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Witasick Game
2004-06-14 01:46
by Mike Carminati

Ha-ha, you fool. You fell victim to one of the classic blunders, the most famous of which is "Never get involved in a land war in Asia", but only slightly less well known is this: "Never go in against a Sicilian, when DEATH is on the line.". Hahahahahah.
--Last words of Wally Shawn "Abner" before dying in The Princess Bride.

If you missed it, the Yanks came back from an 2-0 deficit with 2 outs in the ninth and a 5-2 defict in the 12th to beat the Padres, 6-5.

The Pod People wasted a scorless, seven-inning performance by David Wells in his first game back at Yankee Stadium since his second tour of duty in New York. Back-to-back two-out homers by Hideki Matsui (on a 2-0 pitch) and pinch-hitter Kenny Lofton (2-1) off of closer Trevor Hoffman sent the game into extra innings.

San Diego scored three in the top of the twelfth aided in part by a two-base error by right fielder Gary Sheffield, who misplayed a bouncing single. The Yanks. Rod Beck came in to pitch the 12th and quickly gave up a 5-pitch walk to leadoff hitter Bernie Williams and a double to Derek Jeter on a 1-2 pitch. Beck then got A-Rod to ground out, which also narrowed the lead to two. The Yankees then got two quick hits off Beck: a single by Sheffield on a 1-1 pitch and a single by Giambi on a 1-0 pitch. And the score was 5-4.

Perhaps, Padre manager Bruce Bochy's first mistake was leaving Beck in for so long when it looked like he was pitching batting practice. However, a bigger mistake came when Bochy finally euthanized Beck's performance and turned instead to former Yank Jay Witasick. Sure, Witasick has had decent numbers this year and he had been 3-0 with a 3.20 ERA (with 27 K in 19.2 IP) in his last three years at the Stadium, but this is Jay Witasick! Why not revivify Eddie Whitson's moribund career and have him serve up some meatballs to his former teammates?

Witasick gave up an automatic double by Posada on a 1-1 pitch, and the game was tied. Mastui was then walked intentionally to load the bases and the tying run scored on pinch-hitter Ruben Sierra hit a sac fly deep enough to center also on a 1-1 pitch.

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