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All-Star Oddities
2004-07-11 00:56
by Mike Carminati

In 2002, Mike Williams had a career year saving 46 games, almost doubling his previous high (24) and finishing third in the NL behind Cy Young contenders John Smoltz and Eric Gagne (number three and four in the CY vote). He also recorded a 2.95 ERA and 1.22 WHIP. At the All-Star break, he had 25 saves and a 1. 84 ERA, but he was left off the All-Star team.

In 2003 Williams went into the All-Star break with 25 saves again, but he had blown five save opportunities, had a 6.44 ERA, had given up 41 hits and 22 walks in just 36.1 innings pitched for a 1.73 WHIP, and had struck out three fewer men than he'd walked (22 to 19).

And yet he represented the lowly Pirates in the 2003 All-Star game.

ESPN picked him as the worst All-Star of all time. That piqued my interest: Who are the worst All-Stars ever selected? Can it be quantified?

My solution was to use Bill James' Win Shares. I took a look at the All-Stars who had the lowest Win Share totals and cobbled together a team based on that criterion.

The worst of all time will come as a surprise, but it's Lou Gehrig in 1939, his final year. He was named to the team even though he had already played his last game (one of eight for the year) due to illness. And he, of course, was unable to play in the game. He is the only All-Star without a Win Share (his 0.1 total rounded to zero).

There are actually a good number of great players on the team. They just happened to go to an All-Star game long after the had passed their prime. Among them are Mike Schmidt, Ozzie Smith, Johnny Mize, Reggie Jackson, and Willie Mays.

Also, there is a great deal of catchers who were ostensibly named for their defensive skills or just to fill out a roster. Nine of the 21 position players on the list are catchers.

Also, many of the players ended up as starters for less than a full season due to injury or to losing their job.

Anyway, here's the team:

Lou Gehrig19390.11B801.
Johnny Mize19533.01B81427.250.339.394.733
Bobby Richardson19574.42B97019.
Mike Schmidt19892.73B42628.203.297.372.668
Ozzie Smith19952.1SS44011.
Leo Durocher19403.4SS62114.231.285.319.604
Billy Jurges19405.0SS63236.252.347.322.669
Clyde McCullough19481.8C6917.
Sandy Alomar Jr.19912.2C5107.
Smoky Burgess19643.0C75318.244.307.324.631
Bruce Edwards19513.8C68425.237.308.390.698
Ray Lamanno19463.9C85130.243.285.305.590
Don Leppert19634.3C73624.237.305.374.679
Biff Pocoroba19784.6C92634.242.312.332.644
Clyde McCullough19534.6C77623.258.303.367.670
Buddy Rosar19424.8C69234.230.288.306.594
Willie Mays19734.8CF66625.211.303.344.647
Fred Lynn19815.1CF76531.219.322.316.639
Hank Leiber19413.1LF53725.216.291.377.667
Monte Irvin19525.0LF46421.310.365.437.801
Reggie Jackson19834.2RF1161449.194.290.340.630

Now the pitchers (by the way, Williams is second):

Joe Page19441.119570102.74.56
Mike Williams20032.168172863.06.14
Dick Ruthven19812.2231270146.75.15
Jay Howell19872.336341644.35.89
Johnny Vander Meer19392.430590129.04.67
Ryne Duren19612.9446132104.05.19
Cy Blanton19414.5286130163.74.51
Tyler Green19954.526890140.75.31
Ewell Blackwell19494.73055176.74.23
Dick Stigman19605.0415119133.74.51
Randy Myers19945.038152140.33.79
Catfish Hunter19665.1309110176.74.02

By the way, if you think that position players who just happened to be injured are being singled out (e.g., Irvin), here's the list of the worst who played at least 100 games:

Reggie Jackson19834.21161449.194.290.340.630
Leo Cardenas19685.2137741.235.292.319.611
Steve Swisher19765.3109542.236.275.326.601
Chris Cannizzaro19695.5134433.
Alfredo Griffin19845.6140430.
Sandy Alomar Jr.19985.6117644.235.270.352.622
Elston Howard19575.8110844.253.283.379.663
Hal Wagner19425.9104130.236.304.313.616
Dave Engle19846.2109438.266.308.353.661
Burgess Whitehead19356.4107033.263.289.305.593
Dave Chalk19746.7133531.252.304.316.620
Myril Hoag19396.81291075.295.329.421.751
Rollie Hemsley19366.9116239.263.343.353.696
Benito Santiago19927.01061042.251.287.383.671
Carl Furillo19527.2134859.247.304.351.655
Don Wert19687.31501237.
Ed Brinkman19737.4162740.237.284.324.609
Andy Etchebarren19677.5112735.215.298.318.617
Johnny Bench19837.61101254.255.308.432.741
Elston Howard19657.7110945.233.278.345.623
Greg Olson19907.7100736.262.332.379.712
Mickey Vernon19487.7150348.242.310.332.641
Don Zimmer19617.81281340.252.291.403.694
Ozzie Smith19817.8110021.
Ron Coomer19997.81271665.263.307.424.731
Jimmie Wilson19337.9113145.255.300.309.609

On the other side of the equation are those players who had great years but missed being selected for the All-Star game. Here are all position players over 30 Win Shares in a year in which they were not selected for the All-Star game:

Dick Allen19644140.501622991.318.382.557.939
Ron Santo19673837.401613198.300.395.512.906
Albert Belle19983737.4016349152.328.399.6551.055
Dave Parker19783736.6014830117.334.394.585.979
Barry Bonds19913736.5015325116.292.410.514.924
Jimmy Wynn19693636.301493387.269.436.507.943
Snuffy Stirnweiss19443535.30154843.319.389.460.849
Shawn Green20013434.2016149125.297.372.598.970
Charlie Keller19423434.2015226108.292.417.513.930
Arky Vaughan19333434.00152997.314.388.478.866
Hank Greenberg19353433.9015236170.328.411.6281.039
Jim Thome20023433.9014752118.304.445.6771.122
Frank Thomas19913433.8015832109.318.453.5531.006
Wade Boggs19833433.70153574.361.444.486.931
Frank Thomas20003433.7015943143.328.436.6251.061
Robin Yount19893433.5016021103.318.384.511.896
John Olerud19983433.501602293.354.447.551.998
Frank Thomas19923333.4016024115.323.439.536.975
Frank Robinson19643332.701562996.306.396.548.943
John Mayberry19753332.7015634106.291.416.547.963
Eddie Mathews19543332.6013840103.290.423.6031.026
Ken Singleton19753332.501551555.300.415.454.869
Lenny Dykstra19933232.401611966.305.420.482.902
Chipper Jones19993232.4015745110.319.441.6331.074
Dick Allen19683232.301523390.263.352.520.872
Barry Larkin19923232.301401278.304.377.454.831
Brian Giles20023232.2715338103.298.450.6221.072
Ted Williams19393232.2014931145.327.436.6091.045
Augie Galan19353232.201541279.314.399.467.866
Vada Pinson19613232.101541687.343.379.504.883
Paul Waner19363232.00148594.373.446.520.965
Albert Pujols20023231.9615734127.314.394.561.955
Ripper Collins19343231.9015435128.333.393.6151.008
Jimmy Wynn19683231.901562667.269.376.474.850
Earl Torgeson19503231.801562387.290.412.472.885
Pete Rose19723231.80154657.307.382.417.799
Rocky Colavito19583231.6014341113.303.405.6201.024
Tony Perez19733231.6015127101.314.393.527.919
Johnny Callison19633231.601572678.284.339.502.840
Bobby Bonds19703231.601572678.302.375.504.879
Willie Wilson19803131.40161349.326.357.421.778
Chipper Jones20023131.3815826100.327.435.536.972
Robin Yount19883131.301621391.306.369.465.834
Jack Clark19893131.301422694.242.410.459.869
Jose Canseco19913131.3015444122.266.359.556.915
Bobby Bonds19693131.301583290.259.351.473.824
Mel Ott19333131.3015223103.283.367.467.834
Ray Lankford19923131.201532086.293.371.480.851
Vada Pinson19633131.2016222106.313.347.514.861
Jim Russell19443131.20152866.312.399.460.859
Hank Greenberg19343131.1015326139.339.404.6001.005
Jim Thome20013131.1015649124.291.416.6241.040
Jimmy Wynn19653131.001572273.275.371.470.841
Lou Brock19683130.90159651.279.328.418.746
Bob Watson19763130.9015716102.313.377.458.835
Ryan Klesko20023130.821462995.300.388.537.925
Dwight Evans19823130.801623298.292.402.534.936
Craig Biggio19993130.701601673.294.386.457.843
Rafael Palmeiro19933130.7016037105.295.371.554.926
Hank Greenberg19463130.6014244127.277.373.604.977
Eddie Murray19903130.601552695.330.414.520.934
Kevin McReynolds19883130.601472799.288.336.496.832
Roy Cullenbine19453130.501541893.272.402.444.846
Eddie Mathews19633130.501582384.263.399.453.852
Kirk Gibson19883130.501502576.290.377.483.860
Fred McGriff19893030.301613692.269.399.525.924
Joe Morgan19653030.301571440.271.373.418.791
Robin Ventura19993030.1016132120.301.379.529.908
Jason Giambi19993030.1015833123.315.422.553.975
Jim Thome20033030.0015947131.266.385.573.958
Scott Rolen19983030.0016031110.290.391.532.923
Jim Edmonds20013030.0015030110.304.410.564.974
Rafael Palmeiro19963030.0016239142.289.381.546.927
Ron Hansen19643029.901582068.261.347.419.766
Jose Cruz19833029.901601492.318.385.463.848
Augie Galan19453029.90152992.307.423.441.864
Paul Molitor19823029.901601971.302.366.450.816
Gary Sheffield20013029.8014336100.311.417.5831.000
Jeff Bagwell20013029.7016139130.288.397.568.966
Don Buford19653029.701551047.283.358.389.747
Bernard Gilkey19963029.7015330117.317.393.562.955
Ralph Kiner19473029.7015251127.313.417.6391.055
Amos Otis19782929.601412296.298.380.525.905
Pedro Guerrero19823029.6015032100.304.378.536.914
Mitchell Page19773029.601452175.307.405.521.926
Bernie Williams20023029.5515419102.333.415.493.908
Rickey Henderson19893029.501501257.274.411.399.810
Vladimir Guerrero19982929.5015938109.324.371.589.960

Currently in the NL, Adam Dunn projects to 34 Win Shares (5th in the NL), J. D. Drew to 32 (9th), Adrian Beltre 15 (13th), Lyle Overbay 32 (21), Phil Nevin 30 (22), and Brian Giles 30 (31). And in the AL, Michael Young projects to 32 (3rd) (All according to And yet none of these players was selected for the All-Star Game (Oh, and the rankings reflect BG's system. I know that some have the same WS total and are ranked differently. It may be a rounding thing, I'm not sure).

Here are the pitchers with at least 25 Win Shares who were not selected for the All-Star team:

Wes Ferrell19353535.541322.3251403.52
Dick Ellsworth19633232.237290.7221002.11
John Hiller19733130.565125.3105381.44
Ed Brandt19332929.141287.7181442.60
Phil Niekro19742828.341302.3201312.38
Bret Saberhagen19892828.336262.323602.16
Mike Caldwell19782828.137293.322912.36
Bill Hands19692828.141300.0201402.49
Jim Palmer19732827.738296.322912.40
Roger Clemens19872827.736281.720902.97
Claude Passeau19402827.646280.7201352.50
Schoolboy Rowe19342827.545266.024813.45
Dizzy Trout19462727.538276.3171332.34
Jim Palmer19762727.340315.0221302.51
Jim Turner19372727.333256.7201112.38
John Tudor19852727.136275.021801.93
Kevin Appier19932727.034238.718802.56
Nels Potter19452726.832255.3151102.47
Jim Bunning19652726.739291.019902.60
Wes Ferrell19362726.639301.0201504.19
Don Newcombe19562726.638268.027703.06
Fergie Jenkins19742626.341328.3251202.82
Johnny Sain19462625.937265.0201422.21
Gaylord Perry19692625.940325.3191402.49
Elmer Riddle19412625.833216.719412.24
Virgil Trucks19532525.740264.3201032.93
Jose Rijo19932625.636257.314902.48
Dave McNally19682625.635273.0221001.95
Claude Osteen19692625.541321.0201502.66
Fergie Jenkins19702625.540313.0221603.39
Larry Jackson19642525.340297.7241103.14
Ned Garver19502525.337260.0131803.39
Cliff Melton19372525.346248.020972.61
Greg Maddux19932525.336267.0201002.36
Mike Norris19802525.233284.322902.53
Nate Andrews19432525.136283.7142002.57
Tex Hughson19462525.139278.0201132.75
Dave Stieb19822525.138288.3171403.25
Gary Peters19632525.041243.019812.33
Fergie Jenkins19682525.040308.0201502.63
Jon Matlack19782524.935270.0151312.27
Jim Bunning19672524.840302.3171502.29
Vida Blue19762524.837298.3181302.35
Joe Niekro19822524.635270.0171202.47

At least they didn't miss any pitchers this year that would fall in this group.

Now let's have a look at the worst All-Stars based on career Win Shares (Note that young, current players sort of get the shaft in this one). First position players with 35 or fewer Win Shares lifetime:

Frankie Zak19446123014.269.350.303.653
Don Leppert1963111901559.229.289.363.652
Eddie Kazak1949132181171.273.332.383.716
Hank Blalock20031819232107.282.340.482.822
Hideki Matsui20031916316106.287.353.435.788
Steve Swisher19762250920124.216.279.303.581
Jerry Moses19702838625109.251.295.381.676
Billy Hunter19533063016144.
Bob Schmidt19583145439150.243.297.381.678
Dave Engle19843259431181.262.311.388.700
Toby Atwell1952323789110.260.355.333.688
Greg Olson19903341420131.242.317.342.659
Shea Hillenbrand20023342950229.280.314.442.756
Ray Lamanno19463544218150.252.314.338.653

Now the pitchers, who outnumber the position players:

Mike MacDougal2003107788.347274.28
Tyler Green19951370384.0182505.16
Dontrelle Willis20031427160.714603.30
Lance Carter20031476104.796283.78
John Hudek199415194201.31015294.43
Dave Stenhouse19621776372.0162814.14
Jason Dickson19971773397.0262504.99
Brendan Donnelly200318109123.73341.82
Shawn Chacon20032071416.3222905.10
Wayne Simpson197020122636.0363104.37
Ben Sheets20012393588.7333904.42
Jack Armstrong199023152786.7406504.58
Dean Stone195426215686.02939124.47
Odalis Perez200227114606.7383704.24
Mark Prior20032949328.0241202.74
Jeff Zimmerman199931196228.71712323.27
John O'Donoghue196531257751.03955104.07
Buzz Capra197432142544.3313753.87
Hal Gregg194532200827.0404894.54
Jose Santiago196832163556.0342983.74
Ryan Dempster200034161964.0505505.01
Jim Coates196035247683.34322154.00
Lee Grissom193735162701.7294873.89

Finally, here are the best players (by career Win Shares—150 or more) never to make an All-Star Team (i.e., since the All-Star era: 1933 to the present):

Tony Phillips268.02161160819.266.374.389.763
Kirk Gibson220.61635255870.268.352.463.815
Richie Hebner220.41908203890.276.352.438.790
Joe Kuhel218.621041311049.277.359.406.765
Jose Cardenal211.62017138775.275.333.395.728
Garry Maddox203.21749117754.285.320.413.733
Kevin McReynolds201.31502211807.265.328.447.775
Todd Zeile198.620212441075.266.347.427.774
Hal Trosky194.513472281012.302.371.522.892
Bill Doran192.3145384497.266.354.373.728
Bob Bailey187.81931189773.257.347.403.750
Bill Bruton187.7161094545.273.328.393.720
Elmer Valo186.7180658601.282.398.391.790
Tim Salmon185.71536288966.284.389.506.895
Earl Torgeson183.81668149740.265.385.417.802
Delino DeShields182.7161580561.268.352.377.729
Tony Gonzalez181.51559103615.286.350.413.764
Dan Driessen180.81732153763.267.356.411.767
Cesar Tovar176.9148846435.278.335.368.703
Dwayne Murphy173.71360166609.246.356.402.757
Oscar Gamble173.61584200666.265.356.454.811
Ken McMullen172.91583156606.248.316.383.699
Doug Rader166.51465155722.251.322.403.725
Jim Gantner162.8180147568.274.319.351.671
Clete Boyer161.61725162654.242.299.372.670
Jim Northrup161.31392153610.267.333.429.763
Billy Werber160.4129578539.271.364.392.756
Sixto Lezcano159.91291148591.271.360.440.799
Rick Dempsey159.4176696471.233.319.347.666
Johnny Briggs158.81366139507.253.355.416.771
Eric Karros157.717152821016.269.326.456.782
Greg Gagne157.11798111604.254.302.382.684
Bill Virdon156.5158391502.267.316.379.696
Woodie Held153.41390179559.240.331.421.753
Mookie Wilson151.5140367438.274.314.386.700

Now the pitchers (min. 125 career WS):

Danny Darwin1817163016.7171182323.84
Gene Garber1609311510.0961132183.34
Mike Torrez1594943044.018516003.96
Tom Candiotti1554512725.015116403.73
Bob Forsch1514982794.716813633.76
Ellis Kinder1464841479.7102711023.43
Harry Gumbert1455082156.0143113483.68
Rudy May1445352622.0152156123.46
Fritz Ostermueller1413902066.7114115153.99
Charlie Leibrandt1413942308.014011923.71
Paul Splittorff1404292554.716614313.81
John Tudor1352811797.01177213.12
Steve Renko1344512494.013414663.99
Bill Hands1323741951.0111110143.35
Dennis Leonard1313122187.014410613.70
Tim Belcher1313942442.714614054.16
Ron Kline1307362078.01141441083.75
Stan Bahnsen1305742529.0146149203.60
Ray Sadecki1285632500.713513173.78
Ron Perranoski1287371174.779741792.79
Bill Gullickson1263982560.016213603.93
Earl Wilson1253382051.712110903.69
Kevin Tapani1253612265.014312504.35

You'll notice that there aren't a great deal of Hall of Famers on that list. I'm glad that Abreu finally got the nod after seven years—he's better than anyone on the list.

By the way, if you were wondering why Scotty "Two Time" Cooper and the superannuated hot-corner Cal Ripken didn't make the list, there's good reason for that. Cooper had 12.3 WS in 1993 and 10.1 in 1994. His career total was 40. He was pretty bad: there were just others who were worse. Ripken just missed the list for his 2000 season. Here are his Win Shares totals as third baseman, 1997-2001: 1997 18 WS, 1998 13.4 WS, 1999 11.8 WS, 2000 8.3 WS, and 2001 9.1 WS. Of course, his career totals were more than All-Star-worthy.

For pitchers, some will recall Neal Heaton of all people made the team with the Pirates in 1990. As was pointed out on Baseball Primer, Heaton had one of those first halves that demanded inclusion on the team (10-3). He did finish 13-9 with a 3.45, 4% better than the park-adjusted league average, and 7.8 WS. Yeah, that's more like a decent number two/three starter than an All-Star, but again there were just so many that were worse that he didn't make the list.

My favorite Odd-Star is Atlee Hammaker. He seemed completely overmatched at the 1983 All-Star game giving up seven runs, including a grand slam to Fred Lynn, and then saw his career quickly deteriorate due to injuries and ineffectiveness. I expected him to show up on the career list. He finished with 50 career Win Shares. 1983 was his career year though (10-9, 2.25 ERA to lead the league, and 13.4 WS).

The one person on the shafted list that surprised me was Kirk Gibson, who was a very good, fairly popular player on successful big-city teams (Detroit and LA in the Eighties). He didn't even make it the year that he won the MVP (1988).

It made me wonder how many award winners were left All-Star teams (Cy Young, MVP, ROY). I would expect some rookies to get overlooked but I didn't expect many veteran award-winners to be overlooked. Let's see who else was.

Actually, Gibson is not the only league MVP not to be named to an All-Star team. There were nine in total. There were also 17 Cy Young award winners, 15 Rolaids Relief Pitcher award winners, 74 Rookies of the Year, 28 LCS MVPs, 21 World Series MVPs, and 330 Gold Glove winners who were kept off the All-Star team.

Here's are the award-winning non-All-Stars (excluding the Gold Glove winners who are too voluminous to list here):

Marquis Grissom199713.7ALCS MVP
Orlando Hernandez199914.0ALCS MVP
Orel Hershiser199512.9ALCS MVP
Frank White198012.5ALCS MVP
Rickey Henderson198929.5ALCS MVP
Gary Gaetti198716.8ALCS MVP
David Justice200020.5ALCS MVP
Dave Stewart19939.3ALCS MVP
Dave Stewart199021.2ALCS MVP
Mike Boddicker198316.2ALCS MVP
Marty Barrett198621.7ALCS MVP
Graig Nettles198112.0ALCS MVP
Kirk Gibson198425.8ALCS MVP
Bernie Williams199625.9ALCS MVP
Roger Clemens198727.7Cy Young
Doug Drabek199020.4Cy Young
Greg Maddux199325.3Cy Young
Bret Saberhagen198524.4Cy Young
Bret Saberhagen198928.3Cy Young
Mike McCormick196719.6Cy Young
Rick Sutcliffe198418.5Cy Young
Pete Vuckovich198213.2Cy Young
Don Newcombe195626.6Cy Young
La Marr Hoyt198319.7Cy Young
Mike Flanagan197922.8Cy Young
Jim Palmer197627.3Cy Young
Jim Palmer197327.7Cy Young
Mike Cuellar196924.0Cy Young
John Denny198322.5Cy Young
Gaylord Perry197818.0Cy Young
Pat Hentgen199624.0Cy Young
Dave Parker197836.6MVP
Juan Gonzalez199620.6MVP
Terry Pendleton199127.2MVP
Chipper Jones199932.4MVP
Hank Greenberg193533.9MVP
Willie Stargell197917.7MVP
Don Newcombe195626.6MVP
Kirk Gibson198830.5MVP
Robin Yount198933.5MVP
Javy Lopez199614.7NLCS MVP
Mike Hampton200018.9NLCS MVP
Manny Trillo198019.1NLCS MVP
Willie Stargell197917.7NLCS MVP
Mike Devereaux19959.9NLCS MVP
Gary Matthews198314.0NLCS MVP
Darrell Porter198215.6NLCS MVP
Steve Avery199115.5NLCS MVP
Craig Counsell200113.7NLCS MVP
Sterling Hitchcock19988.4NLCS MVP
Eddie Perez19997.8NLCS MVP
Dusty Baker197721.1NLCS MVP
Livan Hernandez19978.2NLCS MVP
Curt Schilling199312.7NLCS MVP
Dan Quisenberry198019.4Rolaids Relief
Dan Quisenberry198523.1Rolaids Relief
Bill Campbell197617.0Rolaids Relief
Randy Myers199315.4Rolaids Relief
Rawly Eastwick197616.7Rolaids Relief
Antonio Alfonseca200010.5Rolaids Relief
Armando Benitez200113.9Rolaids Relief
Bruce Sutter198216.7Rolaids Relief
John Franco198819.6Rolaids Relief
Jeff Brantley199614.0Rolaids Relief
Rollie Fingers197711.5Rolaids Relief
Rollie Fingers198015.0Rolaids Relief
Todd Worrell198619.1Rolaids Relief
Jeff Shaw199720.9Rolaids Relief
Al Holland198317.7Rolaids Relief
Bob Hamelin199411.9Rookie of the Year
Todd Worrell198619.1Rookie of the Year
Todd Hollandsworth199619.2Rookie of the Year
Bob Grim195413.0Rookie of the Year
Tim Salmon199323.5Rookie of the Year
Bob Horner197813.9Rookie of the Year
Thurman Munson197025.7Rookie of the Year
Ken Hubbs19628.5Rookie of the Year
Andre Dawson197718.5Rookie of the Year
Walt Weiss198815.2Rookie of the Year
Joe Charboneau198015.1Rookie of the Year
Wally Moon195420.5Rookie of the Year
Jon Matlack197221.7Rookie of the Year
Vince Coleman198519.5Rookie of the Year
Bake McBride197422.0Rookie of the Year
Benito Santiago198714.9Rookie of the Year
Chuck Knoblauch199120.0Rookie of the Year
Kerry Wood199813.6Rookie of the Year
John Montefusco197520.1Rookie of the Year
Willie Mays195119.3Rookie of the Year
Jim Lefebvre196522.6Rookie of the Year
Bill Virdon195514.1Rookie of the Year
Willie McCovey195912.1Rookie of the Year
Joe Black195220.1Rookie of the Year
Alvin Dark194820.2Rookie of the Year
Alfredo Griffin197914.0Rookie of the Year
Albie Pearson195814.7Rookie of the Year
Billy Williams196114.8Rookie of the Year
Tony Kubek195714.2Rookie of the Year
Tommy Helms196612.1Rookie of the Year
John Castino19799.3Rookie of the Year
Pete Rose196319.2Rookie of the Year
Dave Righetti198110.3Rookie of the Year
David Justice199019.6Rookie of the Year
Ted Sizemore196917.2Rookie of the Year
Jeff Bagwell199123.4Rookie of the Year
Chris Chambliss197111.4Rookie of the Year
Dick Allen196440.5Rookie of the Year
Rick Sutcliffe197916.0Rookie of the Year
Harry Byrd195217.5Rookie of the Year
Gregg Olson198917.5Rookie of the Year
Raul Mondesi199415.2Rookie of the Year
Darryl Strawberry198318.4Rookie of the Year
Gil McDougald195123.3Rookie of the Year
Derek Jeter199618.0Rookie of the Year
Earl Williams197118.6Rookie of the Year
Eddie Murray197720.8Rookie of the Year
Pat Zachry197614.0Rookie of the Year
Pat Listach199220.7Rookie of the Year
Eric Karros199213.1Rookie of the Year
Ozzie Guillen198514.9Rookie of the Year
Frank Howard196013.0Rookie of the Year
Orlando Cepeda195820.3Rookie of the Year
Mike Hargrove197419.7Rookie of the Year
Gary Peters196325.0Rookie of the Year
Gary Matthews197321.0Rookie of the Year
Marty Cordova199517.2Rookie of the Year
Lou Whitaker197817.2Rookie of the Year
Scott Rolen199728.7Rookie of the Year
Lou Piniella196915.7Rookie of the Year
Jackie Robinson194720.5Rookie of the Year
Butch Metzger197611.6Rookie of the Year
Carl Morton197020.9Rookie of the Year
Carlos Beltran199917.7Rookie of the Year
Jerome Walton198917.0Rookie of the Year
Al Bumbry197317.5Rookie of the Year
Steve Howe198010.5Rookie of the Year
Luis Aparicio195614.2Rookie of the Year
Roy Sievers194916.2Rookie of the Year
Curt Blefary196526.1Rookie of the Year
Jim Gilliam195324.8Rookie of the Year
Stan Bahnsen196822.8Rookie of the Year
Cal Ripken Jr.198223.1Rookie of the Year
Sam Jethroe195021.7Rookie of the Year
Gene Tenace19727.4WS MVP
Pat Borders199211.6WS MVP
Bobby Richardson19608.1WS MVP
Bucky Dent19789.2WS MVP
Frank Viola198724.2WS MVP
Steve Yeager19812.1WS MVP
Willie Stargell197917.7WS MVP
Bret Saberhagen198524.4WS MVP
Johnny Podres19558.3WS MVP
Tom Glavine199519.9WS MVP
Larry Sherry195912.5WS MVP
Livan Hernandez19978.2WS MVP
Rick Dempsey198312.8WS MVP
Donn Clendenon19698.0WS MVP
Bob Gibson196423.7WS MVP
Jose Rijo199016.8WS MVP
Don Larsen195613.9WS MVP
Ray Knight198617.2WS MVP
Ron Cey198116.1WS MVP
Darrell Porter198215.6WS MVP
Mickey Lolich196811.9WS MVP

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