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Everett Acrid Sox
2004-07-19 00:55
by Mike Carminati

Something had happened. A thing which, years ago, had been the eagerest hope of many, many good citizens of the town, and now it had come at last; George Amberson Mainafer had got his comeuppance. He got it three times filled, and running over. But those who had so longed for it were not there to see it, and they never knew it. Those who were still living had forgotten all about it and all about him.

—Narrator in Orson "Don't Call Me Boomer" Wells' The Magnificent Ambersons

Repeating last year's pre-trade deadline deal, the White Sox have reacquired Carl Everett. Everett replaces Frank Thomas at DH. Last season Everett filled in for the struggling 25-year-old Aaron Rowand in center. The Sox and Twins are currently tied for the lead in the AL Central.

Like the position he'll play, the circumstances are much different this season than last surrounding Everett's move to the Chicago. Last year Everett had 16 home runs and 62 RBI by the July 1 trade. He also was slugging ..544 and had an OPS (.900) that was 35% better than the park-adjusted league average. He went on to play well for the Sox (adjusted OPS 24% better than average) and represented them in the All-Star game.

This year, Everett joins the White Sox after hitting just .252 with 2 and 14 RBI (and a .697 OPS) for the lowly Expos. He has missed a significant amount of time to injury as well (30 games).

Everett was coming off two sub-par seasons when he had his late-career renaissance last year. Given that, his age (33), and his bad/injury plagued first half, I would like to think that he will stink up the joint at whatever they call Comiskey nowadays. It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

One thing's is for sure, the Sox have given up a boatload of prospects to get parts of two seasons from Everett. Last year they shipped right-handers Josh Rupe and Franklin Francisco and outfielder Anthony Webster to the Rangers. Now, theysent pitchers Jon Rauch and Gary Majewski to the 'Spos. That'll look pretty bad if they miss the playoffs again.

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