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The Worst of Series?
2008-10-06 20:57
by Mike Carminati

The Phillies-Dodgers League Championship Series is not set to begin for another few days and already it has made history.

The Phils and Dodgers will have the worst combined record ever for two opponents in either an LCS or World Series. They will match the 1973 World Series for least wins (176) but will have a slightly worse winning percentage (.543 vs. .545).

The previous LCS with the worst collective winning percentage for the two combatants was the 2000 ALCS between the Yankees and M's.

Here are the LCS's and World Series with teams with the worst collective winning percentages all time. I am leaving off the Division Series since we expect one or two ridiculous teams to sneak into those annually:

YrRoundWinnerWLLoserWLSeries WSeries LTotWTotLPCT
2008NLCSPhiladelphia Phillies9270Los Angeles Dodgers8478??176148.543
1973WSOakland Athletics9468New York Mets827943176147.545
2000ALCSNew York Yankees8774Seattle Mariners917142178145.551
2006WSSt. Louis Cardinals8378Detroit Tigers956741178145.551
1997WSFlorida Marlins9270Cleveland Indians867543178145.551
2003NLCSFlorida Marlins9171Chicago Cubs887443179145.552
2007NLCSColorado Rockies9073Arizona Diamondbacks907240180145.554
1987WSMinnesota Twins8577St. Louis Cardinals956743180144.556
1996ALCSNew York Yankees9270Baltimore Orioles887441180144.556
2001NLCSArizona Diamondbacks9270Atlanta Braves887441180144.556
2006NLCSSt. Louis Cardinals8378New York Mets976543180143.557

I know many will blame the lowly NL West for bringing down the overall winning percentage, but it should be remembered that the AL beat up on the NL pretty soundly in interleague play this year (over .600 winning percentage).

All this makes me, an NL fan as well as a Phils fan, dread the outcome of the World Series all the more. As the Red Sox finally put away the disappointing Angels, I have to root for the Rays to prevail to stop another apocalyptic Boston championship. Say Tampa Bay a few times fast and it does sound a bit like Tyree.

2008-10-06 23:22:21
1.   Cliff Corcoran
I'd be curious to see versions of that chart limited to the pre-Wild Card era and the pre-divisional era.

So is it weirder for you to see Larry Bowa in Dodger blue in the ALCS than it is for me to see Don Mattingly four games away from his first World Series while wearing that same uniform?

2008-10-07 19:27:13
2.   das411
hey Mike, which is the only AL East team the Phillies have not lost a World Series to?
2008-10-08 19:24:13
3.   Mike Carminati
Hey, that's true. Do you think they will lose to TB to complete the pattern? The only team that they ever beat (KC) was from the west and now is in the central.
2008-10-09 13:31:53
4.   das411
Put it this way: I'd MUCH rather see a Phillies/Rays matchup, even if the Phightins lose, than the Red Sox anywhere near the WS!

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