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Phils-Dodgers NLCS Game 1
2008-10-09 18:04
by Mike Carminati

Pregame--Damn we're back on FOX. Bowa doing the Dodger lineup--what a slap in the face.

Dodgers 1st

Furcal--nice play by Howard. He looks pumped.

Ethier -- Soft grooved fastball, liner over Rollins, double with Burrell lumbering over to cut it off.

"Hot"--McCarver says this is a hip term.. Yeah, maybe in Chicago in the mid Twenties.

Ramirez--Went around on high heat--strike one. Damn, another grooved fastball this time in the middle of the plate. Wow, hit a fence in center and would have been a homer if about two feet right. Dodgers 1-0.

McCarver is bloviating about walking Manny in the first. God, I am sick of him already.

Martin--wait this is their cleanup hitter. Maybe they should have walked Manny. K's on three pitches. Hamels doesn;t look good, change on strike 2 had decent movement but nothing like his usual stuff.

Loney--Wait, where's Tracy Woodson? Damn, loses him after being ahead 1-2. First and second, 2 outs.

Kemp--Ruiz just dropped one, location not great, but PB. 2nd and 3rd. 2-0, change, 2-1. Flies out, but Ruiz set up way outside, and Hamels was off toward the plate. he does not look good.

Phils 1st

Harry Kalas is announcing the Phils lineup--Nice

Rollins--pop up.

Victorino--grounds out to second.

Utley--wide first strike. Nice punches low and outside up the middle. Single.

Howard--Had 56 RBI more than the Dodger leader (Loney). 2-0. Lowe didn't 2nd pitch, but looked low. Howard ground foul the third slider from Lowe. 2-1 pitch way outside, called a strike. Same pitch--full count. Howard grounds into the shift.

Dodgers 2nd

Blake--Strikes out on three pitches.

DeWitt--Flies to Burrell.


Phils 2nd

Burrell--Full count. Liner down in left field. How can he not get a souble out of that. Manny backhands it.

Werth--McCarver explains why Torre and Honeycutt are happy that Lowe is wild low. 3-0. Strike. Doubleplay ball to second. Burrell is so slow, DeWitt does not need to toss, he runs to second and throws to first. Burrell should been on 2nd anyway.

Feliz--McCarver says Lowe "can intice the doubleplay ball." I think he means "induce". Full count again. Walks him. Lowe looks rusty too.

Ruiz--oustide--call strike since Martin pulled it back. Ruiz swings at a ball way inside, grounds out.

Dodgers 3rd

Furcal--Change on 1-0, way ahead. Another, grounds to short.

Ethier--another change, high and inside. Another for a called K. Way inside, down the line, Howard misses the backhand on in betweener--eats him up. Single.

Ramirez-- 1-0 misses big change inside. Nice pitch. Fatsball outside, misses. Goind inside, a little too high but jams him. Pops out.

Martin--Hamel gets away with a balk on a pickoff throw to first. 2-0, forget about Ethier. Nice change down broadway. Strike one. Low, 3-1. Way low, walks him.

Loney--Mariano Duncan's the 1B coach, cool. Way inside and up, 1-0. way outside, 2-0. Go back to the change. back door, 2-1. Chaneg over plate, 2-2. K's on change in the dirt, Loney just stands there. Ruiz runs about 15 feet away to retrieve it, gets him.

Phils 3rd

Hamels--grounds to Loney.

Rollins--ground to 2nd.

24 commercial. God, I miss TBS already.

Victorino--another groundout to the right side. Trips up Lowe after the play. Both OK. God, what a useless inning for the Phils.

Dodgers 4th.

More GD commercials within the game.

Kemp--Fists a fly just inside the line in right. Automatic Double.

Blake--Fastball K at the knees. High fastball, foul. McCarver now explaining who Jason Bay is. Why not explain who the Red Sox are, Timmy? Fouls two more off. Tim-may talking about Blake's home town. Way oustide, nice play by Ruiz to stop it. way inside. 2-2. Groundout to short, runner to third.

DeWitt--Flies to Victorino. 2-0 Dodgers.

Lowe--grounds to first.

Phils 4th

Utley--Trying to bunt?!? Ball. 1-2. Replay shows Lowe hurt hand on stinger in last half-inning. In dirt. Ks on tip into the glove. Man, the Phils bats look dead.

Howard--Way outside, but not a slider. 1-2 on slider at ankles. 2-2, another slider too low. Tips in dirt after Diamond cam useless view. Howard soft grounder to right side again. Close play at least at first.

Burrell--Hols up 2-1. They call that a swing? Bad call. Tip into Martin's glove. Another awful inning.

Dodgers 5th

Furcal--Bunts foul 1-2. Close pitch not called 2-2. Bouncer, full count. ground to short.

Ethier--Need to get him this time. Big change--Ks.

Ramirez--Fists into center. single.

Martin--Called K.

Phils 5th

They need to do something here.

Werth--Ground to third on 1-1. Bad start.

Feliz--ground to short, 0-1. They are doing nothing with Lowe. No patience.

Ruiz--shows bunt, called K. Grounds foul off the ground. One way too far oustside. Grounds past second. Single.

Hamels--At least they got the pitcher up here. Lines to right on a low, outside slider. Wow, first and second.

Rollins--full count way outside. Flies to left.

Dodgers 6th

Loney--lines to left. single.

Kemp--One hopper, hard to rollins, shuffles to Hamels, DP. McCarver compares ir to division-clinching play and I have to admit I was thinking of the same thing.

Blake--ground to short. Nice inning.

Phils 6th

Victorino--2-2, grounds to short, throw gets past Loney. Victorino goes to second. E6.

Utley--Martin goes out to talk to Lowe again. Utley deep to right. Over the wall. 2-run homer. tie ballgame.

That was a slider again. Hung a bit but nice way to go it by Utley.

Howard--Another groundout to first.

Burrell--two more low sliders 2-0. Another 3-0. Another, called strike 3-1. Turns on one, homer to left. 3-2 Phils.

Torre is pulling Lowe.

Burrell takes a bow. Nice.

Chan Ho Park is in. What is this, an old-timers game?

Werth--Flies to center.

Feliz--chopper to third. Nice bare-hand by Blake.

Dodgers 7th

DeWitt--Nice inside change, 0-1. Big change misses, 2-1. Maddux in the pen, Kent on deck. Lines down the right field corner, foul. Ks on big change.

Kent--Ks on high heat. Looks like Durbin and Eyre up in pen.

Furcal--change, 0-1. Another, pops foul. Grounds 1-6-3, off Hamels glove.

Phils 7th

Ruiz--Maddux in. McCarver has to tell us he's a good pitcher. Thanks, Tim-may. Grounds to Furcals right, another bad throw. Ruiz safe, probably a single.

Taguchi--Tim-may actually says something sensible about using a decent bat and not bunting. And Taguchi helps him by popping to first.

Rollins--grounds right into Dewitt's glove. DP.

Dodgers 8th

Ethier--Madson in. Nice change on 1-1. Misses 1-2. Again, Ks.

Ramirez--Manuel to mound. Lines on first pitch low change to Feliz.

Martin--High change over the plate. Lines down third. Too fast for Feliz, past ball girl. Held to single.

Loney--Madson keeps shaking off Ruiz. Goes with oustide change. Inside, grounds to Utley.

Phils 8th

Victorino--Kuo is in. Lidge in pen. Victorino lines to 2nd.

More in-game commercials.

Utley--two way outside. Low and inside, grounds to first.

Another commercial, for Blackberry with Burrell's homer replayed. Gotta squeeze every dime out of the last innings.

Howard--Tim-may loses track of the pitch count. Flies to center.

Three stiffs due up vs. Lidge.

Dodgers 9th

Lidge in. Bruntlett in left for Burrell.

I'm glad the Dodgers have so many stiffs in their lineup since Lidge has been worrying me.

Kemp--flies to deep right-center. Victorino has it.

Blake--1-0 inside. Change right over the plate, called K. Four-seam, ball. Loked close but was inside. Low slider 2-2. Bouncer--full count. Foul. Pierre is set to run for Blake--this is an old-timer's team. Deep to center. Victorino in front of teh warning track. 2 outs.

Dewitt--Why isn't Torre PH'ing for him? Nomar on deck. Fox doing winner cam and loser cam on Phils/Dodgers players. Slider, misses miserably, 1-2. McCarver and Buck are replaying the Jets game in which the announcers say nothing. Nice change of pace. Ks on bouncer in dirt. Ruiz throws to first. Phils win! The Phillies win!

Good, close ballgame. Hamels looked good after not having great stuff at start. Utley broke out of funk. Burrell homered again. Need to get Howard and Rollins going.

Boy, is Ken Rosenthal short, Burrell is about two feet taller than him.

Now, which Brett Myers shows up in game 2?

2008-10-09 20:43:43
1.   therickdaddy
LOL, we'll see how the "stiffs" do in the series. I like having a complete lineup opposed to running on 5-6 guys like the Phillies do.
2008-10-09 21:38:07
2.   Mike Carminati
Sorry, I calls 'em like I sees 'em, and aside from the top three guys in the lineup, it looks like Tracy Woodson, Fraklin Stubbs, and Jeff Hamilton out there. Don't get me wrong: The Dodgers won a Series with those guys but it was mostly in spite of them than because of them. How can you defend a cleanup hitter with a 103 Adjusted OPS? Or a first baseman with an adjusted OPS under 100? I know they player in a pitcher's park, but the 4-8 guys are anemic. And as for the Phils, Feliz and Ruiz are pretty pathetic, but the other guys are all solid to All-Stars. And teh Dodger bench makes Mickey Hatcher in '88 look young.
2008-10-09 21:53:30
3.   underdog
The Dodger bench is pretty solid in Kent, Nomar and Pierre, and company. Old, yes, but not a bad lot to take your chances with late. As for the "stiffs" I guarantee one of them will frustrate you tomorrow.
2008-10-09 22:10:53
4.   Mike Carminati
Ok, well, good luck with that, but I am pretty sure I will be frustrated by Myers if anyone, him or Tim-may.

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