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Some 41!
2004-05-13 18:18
by Mike Carminati

Clemens-y is the noblest trait which can reveal a true monarch to the world.
—Pierre "LaCock" Corneille

Clemens-y is also a revolutionary measure.
—"Dolph" Camille Desmoulins

From Heaven distilled a Clemens-y
—Thomas Hardy "Richardson"

Roger Clemens is having an amazing year (7-0, 1.99 ERA, 1.04 WHIP, .182 OBA, 10.32 K/9 IP) proving his critics, me among them, wrong. His win total projects to an inconceivable 34 games (in 222 innings) and his ERA projects to his second lowest ever (to his 1.93 ERA in 1990). At age 41, Clemens is on track for his best season ever and that's quite a statement given that he is arguably the best pitcher of his era and one of the best pitchers of all time.

Could Clemens season end up being the best ever for a 42-year-old? Let's find out, shall we…

Here are the all-time win leaders among 41-year-olds (Clemens: 7 projected to 34):

Cy Young190821111.26
Warren Spahn196218143.04
Pete Alexander19281693.36
Don Sutton198615113.74
Phil Niekro198015183.63
Jerry Koosman198414153.25
Ted Lyons19421462.10
Earl Caldwell19461342.08
Jack Quinn192513114.13
Babe Adams19231374.42
Rip Sewell19481333.48
Hoyt Wilhelm19641291.99
Mike Ryba19441273.33
Nolan Ryan198812113.52
Dazzy Vance193212114.20
Connie Marrero19521182.88
Don McMahon19711064.06
Gaylord Perry198010133.68
Curt Davis194510103.25
Charlie Hough198910134.35
Murry Dickson19581073.70

Here are the all-time ERA leaders (min 50 IP; Clemens: 1.99):

Cy Young190821111.26299.0
Eddie Plank1917561.79131.0
Hoyt Wilhelm19641291.99131.3
Earl Caldwell19461342.0890.7
Ted Lyons19421462.10180.3
Satchel Paige1948612.4872.7
Eppa Rixey1932552.66111.7
Connie Marrero19521182.88184.3
Red Ruffing1945732.8987.3
Warren Spahn196218143.04269.3
Ron Reed1984063.0873.0
Ellis Kinder1956513.0955.3
Johnny Niggeling19457123.16176.7
Jesse Orosco1998413.1856.7
Joe Berry1946373.2250.3
Curt Davis194510103.25149.7
Jerry Koosman198414153.25224.0
Dennis Eckersley1996063.3060.0
Mike Ryba19441273.33138.0
Pete Alexander19281693.36243.7

Here are the leaders for Walks Plus Hits per Innings Pitched (Clemens: 1.04):

Cy Young190821111.260.89
Hoyt Wilhelm19641291.990.94
Earl Caldwell19461342.080.98
Ted Lyons19421462.101.07
Eddie Plank1917561.791.09
Ron Reed1984063.081.11
Eppa Rixey1932552.661.11
Warren Spahn196218143.041.13
Mike Ryba19441273.331.14
Don Sutton198615113.741.16
Dennis Eckersley1996063.301.18
Satchel Paige1948612.481.18
Jesse Haines1935653.591.20
Red Ruffing1945732.891.20
Early Wynn1961823.511.22
Pete Alexander19281693.361.23
Connie Marrero19521182.881.24
Phil Niekro198015183.631.24
Nolan Ryan198812113.521.24

Here are the strikeouts per nine innings leaders (Clemens: 10.32):

Nolan Ryan198812113.529.33
Jesse Orosco1998413.187.94
Don McMahon19711064.067.79
Doug Jones1998464.547.49
Dennis Eckersley1996063.307.35
Ron Reed1984063.087.03
Hoyt Wilhelm19641291.996.51
Steve Carlton19869145.106.12
Virgil Trucks1958223.655.98
Gaylord Perry198010133.685.91
Phil Niekro198015183.635.76
Satchel Paige1948612.485.57
Jerry Koosman198414153.255.50
Dazzy Vance193212114.205.28
Danny Darwin19975114.355.26
Tom Seaver19867134.035.26
Early Wynn1961823.515.22
Tom Candiotti1999467.325.17
Roy Face1969423.945.16
Rick Reuschel1990363.935.07
Don Sutton198615113.745.04

[Note: Cy Young was at 4.52.]

Now the strikeouts-to-walks ratio (Clemens: 2.89, which actually below his career average of 2.97 even though his K per 9IP is well above his career 8.64 average):

Dennis Eckersley1996063.308.17
Doug Jones1998464.544.18
Ron Reed1984063.084.07
Cy Young190821111.264.05
Hoyt Wilhelm19641291.993.17
Nolan Ryan198812113.522.62
Bert Blyleven19928124.742.41
Don Sutton198615113.742.37
Jerry Koosman198414153.252.28
Roy Face1969423.942.27
Warren Spahn196218143.042.15
Gaylord Perry198010133.682.11
Phil Niekro198015183.632.07
Danny Darwin19975114.352.04
Kent Tekulve1988373.601.95
Ted Lyons19421462.101.92
Don McMahon19711064.061.92
Curt Davis194510103.251.86
Tom Seaver19867134.031.84
Dazzy Vance193212114.201.81

It looks like Cy Young's 1908 season will be impossible to top, but just the fact that Clemens is on a pace to challenge or best Young in many categories is quite a feat.

Clemens also is not far from the symmetrical number of nine strikeouts per nine innings for his career and with the second highest strikeout-per-nine innings ratio of his career (to 10.39 in 1998), could he eventually reach 9-Per-9 for his career? Well, his current pace projects to about 4322 strikeouts and 4501.1 innings for his career by the end of the year. That barely raises his career average from 8.6399 to 8.641, so unless Clemens pitches until he's 50 and continues at the same pace, an average of nine strikeouts per nine innings is unlikely.

However, how good is his 8.64 K-per-9 IP average? Here are the all time leaders with at least eight strikeouts per nine innings (min. 1000 innings and includes 2004 stats):

Randy Johnson393911.16
Pedro Martinez247610.46
Nolan Ryan57149.55
Sandy Koufax23969.28
Hideo Nomo18208.97
Sam McDowell24538.86
Curt Schilling25958.86
Dan Plesac10418.74
Lee Smith12518.73
Roger Clemens41518.64
Eric Plunk10818.45
Sid Fernandez17438.40
J.R. Richard14938.37
David Cone26688.28
Jesse Orosco11798.19
Chan Ho Park12688.14
Tom Gordon16518.14

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