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Tom Petty was Right
2008-10-29 17:44
by Mike Carminati

First, I just read that red is sexy, a little news tidbit that I see as a good omen for the Phils.

Also, Vegas awarded game five to the Phils. There is apparently honor among gamblers, but not among Bud Selig and his cronies.

Manuel sends the little used Geoff Jenkins to lead off the resumed game, an option I instantly dismissed. And it works! Jenkins doubles to left.

Next Manuel has Rollins bunt, something I rarely agree with but I am OK with it here since 1) the top of the order is up instead of the bottom (Manuel loves to bunt #6 man Victorino) and 2) one run could loom large here since the Phils will counter with a well-rested Ryan Madson and Brad Lidge (whose Hero T I am wearing in anticipation, in anticipation mind you).

The Rays look shaky again letting a fly ball drop between the outfield for the lead. (Enter Madson.) Then they misplay a pickoff to let Jayson Werth get to second. Utley and Howard go meekly so it looks like we will have another nail-biter.

So as Buck points out, Hamels is now in line for the win, and could become the first man to go 5-0 in a postseason.

Scratch that, Rocco Baldelli just tied it on a hanger from Madson. Dang. Actually it was a fastball that missed its spot. Another fastball, very straight, for a hit from Bartlett. What's with all the fastballs?

The Rays are having Howell bat for himself. He is able to sacrifice Bartlett over.

That's it for Madson, boy did he look flat. This guy can't start even when he isn't starting.

Romero will come in to face Iwamura. He hits a grounder that Chase Utley can flag down deep behind the bag, but he wisely does not throw to first since he has no play on Iwamura. Bartlett not so wisely assumed Utley was throwing to first, but he throws home and gets Bartlett by a good three feet to end the inning. Great play.

Burrell leads off the seventh with a double on a hanger that looked like it was gone when it left his bat. Bucks fils says that the wind kept it in. Manuel is lefting Burrell for a pinch-runner? I don't know if I would toss Burrell's bat without a lead. How many postseason dingers does Bruntlett have in him?

Howell is gone.

Timmeh is chiding Burrell for not getting a triple on that hit. Yeah, he should be at third, but is this atypical for Burrell? That could be his last hit as a Phil and imagine if it were a triple?

Chad Bradford? Hmm, I wonder when Maddon is going to bring in Price. Ugh, Victorino is bunting again. Hit away!

Odd, Maddon came out to argue about something. Now, Charlie Manuel.

Victorino swings through on a rising submarine ball. Moves him to third on a grounder to the right side.

Boy, Buck and Timmeh hate Feliz. They want Manuel to pull him every time he steps up to the plate. Feliz hits a nice little ball up the middle for the lead.

Ruiz hits a nice little liner up the middle but a very nice play by Iwamura gets Feliz at second.

Manuel has Romero bat for himself. They list his career batting average as .250, but it's really just a 1-for-4 over ten years, the one hit coming seven years ago though it was a double. Dribbler to second.

Let's hope keeping Romero in was a good idea. If he can get through the eighth, Lidge can close it out. Two of the next three are lefty batters.

Crawford gets a hit up the middle. Upton hits a soft roller to Rollins and he and Utley turn the double play nicely to get the speedy runner at first. Two of their remaining six outs on one play--that was big.

Romero goes to 3-0 on Pena. That's why Romero has not been the same pitcher this year as last, gets too wild. Pena hits a soft liner to Bruntlett in left. Inning over, Lidge will be coming in to win the Series and continue his perfect season. Let's get him an insurance run, top of the lineup, OK?

Doesn't Maddon have to turn to his secret weapon Price to keep it close now?

And he does. Another double-switch for Maddon. That took Manuel about three seasons to master.

Rollins flies to left, right in front of the warning track.

They just went through the last Philly champs. I hate that they do not mention Villanova in 1985 and the USFL Stars in 1984. People forget but they were bigger than the Eagles back then.

Werth K's after almost getting hit by a ball near his shins.

Oh god, they have the useless Chris Myers talking about the Willy Penn silliness. They are jumping on the bandwagon.

Buck fils is second-guessing Maddon for allowing Howell bat for himself though he said nary a word when it was in progress. It should be mentioned that Howell did his job and bunted the runner over though they did have Madson on th ropes and could have pressed the issue with a pinch-hitter.

Now, the FOX idiot twins praise Price right before he walks Utley who was not able to hit his stuff. Great stuff is meaningless if this kid can't find the plate.

Speaking of which, 3-1 to Howard and Price let's Utley stroll to second.

Timmeh bloviates on why the Rays should fear Eric Bruntlett. It's not the beard. It's the lightning-in-bottle homer he hit off Price in game 2.

Howard Ks. Lidge time.

By the way, the title refers to Petty's "The Waiting Is the Hardest Part". But knowing Lidge, the ninth might be the hardest part.

I wonder what Mitch Williams is thinking.

Lidge gets ahead of Longoria 0-2 on two sliders. But he won't chase again. 1-2. High heat misses.

Fox starts doing the "winner cam" with closeups of each Phil fielder. Why can't they just watch the game?

Fouled off.

Slider for a soft fly ball. Two more outs.

Beatiful change for strike one, dipping slider for strike two.

Timmeh, shut up about blocking in the dirt.

Damn Navarro breaks his bat but lifts a soft liner to right.

Local hero Perez pinch-runs at first.

Zobrist replaces Baldelli who homered in his last at-bat. High and tight, strike one. Way away, 1-1.

Lidge lets Perez steal second in his sleep. In scoring position and removes the DP.

Maddon is pulling out the stops: Hinske is on deck.

Lidge gets away with one, a hanging sliding. But Zobrist lines it softly to Werth. Thank god.

Hinske who homered hios last and only time up in the Series steos up.

Ground softly down the first baseline, foul.

Strike two on a slider away. The home plate up says he went around, but he didn't. Strikes out on a slider!

That's all she wrote.

Lisge does his Tug McGraw impersonation. Where's Schmidty to jump into his arms?

I hate how they hand out the hats and T-shirts right during the celebration. Save the commercials for later, guys.

Boy, this scrums get more and more dangerous each year. It's fun until somebody loses an eye.

These amateurs at least know to turn to Harry The K's replay, "Swing and a miss, struck him out!" I love that guy.

Bud Selig? Booooooo! Give us the trophy and make like a tree.

Dave Montgomery showing off his horrific Philly accent to the world. Montgomery's been drinking, hasn't he?

Pat Gillick can go out on top. Jeannie Zalasko tries to coax him out of retirement. They already named Amaro, Jeannie.

Here comes Chowlie to frighten the world with another horrific accent. Jeannie, don;t ask him about his dead mom.

Jimmy Rollins brings in a copy of the Inquirer with a "Champs" headline.

Selid is back!?! Oh, the MVP goes to Hamels. I love this kid.

Great, we get a Camarro ad in the midst of the celebration.

Comcast is showing shots of the fans outside the ballpark, who are going batty. I pity the camera man.

Ricky Bo is in the studio but apparently no Mitch Williams. I wanted to hear what he was thinking.

Back to Fox: why do they make the losing manager come out for a public wake. Leave Maddon alone.

By the way, I was hoping for Ruiz to get the MVP though he and all of the batters really were uneven throughout the Series. Hamels had one of the greatest postseasons for a pitcher ever. I am OK with him getting it.

Comcast has yet to go into the locker room, and Fox goes back to Zelasko and Kennedy. Moyers is on the field with it looks like three generations of Moyers taking a pitcher. Can they just make that guy the pitching coach now?

Fox is showing the celebration, but no interviews. Come on!

Myers interviews the ever-humble Ryan Howard on the field. Boy, is that guy due for a big paycheck!

Comcast is now in the clubhouse as Buck fils is thanking their crew (who cares?).

Utley is spraying champagne all over the place. There's Mitch. God bless him. Now we can put that ghost to bed.

There's a guy dressed up as Batman parading around the stadium with an over-sized flag. I don't get it.

Press conference with Charlie Manuel. This guy winning a ring with the Phils is as if they won with that doof Danny Ozark. His philosophy is "excellence over success", huh?

They cut Manuel off to interview Milt Toast Thompson on the field. Another ghost from 1993 put to bed.

Ryan Madson strides up to the mic. Ask him why he threw some many fastballs tonight. Where's the change? Mitch is pouring on the praise for Madson's job this year as the setup guy. I love that guy.

Utley's being interviewed in th clubhouse. He looks wetter now than during the deluge in the first half of game five.

The parade will be at noon on Halloween.

Banner in the outfield: "Mitch, you're off the hook!"

Every Phillie is wearing a lei a la the Flyin' Hawaiian.

I couldn't be happier how every player almost to a man seems very humble and understated. Hamels, Howard, Utley, Rollins, Feliz, Moyer. It's just pure joy.

Moyer is now posing with what looks like the pitching rubber with a subset of his family.

Lelsie Godell asks Cole Hamels if he's happy about going to arbitration this offseason, and the guy almost blushes.

The Comcast crew mentions the late John Marzano who died earlier this year.

Jayson Werth has lost his voice.

Here comes the trophy. Werth holds it over his head.

An Eric Bruntlett sighting. This guy went from J-Roll's replacement to Pat Burrell's caddy. Poor Bruntlett, the security guy took the trophy away from him.

Ricky Bo also mentions Phils long-time coach and 1980 team member John Vukovich, whom the Phils lost this season.

Mayor Nutter isn't happy with won World Championship and is altready talking about more. Maybe he thinks mor rings we get him reelected.

The Daily News headline for tomorrow AM will read, "We Win", which if I remember correctly was the headline after the 1980 championship.

2008-10-29 19:05:17
1.   Bob Timmermann
Congrats to the Phils!
2008-10-29 19:05:57
2.   scareduck
The Waiting, it's the Hardest Part!

Congratulations to the Phillies, and their Phans!

2008-10-29 19:16:26
3.   Eric Stephen
Well played, Phillies.
2008-10-29 19:25:16
4.   Mike Carminati
1 2 3 Thanks, it's been fun.
2008-10-29 21:53:56
5.   Cliff Corcoran
2 Ooooh. Not "Even the Losers Get Lucky Sometimes"?

I keed, I keed.

I'm glad the resumed game was exciting, it helped make that last out special the way it should have been, rather than the formality I feared after the Phils got that quick run.

Cleveland, it's all you . . .

2008-10-29 21:54:05
6.   Johnny Nucleo
I initially thought you were referring to "Even the Losers Get Lucky Sometimes".
2008-10-30 06:28:19
7.   rbj
Congrats to the Phillies. Let's see, I've seen both Phillies WS victories and both the Red Sox and White Sox break their curses. Any chance we get to see the Cubs win?

I guess Mike is now going to have to retire "Charlie I need a friggin' Manuel".

2008-10-30 10:48:12
8.   bhsportsguy
Can we all agree that its the Dodgers turn now? (Ducks)

Congrats to the pride of Torrance and UCLA, Chase Utley.

Ryan Howard is now hiring a Brinks truck for his 2009 negotiation with the Phillies.

2008-10-30 15:52:08
9.   dmac
Whew. Can't believe they finally won in my lifetime.

Now they just need to use all that extra t-shirt and playoff revenue to sign Manny to replace Burrell in left. Mhmm, maybe.

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