'oma in da eighf. It was about as overtly intentional as yous can get.

As far as wot Edmond did to provoke da plunkin, afta he was 'it da first time, he trotted down to first wiv no incident, no stares, no apparent comments. Afta 'is 'oma in da fourf, he simply ran da bases: he didn't celebrate or gloat at all. Checkit.

Scott (New Lenox, IL): Joe: Have you and Ryne Sandberg finally put aside your differences?

I've never had any differences with Ryne. People have said I'm trying to keep him out of the HOF but that's absurd. I think Bill Mazeroski is the best defensive 2B I ever saw. People seem to have a problem with that but it's how I feel. I've never had a difference with anybody. If you look in my history, I wrote a column that said I was surprised Sandberg didn't get more votes. I don't have a problem with anybody, but I guess they have a problem with me!

Ali G: 'Ey, innit jus' like askin a geeza if he still beats 'is wife. Innit wicked.

I think Bill Mazeroski is the best defensive 2B I ever saw.—Natta about your non-sequitor.

Obviously, Sandberg was known more fa is offense than is defense. innit da discussion, and obviously, Maz's and Sandberg's offense wuzn't comparable.

Me would dig da little "Mingin 'Arry" turn at da end. Is yous a bit paranoid or wot, Joe?

Katie (DC): Page2 has a you on their poll of best batting stances, who do you think has teh best stance?

I can't pick just one person. My idea of a good stance is a guy that is square to the pitcher and holds his hands high and keeps them high during his stride.

Ali G: Lightun up, Francis. Live a little, pick a stance. It will not kill yous to 'ave an opinion..

Jason (Madison): Craig contest

His was very pronounced. All the hitters we have talked about today, their hands always stay high, they don't drop their hands. Vlad, Ramirez, Bonds, they all keep their hands right where they start.

Ali G: "Wuz"? Dat geeza iz still playin'.

One problem wiv Counsell's bein da wickedest stance, all da udders bein discussed actually could 'it.

Hank (NYC): Mr. Morgan -- Always a pleasure to hear you announce. Especially when you sit down with Barry as you did during the All-Star game. Thanks. Now -- for probably the umpteenth time today -- with Prior going down last night, do you think the Cubs should forgo the middle man (Boston and Nomar) and deal directly with the D-Backs in order to get Randy as a replacement and send their young pitching prospects to Arizona?

The Cubs need help. I can't decide what they need to add to complete their rotation, but let's just say they need help. Who fits best right there for them, I don't know. I have an opinion but I can't tell the Cubs what to do. I can't tell them what they need. All I can say here is the Cubs need help.

Ali G: Dis geeza Mike is tellin me to say ATFQ though me don't 'ave a clue wot it means.

Deebo (Fairview, NJ): Hey Joe! My question involves the current marketing situation in baseball. I was in Montreal for the first time two weeks ago and one of my priorities was to see the Expos before they are possibly relocated. I knew that they were playing the Blue Jays, and the schedule said they were playing in Montreal. To my major disappointment it turned out the teams were playing in Puerto Rico! I understand that both Montreal and Toronto are lousy, and fan interest is at an all-time low, but certianly they could have produced at least 2-3 times the gate of a normal Expos game, considering the rivalry. My question is, whose bright idea was it from MLB was it to have the two Canadian teams playing somewhere other than Canada??? This to me was a bad job by Major League Baseball.

Yes, I would agree Deebo. I've questioned MLB's marketing efforts in a lot of cases. Over the years, I don't think they have done nearly as good a job as football or basketball. That's why those sports are now competing for the spot as our "national pastime". We -- meaning Major League Baseball -- needs to step up and do a better job marketing our product and the change needs to come quickly.

Ali G: "Deebo"? Were not yous da man dat sang dat song about whippits?

Maybe yous should ave looked at da expos sex life [trans. "schedule"] before yous went to check them. Of course, it is silly to 'ave da two canadian crews play in Puerto Rico, but dat is a mina issue compared to da opun sore dat da expos story 'as bin fa years.

Chicago Guy: Hi Joe! Have you seen the White Sox ad campaign Us vs. Them? What do you think about it? Some are saying it is a low blow by the South Side marketing team.

I did see it, I don't remember having that same opinion -- but then again I don't live in Chicago so I didn't think it was a low blow. I don't remember having any reaction to it good or bad.

Ali G: Gee, dat is a surprise givun da strong opinions yous 'ave on such diverse issues.

My one question is who's "dem." If it's da twins and da chill of da AL Central, wicked. If it's da cubs, thun da sox ave missed da point.

Donnie (St Louis, MO: Hey Joe, what do you think about our red hot Cardinals? Are they going to try to enter the Randy Johnson sweepstakes or be happy with what they have? Are there any other moves you think they'll make?

Well, I think the Cardinals have enough to win the National League and then it's just a matter of how well you play in the playoffs. I don't see how they will get in the Randy JOhnson runnings. They are supposed to be cutting salary not adding. They definitely have enough to win without him. If you get Randy Johnson and you are already a good team. YOu are pretty much poised to win a championship if you are sitting in first place. But I don't think they need him to do it.

Ali G: So da Yankees who 'ave Kevin Brown, Mike Mussina, and Javia Vazquez need Johnson, but da Cardinals don't? Da Cardinals is led by Jason Marquis, Cris Carpenta, and Jeff Suppan. dey feel confident wiv dat rotation in da playoffs?

Eric, Chicago: Joe, from a former player....why do you think baseball is the absolute greatest sport there is?

Well, I think that every person -- boy, girl -- has played some form of baseball in their life. Everybody can understand the runs and the hits -- the basic scheme of the game. YOu have to have a different kind of knowledge for something like football or basketball -- for example zone defenses and first downs and field goals and the like. Plus, there is a pleasant pace in baseball -- in football and basketball there is a clock that disrupts and dictates how you play and what you do. We don't have that in baseball.

Ali G: Innit wot makes da game wicked? Dat everyone can understand it? Ask da average fan to explain da balk rule. Yous don't evun understand it and yous played it fa twenty years, Joe.

Katie (Cheyenne, Wyoming): Hi Joe! What ballpark gimmick do you think is the worst: (a) the pool in Arizona, (b) the hill in the outfield in Houston, (c) Johnny Damon's hair, or (d) none of the above.

I'd probably say the hill in Houston. Guys can really get injured out there. Nobody can get injured in the pool ... and you can't get hurt looking and Johnny's hair.

Ali G: Yous might laugh, but innit not pacifically true. Say, yous is checkin' out dat geezer's 'air and sayin', "checkit, dat geezer's 'air is long", and thun a ball 'its yous in da 'ead? Wot thun?

David (Chicago): Is the hill in Houston really that much worse than the flagpole on the warning track at old Tiger Stadium?

None of them should have been there.

Ali G: Actually, it's "neitha." "None" is gastronomically incorrect.

John:Omaha: What do you think is the best ballpark in the league?

From a broadcast standpoint, I still like Los Angeles. Houston -- now i'm just speaking of the booths. I don't really have a favorite b/c I don't play on the surfaces. I will say that all the new ballparks are beautiful -- San Francisco, Cincinatti, Seattle. I haven't seen Pittsburgh or Philadelphia, but I am very impressed with how they are building parks these days.

Ali G: Who cares about da booths? Way to stay in touch wiv like da average fan, Joe. Dis geeza mike is remindin me to sayATFQ again.

Jason (New Orleans via Maryland): A best stadium question and no nod to Camden Yards? I know you don't get there that often, but it has to top Safeco on name alone.

Well, that's why baseball is such a great sport. We've all got our opinions. I like Baltimore, I was just giving some examples -- I didn't name 30 stadiums.

Ali G: Nah, but almos'.

Peter (boston): should they tear down fenway?

They need a new ball park in boston. The fans deserve a new park, you spend so much money to go see the game and you have to go to an antiquated venue. When you are paying that kind of money, you deserve the same amenities. I feel the same way about Wrigley. These places are beautiful and historic but they are not fan friendly anymore. I'm not saying tear them down, I love the tradition, but they are not nearly as nice as SafeCo or the Houston park or these other new stadiums for the fans.

Ali G: That's one way to stop the Red Sox fans from whining.

Maybe it's a fluke that Fenway and Wrigley survived when so many other old stadiums were replaced. But now they are the only two left. Couldn't that be part of those two franchise's appeal and mightn't help to draw fans? Look at how well the Canadiens did after they got rid of the forum.

Innit one way to stop da red sox fans from whining all da time?

Maybe it's a fluke dat Fenway and Wrigley survived whun so many udda batty [old] stadiums went da way of da Dido. But now dey is da only two left. Couldn't dat be part of those two franchise's appeal and mightn't it 'elp to attract fans? Check at 'ow well da Canadiens did afta dey got rid of da Forum.

Da Mingin (Ugly)

Scott (Sacramento, CA): Joe, I thought that Griffey had finally shaken those injuries bugs away and was having a great season. Why is he so unlucky these days? Will we ever see Junior of old? Should he move back to the AL and become a DH?

He is too good and has too much to offer to be just a DH. Some people are lucky. I'm lucky I got to play in the big leagues. Luck and destiny is all part of a persons life. He has had to deal with a lot of adversity. I subscribe to the theory that those things just make a person stroger. He has just had a lot of bad luck. In the beginning, he played so hard and ran into so many walls that it eventually caught up with him. Cesar Cedeno told me once the guys who get hurt are the guys who get hurt. Makes sense. Griffey only knows one way to play the game.

Ali G: [T]he guys who get hurt are the guys who get hurt. Makes sense.—Yo, for real. Dis geeza be makin' sense to me. Coz like dems wot don't get hurt, don't gets hurt. Dat's why we can ignore like pitch counts fa pitchers and da dig. Respek!

Will we ever see Junior of old? No, 'im ain't been the Junior of batty since about 1997. 'Im iz a well wicked playa, but an .862 OPS in a 'itter's park? 'E did 'aven't 'ad a maximum season wiv an OPS dat low since 1990, and thun it was whole diff'rent ballgame.

Concerned Baseball Fan: Joe: Has the baseball world forgotten about the ugly steriod cloud hanging over its head. Especially with players like Giambi losing 20 pounds and all of his power. What happens if and when these allegations are proven, or is baseball going to sweep this under the rug like it tries to do with everything controversial?

I don't think they can sweep it under the rug this time. We underestimate the baseball fan, including people like you who are still looking at this. What I'm waiting for is proof. Once we can identify guys who are proven to be steroid users, then we can come down on those guys harshly. Until we know who is guilty, we can't just assume because a player has lost 20 lbs. that he is a steroid user. It won't be swept under the rug if we prove certain guys are using.

Ali G: Yo, dis geeza Giambi iz a wicked 'xample of steroid use. Neva mind dat da man 'as a intestinal parasite dat might be life-threatenin'. It iz just to cova da weight loss from stoppin' dem steroids.

I guess barry bonds no longa be da posta child fa steroid use since he is still as wicked as eva at age 40.

Cole (Dallas): Everyone is talking about how the midseason MVP is Vlad or Pudge but shouldn't Michael Young, Hank Blalock, or Fransisco Cordero be considered too?

Going back to the steroid thing for a second ... the reason MLB will not be able to sweep this under the rug is because of fans like you guys and gals. You won't stand for it and you shouldn't.

I think Michael Young should be considered. Blalock is also having a great year. But Pudge is first and Vlad is second. I don't usually vote at the halfway point but if I did vote, it would be Pudge.

Ali G: You won't stand for it and you shouldn't….Yo, dem fans iz wot keep bringin' up da issue even when dey ain't being asked about it.

As fa da MVP, why is pudge bein' mentioned whun da tigers is not contenders? I thought dat was a maja criterion like fa Joe. And if Rodriguez be mentioned, why not Guillun? And why not Manny Ramirez or Sheffield?

Besides, maybe Young as a decent shot at MVP, but Blalock and for real Cordero ain't got all dat much to recommend dem. If a crew as three MVP candidates, maybe innit a wicked indication dat dey don't evun 'ave one.

Brent (Simsbury, CT): Mr. Morgan, Going back to your comments above on the steroids issue -- didn't you and everyone else notice how smaller the waistlines were of the participants in the HR derby? It was clearly evident for anyone who watches baseball year in & year out.

I'm a guy, I'm not looking at waistlines ; )

Yes, I did notice guys seemed smaller overall, bulk-wise. I would like for all of you to read my column this week, at the end I talk about steroids for a bit and how I feel. I've noticed a lot of things but I try not to make up my mind on things until I have proof on things. It's a devastating situation. If you accuse a guy for something he didn't do, he may never get over it.

Ali G: Respek. Check at David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez and tell me dat their waistlines is not smalla.

Let us check out dat article:

I turned 40 on Sept. 19, 1983 when I was with Philadelphia Phillies. On that team, I was reunited with Pete Rose and Tony Perez. We had been teammates on Cincinnati's Big Red Machine team that won back-to-back World Series in 1975 and '76.

Dis is da first public acknowledgement by Joe dat 'e played fa da Phils. And 'e 'as to like qualify it: it was OK coz he played wiv two teammates from da Massiv Red Machine.

If Bonds really wants to, I believe he can break Hank Aaron's all-time record of 755 home runs. Bonds has 682 home runs now. If he hits 18 more homers this season, he'd have an even 700. The math is simple from there. If he plays three more seasons and averages just 20 home runs per season, Bonds would finish with 760.

So da gezza gonna 'it 18 westside runs in less dun 'alf a season, but all 'e's gonna 'it next year is 20. 'E projects to just 14 more on da year by da way. Maybe if 'e 'its 39-40 dis season, 'e will 'it about 30 next season and 25 da year afta to tie da record. Innit more of a natural decline dat way. Maybe he as a betta shot to it more westside runs if 'e starts to decline soon since 'e will get fewa walks and more at-bats.

And fanks, Joe, fa 'elpin us wiv da maf. I failed dat in scool and did 'ave no idea dat three times twenty be sixty.

There's been talk about Bonds being the best defensive left fielder ever. That's tough to gauge for me, because I didn't see players from previous eras. But I'd say he's among the top three left fielders of all time.

So 'e does not know about dem old gezzars, but 'e would say Bonds is in da top five. Yous know there is dat fin' called baseball analysis dat can be used to gauge dese fings propaly. Otherwise, comparin' playas across eras iz like a intellectually stiff end. Maybe as a baseball analyst, yous might dig to try it sometime, Joe.

"When someone's reputation and livelihood are at stake, it seems that they're at least entitled to some of the same protections we give an accused criminal."

I agree with that 100 percent. Those are great quotes and great thoughts for all of us to live by -- because, whether the topic is baseball or the Olympics, we're Americans first and steroid hunters second.

'Ow patriotic. Fanks fa acknowledgin' the like Bill of Riots.

Einstein: If everyone was tested for steroids before and during the season, and those who tested positive were banned for life wouldn't steroids be a non issue (practically) with the next generation ?

That would be a good cure, in theory. We execute murders but people still kill people. I think they need a steroid policy that checks before and during the season.

Ali G: So we shouldn't take away a players livelihood wiv unfounded accusations, but executin them is OK?

To quote Carl Speckla, "Correct me if me is wrong, but if I kill all da golfers they'll lock me up and throw away da key." But we can continue to spread rumors of steroid use throughout da season, "We don't evun need a reason."

By da way, I think da geeza askin da question is puttin yous on, Joe. 'Is name might be a tipoff.

Nick (Quakertown, PA): Why does Vlad get all the triple crown hype, and there's none for manny when manny is leading him in all three categories?

I agree, Manny probably has a better chance to do it. But I don't see we will see anyone do it again. Just because of the HR hitters and so many runs being scored. It will just be hard for a guy to win in both catergories. Bonds may have had a chance if they pitched to him but he just won't be able to drive in enough runs.

Ali G: But Manny wuz not an MVP candidate?

By da way, "both catergories", dere's three of dem categories in da Triple Clown.

Nathan (san antonio, tx): When was the last time you spoke to Pete Rose. Do you think that charade he pulled with the book has cost him his last chance to be in the Hall?

I talked to Pete two weeks ago. Just before the All-Star Game. I think the book hurt him a lot, but I woudln't say it cost him his chance. It's up to him to gain back that momentum he used to have. The timing was bad on the book and I think he realizes that now.

Ali G: Timin'? 'E shot 'imself in da foots fa a few dollars. 'E will neva get in now.

Ben (TN): Why won't the Reds spend any money to go out and get players, it seems as if the front office is no longer interested in winning?

Well, it's been that way for a few years. A lot of people criticized Schott but she did play the players. That has all changed. I can't answer the question because I see what you see. They just aren't spending money and I'm not sure why. It's always easier for us to spend other peoples money isn't it?

Ali G: Huh? [P]lay da playas Does u mean "Play da payas" or "Pay da payas" or "Pay da playas"?

Nate (KS): Hey Joe! The other day I was watching ESPN Classic (best invention ever!) and there was a Yankees/Tigers game on, I think. The year was 1976, and during the broadcast they showed the all-star balloting from that year. It was pretty much yourself and your Reds teammates vs the American League. Were people crying foul in 76 because of the Reds dominance and all-star presence like folks seem to do in present day with the Yankees pretty much representing the AL in the all-star game? Or does everyone outside of NY just hate the yankees?

I can't remember how many players we had on the team -- Me, Bench, Rose, Perez and Conception, I suppose. There wasnt' any cry of foul, b/c I mean, we were the best players at our postions. One of the years I remember I got more votes than anybody, I'm not sure what year that was. But we all legitimately deserved to be on there. No foul.

Ali G: Youse forgot Griffey and Fosta. As far as bein da wickedest, Perez batted .260 wiv a .779 OPS. Bench did 'ave a wicked season fa 'im: .234 and .741. Rose ad a lowa OPS dan Schmidt and Madlock.

Jeff (NYC): Joe, Randy Johnson is basically dictating that he be traded to the Yankees, in what would basically amount to a salary dump, since the Yanks have no prospects the D-Backs want. Is there any chance that Bud Selig, realizing that this is an absolute travesty, would veto the trade? Please, please, please say yes!!!

He definitely can veto the trade, I don't know if he has enough grounds in his mind to do so, but he definitely can. If he feels the trade is one-sided or unfair. He can do it ... I don't know if he would.

Ali G: Da trade ain't evun appened and yet we is theorizin about it bein vetoed. Dere's nothin forcin da diamondbucks to trade Johnson.

Tim (Springfield, MA): Joe, You've said that you don't care for home-field advantage to be determined by the results of an exhibition, and that it should go back to alternating between the leagues. Isn't that just as arbitrary? You said that the farther we stray from tradition, the more the game suffers, but wouldn't you agree that the game is much better than it was 70 years ago?

I don't think tradition was part of the game 70 years ago. The point is, if it's arbitrary, it is fair to everyone. I don't think this way is fair to the losing league. I'm entitled to my opinion as you are yours. I've played the game for a long time. I know how I would feel and how other players would feel if I lost home field advantage in the World Series b/c some pitcher served up a home run in the 9th inning of the All-Star game. Some teams have not stake in the World Series race and they don't care who wins the All-Star game. How can they. The results don't effect them. It's not a fair way to determine the advantage in my opinion.

Ali G: [I]f it's arbitrary, it is fair to everyone.—Dig just da court system.

By da way, alternatin' 'omefield is not arbitrary. In da house's da definition of arbitrary, "Based on or determined by main man preference or convenience ratha than by necessity or da intrinsic nature of somethin'."

I don't think tradition was part of the game 70 years ago.—Youse navy, Joe. Dem batty geezas bem bangin' on about da yufes despoilin' da sport since before da first maja league. Wot, youse thought u wuz da first?

Nathan; Dallas: Joe-- Heard a rumor that you were on a comeback tour to save the Astros? Any truth, or is ESPN taking good care of you!

I have the second best job in the world ... the only job better than mine is playing, and since I can't do that anymore, I'm staying right here.

Ali G: [T]he only job better than mine is playing—dat's what da geeza's iz askin' youse about. Wot iz u bangin' on about?

John (Durham, NC): Why wouldn't you just give home field advantage to the team with the best record instead of alternating leagues?

Nope, you can't do that b/c each league is playing a different schedule. Sometimes the teams in the NL are weaker than the teams in the AL and vice-versa. You can't compare records on different schedules and different opponents. For instance, take last year's Detroit team as an example. If they are in your league, that makes a difference in your record.

Ali G: Each division within a league plays a different sex life and yet dey seed da crews in da league playoffs by record.

And wot iz youse bangin' on about Detroit? Wuz dey in da like playoffs last year?

Sean (Pompano, Florida): Hey Joe! Could you handicap the NL East for us? Have you ever seen such a close race, 4 teams within 1 game?

Well, as I've said, that's what parity will do for you. We dont' have a lot of great teams in baseball anymore, everybody is staying close. YOu have a lot of weaknesses as well as strengths. When the strengths show up, you go on a winning streak. When the weaknesses come out, you go on a skid. That's what will determine a race as close as this. I cannot predict at this point, but it will come down to streaks and losing skids.

Ali G: No great crews anymore? Youse mean like in 1973 when da Mets won da NL Least by a game and a 'alf and dere were three otha teams within five games of dem (St. Louis 1.5 back, Pittsburgh 2.5, Montreal 3.5, Chicago 5).

Sorry I mentioned dem since dey beat youse wicked Massiv Red Machine in da playoffs.

Dere is a lot of parity dis year, but a) innit wot a salary tommy (cap) will do and b) wuzn't it just a year or two ago whun we wuz bein told by maja league baseball dat mostest crews could not evun compete anymore? Maybe it be just cyclical like.

Matt (Ranger, Texas): Joe, I am a huge Houston Astros fan and I was wondering how you think the Astros will in the 2nd half under Phil Garner.

I don't think they'll do any better than they did before. The makeup of the team will not allow them to do much better. They depend on power. They don't have any speed. Their defense is not all that good. They are a .500 team right now, they'll probably finish a few games over .500 but you won't see a dramatic difference.

Ali G: They depend on power. They don't have any speed.—Iz dat dem Astros or Joe's A's dat he bangin' on about? Dis be Joe's typical answer for the A's. I guess he

Brian (Longview,TX): Joe, how about an insight on the AL West race.... where do you see it playing out?... A's need a legitimate closer and a bat, the Angels need a starting pitcher to replace the Colon fiasco, and the Rangers need a little more starting pitching as well?... who do you give the edge to?

That's why there is a lot of mediocre teams right now. See, all those teams are at or near the top but yet they all still have some real deficiencies. At the beginning of the year, I thought Anaheim was head and shoulders above the rest. I still think the Angels will win, but it will be interesting. So much parity.

Ali G: Yo, da sky be fallin' coz dere ain't no greta teams no mo'. Dat's da answer to efry question.

Maybe youse should mention dat da A's picked up a closa (Dotel) and dat da Rangas are to a geeza playin ova deir heads.

James, Arlington, VA: Joe, thanks for talking to us die hard baseball fans; in my opinion baseball fans are the greatest out takes real fans to follow 162 games plus the playoffs. Question, will the Phillies make any deals before the 30th and if so, what do you think they can get? Right now they are an average team at best...Thanks

I agree 100% -- they have true fans. It's easier to follow football -- they play one game a week. And hoops only has 82 games in a season. It takes somebody special to be a baseball fan. I haven't seen too much of the Phillies but I think one of their biggest problems is that their stadium is so easy to hit homeruns in that they get accustomed to that and their game leans on that strategy. Will Millwood be able to turn it around? I don't know, but historically he hasn't. Colon has historically pitched better in the second half of the season, but not Kevin Millwood. They need him going forward.

Ali G: Da dirtief? Da trade deadline iz da dirtyfirst.

As fa as homey field advantage in Philly, da Phils score as many runs on da road. Dey just 'it fewa westside runs.

I 'ave no clue wot youse iz sayin' about Millwood and Colon.

Josh NY: Speaking of parity, it appears that all major sports are going through this parity situation, what do you feel it is attributed too? I mean look at the NFL so many teams at 9-7 and 8-8 then there was the Pats, in my opinion they won the Mediocre bowl

I definitely think dilution is a problem in Major League Baseball. It's so much harder to field a star baseball player. The skill level it takes to raise a star Major League Baseball player is much harder to find than a star NFL player. Sure, I'm bias, but I mean that. It's different. The difference in skill and talent in baseball from college to the minors to MLB is enormous. A football player or basketball player can more easily make the jump from college to the pro league. Baseball is different. That is why the talent is diluted and that is why we see this parity in the game today.

Ali G: Checkit, delusion? We 'ave arguably da mostest playa eva (Bonds), one of da mostest pitchas (Clemens), arguably da mostest catcher (Piazza), and arguably da mostest shortstop (A-Rod). In fact, da talent pool is betta dan eva. Do he evun watch da games?

Keep it real and much respek.

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